Draft Pick Updates: Vikings, Saints, Raiders, Patriots

The Vikings are down a draft pick. Per Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press (on Twitter), the Vikings have forfeited a seventh-round pick in this year’s draft (No. 242).

“A mistake was made, we take responsibility and we respect the league’s decision and will move forward,” general manager Rick Spielman said in a statement.

Per Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com, the punishment is regarding an infraction from 2019. There was some kind of violation of a practice squad player’s contract, but it’s uncertain who the player was or what the violation was.

Three Vikings executives were also fined $10K each, per Smith.

Some more draft notes from around the NFL:

  • Neither the Saints nor Raiders will lose a draft due to violations of the COVID-19 policies, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com. “They are not forfeiting them,” McCarthy said. “Neither team will lose those picks.” According to the reporter, there were rumblings that New Orleans would lose a seventh-round pick following a “mask-less locker room celebration,” and the Raiders were expected to lose a sixth-rounder due to multiple violations. While the NFL didn’t provide any context on their decision, Florio assumes both organizations appealed their penalties and were successful.
  • When the NFL announced the compensatory picks for the 2021 draft, the Patriots did not have a fifth-round pick. However, a source confirmed to PFT that New England had indeed received a fifth-rounder in the upcoming draft. According to Smith, the NFL “realized a mistake in its calculation of the complex formula for determining compensatory picks,” leading to the extra Patriots selection.
  • Thanks to the aforementioned compensatory-pick audit by the NFL, the Falcons are also moving two slots in the fifth round, according to Smith. Further, while the NFL only allows the addition of 32 compensatory picks each year, they’ve made an exception this time around. Thanks to the additional Patriots draft pick, the Bears normally wouldn’t have received that final compensatory pick; the NFL and NFL Players Association allowed Chicago to ultimately keep that selection.
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10 comments on “Draft Pick Updates: Vikings, Saints, Raiders, Patriots

  1. Well it’s a good thing the NFL knows what it’s doing and enforces the disciplinary measures that they previously announced. I suppose next week they will announce that they’ve given the Vikings their pick back as well. This will surely prevent teams from breaking league rules in the future. It all makes about as much sense as their salary cap.

    • dave13

      Where in the article does it state the NFL gave a pick back to a team they previously forfeited for disciplinary reasons? Why would you think they are going to give the Vikings pick back?

      • Maybe try re-reading the article, genius. The sentence “While the NFL didn’t provide any context on their decision, Florio assumes both organizations appealed their penalties and were successful” should provide a norman person with the clue that they had been penalized. Not sure how you missed that OR the multiple reports that came out during the season stating that they had been penalized draft picks, but apparently you did.

        These are the reasons why I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings pick was returned.

          • Sponge

            KCJ, way to kick someone for asking a question. You would’ve been a damn fine teacher.

            • JackinMD

              I couldn’t agree with you more. There was no reason for KCJ to be rude.

          • Kyle Trisler

            Usually when someone calls someone a genius and to “educate yourself first” when someone asks an innocuous question you can safely assume they’re wrong

  2. Wade Herbers

    Too bad. Vikings are in a salary cap mess to start with so draft capital goes a long way.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    The Vikings strategy of having multiple 7th round picks every year really hasn’t propelled them to the elite ranks of the NFL so Goodell might be doing them a favor here.

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