WFT Will Have New Name After 2021 Season

The Washington Football Team will operate under the same bromidic moniker in 2021, but it is expected to have a new name by 2022.

Today, the team launched a website called (h/t Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk), wherein fans can submit their ideas for a new team name, their reasons for choosing that name, and their proposed logo/uniform. As of the time of this writing, some of the “featured submissions” include the Washington Rhinos, the Washington Justice, and the Washington Redtails.

Of course, owner Dan Snyder elected to change the name in July following years of pressure to do so, but there was not enough time to choose something other than the placeholder “Washington Football Team” for the 2020 campaign. The change came not long after investment firms worth about $620B asked Nike, FedEx, and PepsiCo to end their relationships with the team, so while Snyder’s decision was probably not motivated by the former name’s racial overtones, those pushing for a change got what they wanted just the same.

The website will take fans through the name change process, and the organization says it will run everything it hears through research before narrowing down its choices and reaching the best decision. Florio suggests that if WFT should win the Super Bowl next year, there may be a push to keep the Washington Football Team nickname, but assuming that doesn’t happen, the ever-dangerous WFT acronym will be a thing of the past by 2022.

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66 comments on “WFT Will Have New Name After 2021 Season

          • carlos15

            Actually it’s the guy complaining about how he hates Tebow cause he’s too white and Christian that gets the comments shut down.

      • Any of y’all who are so married to your political identity that you can’t even look at a football article without bringing it up need some serious psychological help.

        • Pokeli

          Exactly. These are the same people who complain about politics in sports but bring it up all the time.

          • Tatsumaki

            It’s brought up because liberals are doing hit pieces every single day. Should have just left them as redskins but caved to cancel culture.

            • Ak185

              Let’s just stop this now. Come on, it’s going to go nowhere. Someone will just angry and respond, prompting you to respond, and it’ll go from there without actually being either a meaningful debate nor a real platform for you to air your grievances. I feel like the original post was a joke, anyway. Just let it go, it’ll just do more harm than good.

          • carlos15

            Bringing politics into sports? Players do that, leagues do that and liberal propaganda commercials so that. Don’t act like it’s a commenter brining it in, that’s ridiculous. Is forced onto us all.

    • Stillers12

      We could call them the insurrectionists after all of your lovely people who were dumb enough to think Trump loves them? Does that work for you?

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m actually impressed that anyone in Washington could make a decision in less than 5 years. Of course if Snyder sells the team and the new owners want to relocate, then all this procrastinating will have been for not as the team will be rebranded yet again.

  1. whosehighpitch

    The team name is already picked, with logos and merchandise all ready to go. Snyder is just stoking the flames. Worst owner in professional sports

      • mario crosby

        Agree with fathead. Snyder is definitely a distant second behind Pirates owner Bob Nutting. Washington football fans at least care about the team. Nutting has made the Pirates irrelevant.

  2. fountaindale

    I don’t about other folks but I hope they don’t change it as long as Dan Snyder is the owner. Every time I see “WFT” I read it as “WTF?” which is the perfect name for Dan Snyder’s regime.

  3. OCTraveler

    They made the playoffs for the first time in five years – don’t jinx it. Keep it the same.

    • Pokeli

      Honestly, it’s probably the most unique name and given enough time people might associate them as THE football team.

      • Ak185

        It’s not too different than most soccer teams-“ Football Club”. Of course, that’s also why most soccer teams look generic and less appealing. That and the ads on some of the jerseys.

        • myaccount

          That’s an American thought. The rest of the world would disagree, outside of maybe Canada.

  4. peterdipersio06

    Why not name them the Washington Warthogs! Commemorate the hogs of the Redskins teams of the 80’s

    • DarkSide830

      and for what its worth i was on board with “Redtails” before, (actually in the sense of the hawk, granted) but the “Generals” logo is sick as all get out

      • It’s taking this long because it’s in Washington D.C., where everything takes 5x longer than it should!

  5. nentwigs

    If the team name was changed to the “Sentinels”,
    could we get Shane Falco back as the Quarterback ??

  6. mils100

    Washington Football Team is so silly that that would be fun if they just kept it. It does seem strange that they won’t have a name ready to go for 2021 but a name doesn’t matter. Amazing how people get all worked up over a football team’s name – not that important.

    • Just completed a submission with this one. Dan Snyder never wanted to change the name, I’m sure he’d be fine going back.

    • bradthebluefish

      Instead of “the artist formerly known as Prince”, have it be “the team formerly known as the Redskins.”

