Rams, Aaron Kromer To Part Ways

The Rams have lost numerous coaches from their 2020 staff, with Brandon Staley‘s departure being the most notable change for Sean McVay‘s squad. They will soon lose another staffer.

Run-game coordinator and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer and the Rams agreed to mutually part ways, Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic reports (on Twitter). Kromer has been with the Rams since McVay’s 2017 arrival.

It is not believed this separation relates to Kromer seeking a position elsewhere, Rodrigue adds, noting that Kromer’s son, Zak Kromer, is expected to stay on as a quality control staffer. But this will mark a change during an offseason that has featured many in Los Angeles.

McVay’s staff already lost Staley, passing-game coordinator Shane Waldron, cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant and linebackers coach Joe Barry. The Rams also lost college scouting director Brad Holmes and pro scouting director Ray Agnew. They are now atop the Lions’ front office hierarchy. Waldron’s departure to become the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator also meant the exit of Rams assistant O-line coach Andy Dickerson, who is following Waldron to Seattle. McVay will soon be assembling a new O-line staff.

Kromer has been an NFL assistant since 2001 and an O-line coach since 2002, when he broke into that role for the ’02 AFC champion Raiders. He rose to the role of Saints interim head coach during Sean Payton‘s 2012 suspension and worked as the Bears’ offensive coordinator under Marc Trestman from 2013-14.

Pro Football Focus ranked the Rams’ offensive line third last season, with the team bouncing back after a down O-line season in 2019. PFF slotted the Rams’ O-line sixth in 2017 and ’18.

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19 comments on “Rams, Aaron Kromer To Part Ways

  1. Dingus

    Rams are in a world of hurt. Over the cap, no draft picks, coaches are leaving in droves. Snead and McVay are running the org into the ground. They’ll be a five win team in a year or two.

    • Randy

      That was the same thing everyone said last year. Rams can easily be the best team in the NFC if Stafford pans out.

      • RipLesSnead 2

        This is completely different then last year. We will be regressing at every single position group except for a marginal upgrade at QB. We have lost 7 coaches, our director of college scouting, and Snead has masterminded two of the three largest dead cap hits in NFL history in consecutive seasons. We have no money to re-sign our free agents, our #1 defense will be without Floyd, JJ, and any solution at middle linebacker. Our O-line will be taking a huge step back without Kromer and likely Blythe (and Havenstein who is now on the trading block), we will lose Reynolds and still have no deep threat at WR. Snead and Mcvay have mortgaged our future on Stafford while leaving massive holes throughout the roster and coaching staff. Horrible contracts, financial irresponsibility, and a future doomed to salary cap purgatory.

    • amk1920

      People said this exact thing before last season and they went 10-6 and really should have won 13 games. Rams have 2 of the 5 best defensive players in the game, a solid offensive core who now is adding a competent QB. They are the best team in the NFC on paper. McVay hasn’t had a losing season Mr. Internet expert.

      • Dingus

        Over the cap and very few draft picks, so where are they going to get better players? You think this is a roster super bowl team? They get punched in the mouth twice a year by the 49ers, and Aaron Rodgers laughed at them in the playoffs. This is not a super bowl team. McVay didn’t even have them ready to play the Jets at home.

        • amk1920

          They haven’t had a first round pick in 5 years lol. Rams are one of the best drafting teams in the league and have no issue finding talent with the picks they have. 49ers play style is a bad matchup for the Rams just like how the Rams are a tough matchup for the Seahawks and Cardinals. Donald’s injury sealed their fate in Green Bay and it was still a somewhat close game. The “cap room” argument is nonsense because they don’t have any major free agents to lose.

          • RipLesSnead

            AMK I am not sure where your head is at or if you’re simply not in reality. The “cap room” argument is absolutely valid. Because of Snead’s horrible contract decisions we are $30M over the cap (tied at #2 in the NFL), we can’t afford to re-sign anyone, pick up free agents, and we have no draft capital. What do you mean we have no major free agents to lose??? John Johnson, Floyd, Everett, Blythe, Hill (15 total this season), not to mention we have no deep threat or middle linebacker.

