Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Wants New Deal

Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract, according to a league source who spoke with Mike Florio of PFT. At least, that’s part of what part of what the Packers quarterback is seeking after saying that his future is “uncertain”. 

Rodgers is looking for a stronger commitment from the Packers following their first-round selection of Jordan Love. Currently, he’s slated to make $22.35MM, $25.5MM, and $25.5MM in each of the next three seasons.

At the time of signing in 2018, Rodgers’ four-year, $134MM extension positioned him as the NFL’s highest-paid player of all-time. Today, that’s good for just fifth among quarterbacks. At the age of 37, the likely MVP recipient wants a deal to reflect his status and solidify his relationship with the Packers.

The Packers should be incentivized to rework his deal too. Currently, Rodgers is slated to carry a $37MM cap figure for 2021 — a new deal could smooth out the hit while giving Rodgers a pay bump.

Since taking over as the starter for the Packers in 2008, Rodgers has thrown for 312 touchdowns (the second most in the league) and led the Packers to the playoffs in eight seasons out of ten.

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42 comments on “Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Wants New Deal

  1. ironcity341

    Honor the contract whiner, I’m sure if you suck in the last year or two of the deal you would gladly hand money back to the team since you didn’t play up to the salary standard

    • Gary Constable

      And we’re sure you give back part of your Annual Salary back at the end of the year for all your blunders at YOUR job.

    • kyredsox17

      You are lost. Not only does he clearly deserve it, it also helps the Packers in avoiding the large cap hit to improve the team. Read the article you genius.

      • For some reason, NFL fans just love taking the side of ownership and hate it when the players get more money. They’re perfectly fine with non-guaranteed contracts and players getting cut for any reason at all (voiding the remainder of the contract) but the second a player says they want more money, the knives come out.

        I think it’s a combination of our obsession with wealth (‘billionaires must be smarter and work harder than millionaires’) and petty jealousy (‘they’re making millions playing a kid’s game!’). Whatever it is, it’s pretty silly.

        • bumpy93

          the reason fans usually always go with the side of ownership is solely because of the NFL has a salary cap they don’t want players on their team to always rework the deals and want more money each needs here cuz that’s going to affect them putting money other places. so every time a really good player/star player what’s the redo his contract and get more money especially the case with Aaron Rodgers, that fan now knows there’s less money that can be spent on other parts of the team to make them better. that’s the reason fans usually look at it from an owner’s point of view a GM’s point of view if there was no salary cap in the NFL I don’t think the fans like in baseball just don’t care give them the money and that’s it. with the salary cap that can’t be done that’s why most fans don’t like when their players do it on their team

        • Or it could simply be that fans relate more to the players sides of things, and understand getting fired and not having guaranteed money…or having our bosses come to us and say: “You’ve done a great job, here’s a huge raise.” We’re more likely to be terminated without compensation than we are for that to happen, so that’s where our minds go.

    • viercjm

      Rodgers’s cap hit for 2021 will be $37 mil. That’s about 20% of their total cap. If he reworks a deal, it could be structured to lessen that hit, allowing them to sign more players to make another run. It’s a win-win for both sides. I don’t have any issue with this, provided the team uses the cap space to keep or get more talent.

  2. julyn82001

    Rodgers is just a tremendous QB and a leader. Pay the man right now, c’mon!!!

      • Parx –
        Nah…the Bears are going to trade their next three #1 picks and next years 2nd and 3rd rounders to move up to draft Kyle Trask…ahead of Justin Fields and Zach Wilson. That’s more their style

    • They are paying the man. Did you miss the part about where he was the HIGHEST PAID QB in the league when he signed it…just a little over a year ago? If he’s not happy with the deal now, then he’s admitting that HE was a complete jackass for signing the contract in the first place. You don’t think Rodgers was smart enough to realize that the latest guy to sign a new contract will seek to beat the previous high mark? It’s that nature of the business. Pure greed, arrogance, and ego feeding to feel the “need” to be the highest paid at all times, but that’s how these athletes are. They should be bright enough to realize that someone will ALWAYS pass them at some point during any long term contract they sign, so why sign them at all? Why not go year to year if YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE #1? I swear these professional athletes act like insecure little children who constantly need their ego fed…it’s really pathetic

  3. jacobsigel1025

    The Pack could definitely bump the money for the duration of the deal, but I doubt they give Rodgers more years with Love in the picture. I get what they did with Rodgers when they had Favre but they picked Rodgers’ replacement way too early.

