Cowboys Won’t Re-Sign Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith made an impressive comeback to the NFL last season, but if he wants a go around, it won’t be with the Cowboys. Dallas has informed the defensive end that they’ll be moving on from him and won’t re-sign him, a source told Ed Werder of (Twitter link).

It’s interesting because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it sound like back in November that he wanted to keep Smith in the fold. Werder noted in a follow-up tweet that the Cowboys’ desire to give Randy Gregory an expanded role and their recent signing of defensive end Tarell Baham both played a part in the decision.

Once one of the best pass-rushers in the league, Smith hadn’t played since the 2015 season before improbably returning to the field last year. Considering it was his first game action in five years he played pretty well, racking up 48 tackles, five sacks, and a couple of fumble recoveries.

The seventh overall pick of the 2011 draft, Smith became a star right away with the 49ers and was a firs-team All-Pro in 2012 when he had an eye-popping 19.5 sacks. Unfortunately, off-field issues quickly derailed his career and caused him to miss games in every season after that.

After a third DUI arrest in 2015, Smith was cut by the 49ers and signed with the Raiders, playing in nine games for them that season. It would be his last NFL action for a while. Suspended numerous times and denied reinstatement often, he finally made it back last year.

The 31-year-old showed last year he’s still got something in the tank, and it’ll be interesting to see who takes a flyer on his upside.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Cowboys Won’t Re-Sign Aldon Smith

    • cka2nd

      Not a chance in hell. The memories of the Love Boat incident linger too strong among the Wilf family and the Vikings front office.

  1. bestno5

    Cowboys should sign him as Gregory has been good for a suspension a season or every other season

  2. ghostrobot

    Back to the bay baby fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me three times shame on baalke fool me four times shame on harbaugh fool me five times can’t get fooled again

  3. crb15

    Good. If the Cowboys spend on a pass rushing DE they should go after Dunlap or Houston.

    • GabeOfThrones

      Dunlap would be a great rotation piece and probably in their budget range.

  4. I don’t know how much “upside” there is left in the 31 year-old body of Smith, but I’m sure he could help somebody. It does seem a bit risky for Dallas to throw all their eggs into the “Randy Gregory basket”, but they must be convinced his problems are behind him for good

  5. markdavisbarber

    There is probably another incident that has yet to be released that is causing the Cowboys to steer clear of 5 sacks, 2 fumbles, 48 tackles, and 14 QB hits.

    Alldone Smith

  6. Miklo916

    I saw a article and it’s say issues I didn’t read so not sure what it meant

  7. Nate Moser

    What ashame. Aldon is a monster on the field. He will get picked up but goddamn you got to let a stone grow moss.Fuck Jerry. Love ya Aldon….you have my number. Whatever you need. I’m here. ,

  8. MileHighFan

    A bunch of articles all say the same vague thing – Smith is having “issues” that are temporarily derailing progress on his comeback.

    It’s likely not a money thing, as his history and his age mean he is basically a veteran-minimum kind of guy.

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