Charges Dismissed For Broncos’ Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon‘s DUI charges have been dismissed (Twitter link via Mike Klis of 9News). Gordon entered a guilty plea for reckless driving/ excessive speeding, which will put eight points on his license. However, he will not face the more serious charges stemming from his October arrest. 

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A guilty verdict could have put his Broncos future in jeopardy, canceling his $4.5MM guarantee for 2021. His guilty plea won’t impact his guaranteed cash, though it may trigger a fine or suspension from the league office. But, ultimately, it won’t allow the Broncos to escape their commitment to Gordon.

Gordon ran for 966 yards in his first Broncos season, good for tenth in the league. He also inched back towards his ~2018 efficiency and scoring rate, averaging 4.6 yard per tote and notching nine touchdowns. Even if the Broncos had the opportunity to release Gordon without cap consequences, it’s not a given that they would have done so. But, a change to his contract could have given them leverage to renegotiate.


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