  7. kevin

    how bout

    Washington Clowns


    Washington Devil’s


    Washington Tiny Frogs (WTF)

  8. miketapas

    Lol… the Rhinos is almost certainly a joke and someone pretending to be a kid to pass it through

  9. wildboys

    It’s too bad the XFL team took the moniker
    DC Defenders, bc I think it’s a great name
    It also distances them from the “Washington” part of the name.

  10. Ak185

    As long it’s not one of those conceptual names with no individual unit. Something like those WNBA style names (Spark or Dream or something that doesn’t have an individual component-nothing against the WNBA itself, just the team marketing, which is awful). Or the Jazz, in the NBA, as a comparison. Justice could be adapted, in that regard, to “Justices” or “Justiciars” or “Judges” or something if they insisted.

    Redtails was kind of cool, and already mixed with the colors. It would be funny to see them poke fun at Seattle’s Seahawk logo as the OTHER Washington hawk-related team. It’d be an amusing rivalry game if it ever got scheduled, hopefully in the most ridiculous way. Maybe they call themselves the Attourneys. Washington has a few of those. Or the Councilors, if the proposal is more serious. Or Fedaralists, if Washington’s historical aversion to political parties is ignored.

    I hope they keep the name as is, honestly. Nobody would ever sue them, so that’s an advantage.

    • DarkSide830

      yeah never been a fan of singular names. they have to be really good for me to buy in usually.

  11. crosseyedlemon

    You can easily replace a name but it will be much harder to replace “Hail To The Redskins” which was a terrific fight song.

  12. badco44

    They will always be the Redskins in my heart.. next up will be cancel there color scheme and how many of these idiots are actually true fans… absolutely none… just want to impose there will as much as possible… get a life!

  13. thebluemeanie

    I knew the comment section would be full of nonsensical political drivel and you all didn’t it disappoint. Isn’t there a rule against politics? Pokeli nailed it. You’re the same people that complain about politics in sports but bring them up every chance you get.

  14. They could call it the Washington Storm and market themselves to the QAnon nuts. I can think of two Congresswomen who could be cheerleaders.

    • I Beg To Differ

      Washington Anarchists.

      They can get paid in Amazon Walmart and Tagret stocks.

      Cause backing big business is fighting the system!

      Billionaires getting 434 billion dollars richer and the assistance, sorry resistance going along with it. Amazing.

  15. I Beg To Differ

    Washington Hogs named after “The Hogs” was a term coined by offensive line coach Joe Bugel during training camp in 1982, when he told Russ Grimm and Jeff Bostic, “Okay, you hogs, let’s get running down there.”

    They already have the fan base showing up dressed up as hogettes. So it’s a golden opportunity.

  16. Really pretty sad to see people defending what’s clearly a racist name by crying about politics. It’s not about politics, it’s about right and wrong. And if you’re okay with a racist name, then you are on the wrong side of this argument. Sorry, but that’s a fact. Instead of bemoaning liberals and complaining about politics in sports, perhaps you should look in the mirror, and maybe you’ll realize that you’re really no different than people who were angry about Jackie Robinson entering the league in 1947. Or who ostracized Tommie Smith and John Carlos for raising their fists in 1968. Or who sent Hank Aaron threatening letters in 1974. Or who are, even to this day, glad that a talented quarterback was blacklisted from the NFL for taking a knee. So go ahead and keep thinking this about tradition, or whatever BS argument was used to justify a racist name. There are some of us who know quite clearly who and what you really are.

    • I Beg To Differ

      I’m not concerned with what whites blacks Asians or Hispanics think about the name. Imagine the hubris to be a different ethnicity and tell people it’s offensive or racist lmao.

      Let’s settle this once and for all.

      Send a survey to all native Americans and ask them the simple question. Do you find it offensive?

      If yes ok

      If no well democracy in action majority ruled its not offensive.

      A poll of 500 people who identify as native American resulted in the word proud most used in 2019.

      Wapo did one in 2016 and 9/10 had no issue with it

      And there’s people who do. Every topic in history of forever you have supporters and dissenters.

      But again. Ask majority of people who are Native American

      Let them decide using democracy.

      • ghostrobot

        They already did a survey of native Americans that said they overwhelmingly supported the name and the survey was cited so frequently the bezos owned Washington post apologized publicly and then banished the article from the face of the earth

  17. Lou Evil Slugger

    After the Cancel Culture demands the Kansas City Chiefs change their name, Washington could be the Chiefs, as in Chiefs of Staff, Commander in Chief, etc.

  18. Hunior89

    Freedom of the Press (your comments Fascist Morons) is a LIBERAL idea and ideal. Take your 40 IQ intellect elsewhere

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