Packers, David Bakhtiari Rework Contract

The Packers converted David Bakhtiari’s $11MM+ roster bonus into a signing bonus, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. With a little help from the left tackle, the Packers will save $8.3MM against this year’s salary cap. 

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The adjustment won’t impact Bakhtiari’s income. Instead, his payout will be dispersed over the length of the contract, which runs through 2024. With that extra cash, the Packers will have better odds of retaining their own free agents, including running back Aaron Jones and center Corey Linsley.

Pro Football Focus ranked Bakhtiari as the league’s No. 2 tackle in 2020 before his ACL tear in December. His protection helped Aaron Rodgers secure the MVP award and the top seed in the NFC. Throughout his career, the 2013 fourth-round pick has been a rock for Green Bay, starting in all 118 of his games.

Between Bakhtiari, Linsley (PFF’s No. 1 center in 2020), and Pro Bowl guard Elgton Jenkins, the Packers have one of the stronger front fives in the NFL. The Packers now have the capital to keep the band together, though some of their available cash could go towards a Rodgers extension.


Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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22 comments on “Packers, David Bakhtiari Rework Contract

  1. jessethegreat

    Such a team player Baktihari is with taking an instant guaranteed bonus that spreads over multiple seasons instead of just getting charged to 2021 team cap.

    But seriously though, win for the team AND the player with this move.

  2. NoNegativity

    Stupid Rodgers wants more cash, hamstring the franchise. They need to use that cash elsewhere

    • viercjm

      I seriously believe Rodgers will either restructure or sign an extension if he gets assurance they’ll use the money to sign quality veterans.

      Not that I’m completely in favor of cutting Preston Smith, but by doing that and restructuring Rodgers they’d be right around the estimated $180 mil cap. Extending Amos could push some of his cap hit to later years. Then, figure out what to do with Linsley and at RB.

      On that note, I would love to get Watt, but I still think it’s unlikely.

      • twentyforty

        You rely to much on media scribes who have zero idea what goes on behind the scenes in the NFL.

    • cka2nd

      A Rodgers extension would likely lower his $37.2 million cap hit this year, keep his $39.85 million 2022 cap hit relatively unchanged or maybe reduced a bit, and only see a balloon cap hit increase in 2023 ($28.35 million, now), with $40 million hits after that that year and in any subsequent ones.

      But a major purpose of any extension this year would be to free up some cap space now.

  3. ARKScout

    Forget Aaron Jones, he is not worth the cap hit on this roster, Linsley needs to be the number one priority among their own free agents. They can re-sign Jamaal Williams at a fraction of the cost and the backfield would be fine, or even let both go and roll with AJ Dillon and a rookie in the first four rounds. A number two receiver, someone like Corey Davis is a much better investment. As far as JJ Watt, i would not overpay for a player whose best years are clearly behind him entering his age 33 season. I’d be excited to add him for the right price but by no means would I break the break to bring him in.

    • justme

      While agree linsley needs to be a priority i wouldn’t understate arron jones value to this team..when he was out the offense struggled alot…jones adds big play threat and forces defenses to account for him opening up the field up for everyone else and keeps pressure of rodgers…and also i believe rodgers wants to restructure his contract for a reason that being pushing money to the back end of his contract makes it near impossible to move on to jordan love the cap hit would kill them..and for the packers it would be smart to do cause it would free up cash this year to resign everyone they want and or maybe make a run at watts

      • Ak185

        Yeah, there is a huge leap between Williams and Jones, but I don’t think either are completely irreplaceable. Jones is definitely better, but choosing between him and Linsley has a definite easy answer.

        Jones is good, and he’s earned the payday that he’ll get, but the Packers cannot afford to be the team to give it to him. Williams is not really a great back, but they have a second round runner in the wings with the ability to sign or draft a depth option that could provide additional security. I am not understating Jones’ individual impact on the team-I just think that he unfortunately has to take a back seat to other areas of need. He’ll get a good contract because of his work, and deservedly so. For the record, I also think that Jones is tailor-made for San Francisco, if that should work out.

        • pacfan189

          Jamaal Williams has been the best running back in pass pro the past two years, he’ll be back with AJ if I had to guess with Jones gone.

  4. MileHighFan

    Running backs are a dime a dozen. Spend your money on the O-line, another game-changing receiver, and some linebackers.

    • Aaron Jones is not a dime-a-dozen back. He is a special player and very important to making the Packer offense function. He is also a game-changing receiver out of the RB position. Re-signing Jones is a huge priority

    • twentyforty

      Still with the foolish game changing WR notion. So your idea is to cut touches in half for Adams and the mythical other game changer? Sure….great idea.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    If you do a solid for your GM that saves the team $8.3MM you should be getting more than a “thank you” in return.

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      What else do you want them to do? Maybe they will give him some extra chalk hearts for Valentines Day.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Hes still getting all the money, just not all at once. I’m sure between his agent and accountant they’ll figure out how to live on the lower income this year.

      • forstyle

        he is getting all the money right away. it’s being converted to a SB. he still gets the money now, it just spreads the cap hit over the remaining seasons.

        • HailRodgers12$

          Either way, he’s still getting it all. The front office doesn’t owe him anything “extra” for reworking the deal. If it was going to affect his income or be an inconvenience in any way, he would have simply refused to do it.

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