Jaguars’ Urban Meyer: “Zero Chance” Of NCAA Return

After years of speculation, Urban Meyer finally made the jump to the pros. Unlike other well-known college coaches before him, the Jaguars’ HC says there’s “zero chance” that he’ll return to the NCAA ranks.

Zero chance at that happening,” Meyer said (via Peter King of NBC Sports). “What coach [Nick] Saban went through, I don’t know. That’s Coach Saban’s business. I’m not quite sure. At some point, I might talk to him about it…he’s a friend of mine and I got great respect for him. It is different. It’s completely different. My mind is set. There’s gonna be some losses. That’s gonna be miserable. I hate losing. We all do. But the reality is that you’re gonna lose. Hopefully you win more than you lose. But that’s something that’s gonna be new to me. I have to get my mind right and I’m working on that.”

Two years after leaving LSU for the Dolphins’ job, Saban requested his releasee so that he could go to the University of Alabama. Meyer, on the other hand, says he’s in it for the long haul. With a lucrative contract in hand and Clemson star Trevor Lawrence (likely) on the way, the former Ohio State and Florida coach has little reason to look in the rear view mirror.

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16 comments on “Jaguars’ Urban Meyer: “Zero Chance” Of NCAA Return

    • kevin

      yup. he’s not a rebuilding coach he’s only really taken over teams with good talent and made them great . then when it was time to rebuild he bailed on that. So I think he will fail with jacksonville . at some point when he wants out he will use an illness as the reason for leaving. my opinion

  1. lyingsfan

    The only reason this guy wouldn’t coach another college program is because the ncaa wouldn’t let him. His egos too big to not try again if Jacksonville doesn’t pan out. He’ll sit in a fox booth for 2-3 until he’s bored and boom he’s coaching until his next controversy.

  2. kyle-22

    I can’t stand these people who says “ oh until he fakes a injury” y’all act like Bruce Arians, Gary Kubiak and other coaches who has “resigned” multiple times and don’t get the scrutiny that urban is getting.

    • amk1920

      Yeah epically Bruce. He said “this is my last game” like he had nothing left. 12 months later he is signing a 4 year contract.

    • K3vin

      Urban fakes an injury because his program is being investigated for something and getting ready to be sanctioned.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      Oh, c’mon… His couch isn’t going back to the NCAA either…

  3. MileHighFan

    He’s being paid $10 million a year. Even if he fails in Jacksonville he’s essentially won the lottery.

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