Titans’ Isaiah Wilson “Done With Football”?

In a since-deleted tweet, Titans tackle Isaiah Wilson declared that he is “done with football” (via CBSSports.com). Of course, after recent comments made by GM Jon Robinson, it’s quite possible that the Titans are also done with him.

Wilson, the No. 29 overall pick in the 2020 draft, saw a grand total of four snaps last year. Once considered a top 5 prospect, Wilson went on to receive a DUI charge and spend two separate stints on the COVID-19 list. There was also a strange encounter with Tennessee State campus police in which Wilson was said to be trespassing and threatening to jump off of a balcony.

He is going to have to make a determination on if he wants to do everything necessary to play pro football,” Robinson said earlier this month, adding that he hasn’t connected with Wilson since placing him on the non-football injury list to close the year.

Wilson has three years to go on his four-year, $11.6MM rookie deal. It’s not cost-prohibitive, but keeping Wilson could be more trouble than it’s worth. Releasing him this offseason would leave a sizable dead money charge on the books, with no real savings to be had.

Wilson was nitpicked by evaluators, as all prospects are, but no one could have anticipated such a precipitous and drastic fall for him. If the situation is unsalvageable for the Titans, and Wilson is not in fact “done with football,” there will still be plenty of interested teams. It was less than a year ago that Wilson was a rumored candidate for the Dolphins at No. 5 overall. At 6’7″ and still only 22 years of age, he’d profile as an intriguing low-risk, high-reward signing, despite all of the red flags.

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30 comments on “Titans’ Isaiah Wilson “Done With Football”?

  1. Y2KAK

    This same situation happened in MLB with….. Domingo German!!! And he is scheduled to return this year so.

  2. Wade Herbers

    So if he says he is done with fb , then the Titans don’t have to pay a cent more than right?

  3. Mr Goodkat

    He said “as a Titan”. Kind of an important part to leave out of not only the headline, but even the article…

    • DarkSide830

      well for a Titans fan that means he’s gone either way ans very possible no one else wants him regardless.

      • Mr Goodkat

        Well 99% of NFL fans are not Titans fans, so including the whole quote seems entirely relevant

          • Mr Goodkat

            Yeah, 100/32= ~3%

            Doesn’t take a genius to know that all teams aren’t equally popular. I’d estimate the Titans (newer Franchise, smaller market) in the bottom 3rd of popularity.

            So yes, I’d ballpark 98-99% of NFL fans are not Titans fans. Feel free to prove me wrong with either facts or more sound assumptions/logic. I’ll wait.

            • Flyby

              your logic is flawed as they are not a newer franchise. They are the houston oilers and took their original fan base with them to Tennessee. While some of the oiler fans may have gone back to the newer franchise in houston, there are also ones that stick with their original teams after they move such as like the brooklyn dodgers, los angeles raiders, etc etc.

              • arty!

                Actually the Raiders history is Oakland to LA back to Oak to Vegas. Yeah, they really care about ‘their’ fans. Money always talks, screw us peons.

              • Mr Goodkat

                I live in Houston. I don’t know a single Titans fan. I know many fans that adopted the Texans, some that defected to Dallas, and some that still rock their Oilers gear without really rooting for any of the 3. None that stuck with the Titans. I’m sure they exist, but they are the vast minority.

                Also, a huge % of people from Houston aren’t originally even from Houston…so…

                • Flyby

                  I never sad the city was the fan base although that is how it is for majority of teams. I can tell you there could be fans anywhere Im personally a jets fan but im loving how well tannehill and the titans are doing and nashville has been an up and coming market as well. Not top 10 but definitely moving up the list according to Neilsen rankings. Hell in Jersey half of my old town were Cowboys fans because most of them grew up in that era of Aikman and such.

                  Heck in florida there are probably more yankee and met fans down there than marlins and ray fans. While they do have their spring training down there there are a ton of transplants that retire from NY NJ area down there. Id even bet there are more Giant and Cowboy fans down there than there are Jaguars and Bucs (recent bandwagoneers excluded of course)

                  • Mr Goodkat

                    That only furthers my point. The Titans are a newer Franchise. They don’t have decades of fans that have moved around the country or a rich history of success that attracts out of state band-wagoners. They also play in a small market.

                    I’m not saying they aren’t trending up or that the fans they have aren’t passionate, good fans. But they are undoubtably a bottom 10 team when it comes to NATIONAL following.

    • Footballguy5

      Total semantics. He has zero leverage to demand a trade and is in year 2 of his rookie deal, after an epically disaster of a rookie season. If he’s done with the Titans, he’s done with football.

  4. hoyaparanoia

    Good. Maybe they can get some sort of compensation for the lost pick. Even if it’s an extra 7th round pick.

      • arty!

        The NFL should give teams extra picks for poorly drafting? I mean this dude was 1st rounder, not a 7th rounder. There’s a tremendous amount of time spent on higher end picks and if you whiff, own up to it.

        • DarkSide830

          there’s poor drafting and then there’s your 1st rounder up and potentially retiring before his 2nd year.

          • arty!

            If he retires, then that’s on the team for not understanding their top prospect. They can recoup the signing bonus from him but that’s it.

          • Appalachian_Outlaw

            Slippery slope there. It’s unfortunate for the Titans, but there is risk with any prospect. If he had say blown out his knee, and was just never the same player, would you feel they should be compensated? That’d actually be more unforeseen. They surely interviewed him before the draft, and that gave them a chance to maybe get a feel for this?

  5. tank62

    Hopefully he takes time to get his life together. That’s more important than football

  6. KozmosTerezniak

    Doesn’t make business sense to release, lose money and not retain the player’s rights.
    Titans better off keeping him until he decides to play again.

  7. willyb

    @tank62 you sir, are correct. Are 22 years old, he’s hopefully got a lot of life left in front of him… getting his life together must come first.

  8. phillyballers

    Give him retirement papers. Sounds bipolar or just an a-hole. I don’t really have any sympathy for DUIs. Should throw the max penalties at athletes or public figures that get them imho.

  9. TradeBait

    Parties, women, booze and drugs – that’s his life. It was all over social media. Eleven million dollar body with a ten cent brain.

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