            • amk1920

              “No draft capital is just wrong. They don’t have their 1sts but beyond that they actually have a good amount of picks. They own their 2nd. Going to have three 3rd rounders with the comp picks. We hear about the cap room problem every year and it never does anything significant. We just lose mid tier free agents because of it. Nwxt year the cap gets a lot better with Goff and Gurley dead money going away.

              • RipLesSnead 2

                The cap room problem has always been an issue that they patch, but it is bigger this year than ever before and not even Snead can get us out of this one without seriously compromising our existing roster. $30M is not a number that can just go away. By incurring the $22M dead cap hit from Goff and taking on Stafford’s contract we are literally rendered unable to sign anyone, and just to stay afloat we’re going to have to make serious cuts. Goff wasn’t the reason we didn’t make it to the NFC Championship, it would’ve been so much smarter to give him one final prove it year and reinvest in the huge holes in our roster. In regards to draft capital, we have been decent at identifying later talent but its not sustainable at all. Lets be honest (with the exception of Kupp, JJ, and Fuller) our 3rd rounders and later have been underwhelming. Not to mention our director of college scouting is gone. Snead’s logic that there isn’t value in later first round picks is simply false, in 2021 alone we saw Clyde, Justin Jefferson, Patrick Queen, Chaisson, and Cesar Ruiz go between 20-32.

                • amk1920

                  All of those players are not better than Jalen Ramsey. The team does not need a ton of help. You can find a deep threat and a LB in their situation. The deep threat doesn’t have to be a top tier receiver. Just needs to be able to take some attention away from Kupp and Woods.

                  • RipLesSnead 2

                    I was a fan of the Ramsey trade. Its one thing to trade two first rounders for the undisputed best player in the NFL in a position group (Ramsey), it’s a completely different story when you trade two first rounders and your QB1 (who has led you to a SB and 4 winning seasons) for an aging QB who has never won a playoff game. And I will respectfully disagree that we don’t need a ton of help- We are going to lose 1-2 starting O-linemen (Blythe/Hav), our #1 safety (JJ), our #1 edge rusher (Floyd), our #2 TE (Everett), Reynolds, probably A-Shawn, Hill, and several other impact bench players (Fox, Ebukam, Brown, Mundt), heck we may not even be able to afford Darious. This is way too many holes to plug with our cap space and draft capital this year. Like I said, it is a regression at every position group except QB.

        • myaccount

          This is a potential Super Bowl quality team, yes. 100%, no question. Stafford over Goff makes them significantly better and they were already good.

    • Tatsumaki

      Dingus your name is fitting. Look at Rams draft history without first rounders, they draft better than anyone else hence why they made the move for stafford because they are confident they can still draft premium talent later on.

      They still have one of the largest scouting departments and quality control top to bottom out of the big spenders in league. Goff held that team back what would have been a playoff team last year and a potential super bowl contender this season if they had someone other than goff.

      • They were a playoff team last year….. And who exactly have the drafted in the later rounds that has panned out?

    • Mr Bob moose

      They got promoted to other teams. Jake Tapper is not a good source for sports news

  2. MileHighFan

    Lots of teams could use a better O-line coach than the one they have now.

    • cka2nd

      I was just going to place a call to Klint Kubiak to recommend that he ask Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer to sign Kromer to replace Rick Dennison.

  3. dussduss

    lifelong rams fan and fairly optimistic about this coming year but i’m very worried about the culture and it appears pretty toxic there with the coaching staff.

    kromer is the one coach i didn’t want to lose. something doesn’t seem right UNLESS mcvay has everything lined-up with incoming coaches. i firmly believe they will announce the entire staff at once. if that’s the case possibly one of the new hires wanted more of a say in the o-line which led kromer to “peace out.”

    if that’s not the case then it appears like mcvay could be turning into a tyrant but only time will tell and we should still be a 10 win team so in the end “who really gives a crap” because all i have to do is sit back and watch them win.

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