    • I believe Rodgers was picked when Favre was younger, and hadn’t missed a game in 15 years.

    • Ak185

      The strategy is the same in appearance, but the player is different. Rodgers fell to the Packers inexplicably-they did not plan that. He should have been first or second, and that’s not hindsight, but evaluations at the time concerning that draft. Love was not considered the best player or even best quarterback by many multiple long-shots. And they traded up for him.

      They tried to hard to be smart and wasted that entire draft. Rodgers wants money because the Packers are clearly not committed to him-otherwise, they would have given him help for this year. To be clear, I am not arguing with you about your assertion, Jacob, and I actually agree. I just wanted to add to it that just because it looks similar on the outside does not mean that they did something similar. They outsmarted themselves, in what actually was a pretty dumb way. My gut feeling is that, had they picked a good receiver (Claypool or Higgins, for example), Rodgers would not be asking for a new deal now, even had they lost.

      • Favre was also threatening to retire for the previous 2-3 years and about 5 more after the draft. Huge difference

  4. crosseyedlemon

    Kimberly-Clark needs to make a commericial with Watson and Rodgers fighting over a box of Kleenex tissues.

  5. tank62

    Florio has no sources or integrity he is as bad as Jason La Canfora. Wait for a real reporter like Schefter or Rapaport reports it

    • xpackyank

      Glad someone said it, Florio makes his living going after Rodgers/GB.

  6. bobsnoot

    They won’t do it. Getting Love exposure to the nfl game will help better him as an overall player.

  7. afsooner02

    I’d add a year if it could lessen the cap hit in the short term. Packers are in “win now” mode for the next 2-3 years like the saints were past couple years. Once ARod retires or leaves the packers will be reloading again. (Sorry I have zero faith in JL and even if he is the future QB he will need a few years to learn while playing not holding a clipboard.).

    I don’t see this heading towards ugly divorce….yet. Packers picking Love pissed off ARod but look what else it did….made him a 3 time MVP. Who knows if he does that if they didn’t piss him off. Now they can get DB and WR help via draft and FA and contend these next few years.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Well… Maybe the Packers should refuse to renegotiate the deal and piss Rodgers off again and see what he can do with THAT next season!

      Kidding, I promise…

  8. arty!

    If GB would have selected another position w/ their 1st round pick, would Rodgers be asking for a raise? Seems like a spite move from #12. I understand his frustration. KC got better in the backfield, TB went all in, Buffalo traded for Diggs & GB went after a bench warmer.

  9. gtb1

    Deshawn Watson. Aaron Rodgers. Protesting while on the job. This game has lost its mind. I loved football. Played into college. Will take my dollars elsewhere. There are people fighting to keep their families fed and an economy in turmoil. Just too hard to feel their pain right now.

  10. So his post-game “rant” was about getting more money? Gee, who’d’ve thunk? I’m all for players getting whatever money they deserve, but then when fans/media begin to wonder why players like Rodgers & Wilson, et al, have only X number of titles, while Brady is playing for his 7th…remember that. When you force your team’s hand into giving you the highest contract at your position, it invariably weakens other parts of your roster. Ten million more dollars might make Rodgers feel better, but he’s not going to live any more luxuriously, but having that ten million to spend on more blockers could keep him on his feet a little more.

    • Ak185

      To be fair, Brady also jumped ship and joined the most loaded roster in recent memory. Rodgers is throwing to one guy who has had a 1000 yard season. Brady’s team made a commitment to buying up all the help they could to win, and the Packers did not. It’s not really the same to compare their situations-one can trust his team to want to win now, the other keeps building to the future endlessly.

  11. rocky7

    Wow….didn’t you just know that it would be about his paycheck and ultimately his ego….not saying that he isn’t a terrific QB…probably one of the best of all time, but all these guys want longterm contracts, and then when their average salaries go from tops in the league at their position, to top 5 or 10 due to salaries going up each and every year….they all cry!

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