NFL Announces Compensatory Picks For 2021 Draft

The NFL has awarded compensatory draft picks for teams in the 2021 draft.

These picks are awarded to the teams that suffered the most significant free agent losses during the 2020 offseason. This year, the NFL awarded 36 comp picks. The comp pick formula assigns picks who suffered the largest net losses, so teams that signed multiple free agents have a lesser chance of receiving picks. The Cowboys top the list (shared below) with a league-high four selections.

A change to this year’s formula took place, with the NFL awarding four picks to teams who saw one of their minority staffers become a head coach or GM. The 49ers, Rams, Ravens and Saints earned third-round comp picks this year. They will receive additional third-rounders in 2022. The Rams added a third-rounder after losing college scouting director Brad Holmes (Lions GM); the Ravens lost quarterbacks coach David Culley (Texans HC); the Saints lost assistant GM Terry Fontenot (Falcons GM). In losing VP of player personnel Martin Mayhew (Washington GM) and defensive coordinator Robert Saleh (Jets HC), the 49ers will have an additional third-round pick in 2023 as well.

Here’s the full breakdown, by round and by team:

By round:

Round 3: Patriots (No. 96 overall), Chargers (97), Saints (98), Cowboys (99), Titans (100), Rams (101), 49ers (102)*, Rams (103)*, Ravens (104)*, Saints (105)*

Round 4: Cowboys (No. 139 overall), Patriots (140), Steelers (141), Rams (142), Packers (143), Vikings (144), Chiefs (145)

Round 5: Packers (No. 178 overall), Cowboys (179), Falcons (180), 49ers (181), Chiefs (182), Falcons (183), Ravens (184)

Round 6: Buccaneers (No. 217 overall), Saints (218), Falcons (219), Packers (220), Bears (221), Panthers (222), Vikings (223), Eagles (224), Eagles (225), Panthers (226), Cowboys (227), Bears (228)

By team:

  • Dallas Cowboys (4)
  • Atlanta Falcons (3)
  • Green Bay Packers (3)
  • Los Angeles Rams (3)
  • New Orleans Saints (3)
  • Baltimore Ravens (2)
  • Carolina Panthers (2)
  • Chicago Bears (2)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (2)
  • Minnesota Vikings (2)
  • New England Patriots (2)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (2)
  • San Francisco 49ers (2)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (1)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (1)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1)
  • Tennessee Titans (1)

* = special compensatory selection

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27 comments on “NFL Announces Compensatory Picks For 2021 Draft

  1. kyle-22

    Not sure that being a different race should value you more to a franchise. It’s about skill not color. But a lot of teams will benefit from this.

    • amk1920

      It shouldn’t exist but it’s better to give incentive to teams that can develop the people who get the jobs instead of the teams hiring them.

    • arthur blank_for owner

      it still boggles my mind that the team that loses a minority hire for head coach gets the Comp picks? Falcons hire Fontenot for GM but the Saints are rewarded with Comp picks?…Makes no sense…wouldn’t the hiring team getting the picks incentivise more minority hires?

      • kylegocougs

        They probably figure it would cause too much incentive to do so, this is probably better at achieving what they want. It means franchises will let more ex-players into minor coaching positions, in hopes of developing that talent.

    • kripes-brewers

      Let me go out on a limb here and guess that you’re a white dude. Insert eye roll here…

    • wrigleyhawkeye

      It’ll be interesting when someone pulls out the showing that such and such coach that left was 1% Native American and thus due 2 3rd round draft picks.

  2. Cosmodogs

    So, we are now favoring and rewarding people strictly by the color of their skin, and punishing others because of the color of theirs. So much for evolving. We are now back to where we were as a nation over a hundred years ago.

    • gdrive

      Agreed. So sad. I’ve loved football since I was a little boy, but because of things like this, I haven’t watched a game in five or so years.
      On the bright side, I have gotten a lot more done on the weekends!

      • thebluemeanie

        As if any of you have ever experienced real discrimination or racism once in your life.

    • thebluemeanie

      Do you kids need a tissue? The righteous indignation from white people about things that don’t even affect them is amusing. Hyperbole much?

        • ABStract

          Agreed, and beyond the equality and equity being sought after with rules like these, look up the definition of racism…”reverse racism” cannot exist, by definition.
          It may be bigotry (although I don’t believe it is in this case, in fact the opposite), but racism is explicitly only committed by the majority onto a minority.
          So until demographics change, in the United States and in Europe, only whites can be racist-by literal definition

          • JoeBrady

            only whites can be racist-by literal definition
            So, the black kid that told me he was going to beat me up in HS, because he didn’t like whites, wasn’t a racist?

            I might need more of an explanation for that one.

  3. HailRodgers12$

    3 extra picks for Gutey?
    Sweet, another 7th round grade TE in the 3rd round, a long snapper and punter. Super Bowl here we come!

    • Agreed….absolutely no faith in Gutekunst. The guy is apparently one of those “I’m smarter than everyone else in the room” type of people who avoid all logic and common sense. What a horrific year of decision making by that clown, starting with last year’s embarrassment of a draft.

      If he had bothered to add some up defense up the middle and another receiver, like everyone in the entire world knew he needed to, maybe the Packers advance to the Super Bowl last year. But no, Gutey was smarter than everyone and selected a QB who will never play, an additional TE, and a bunch of guards. Then he ignored the true needs in free agency. To make it worse, the only draft pick that turned out to be worth having (who was drafted a round or two earlier than anyone projected) is now his excuse for letting Aaron Jones go. Is this guy a secret Bears or Vinkings spy who’s infiltrated the Packers front office or what?

  4. badco44

    I don’t agree with the draft pick comp for coaches. As long as the moves are up the ladder this is just silly.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Compensatory picks clearly undermine a fair bargaining process. The time to scrap this policy is long overdue.

    • Superbear29

      The NFL version of a fair bargaining process is hiring the same white man over and over without interviewing anyone who isn’t white.

  6. Mikel Grady

    Compensatory picks are ruining football! Oh wait my Cowboys get 4? Hell yes nothing wrong with them at all :-)

  7. thebare54

    As a Bear fan I say screw this we get one last year used on trade for Foles at a high cost Salary thanks we get 221 & 226 just keep it the best keep getting better

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