Urban Meyer: Drafting Trevor Lawrence ‘Certainly The Direction We’re Headed’

Gone are the days of NFL teams with the first overall pick trying to play it particularly coy. It’s been widely assumed for a while now that the Jaguars will be taking Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence when the 2021 NFL Draft opens, and new Jags coach Urban Meyer more or less confirmed that to Peter King of NBC Sports.

“I’d have to say that’s the direction we’re going. I’ll leave that up to the owner when we make that decision official. But I’m certainly not stepping out of line that that’s certainly the direction we’re headed,” Meyer acknowledged. “Trevor checks all the boxes, you know?” Meyer said before explaining what exactly he loves about the passer regarded as one of the best pro prospects in recent memory.

The number one common quality of every great player, not just quarterback, is competitive maniac. He’s 34-2. Won a national title as a true freshman. Is a winner. I’ve seen him up close and in person compete. And then character. I see him and I witness with my players, when the guys get drafted high, a lot of people get . . . They have influences in their live. Like, whether it be social media, whether it be other things that really don’t pertain to winning,” Meyer said.

“What I’m really pleased with and I don’t want to say surprised, but him, his agent, his family, they’re focused on one thing. He wants to become the best version of himself for the National Football League, which is, well, it is somewhat refreshing.” It sounds like Meyer has spent a lot of time around Lawrence and his family, and is more than comfortable with the coming selection.

Considering we heard in February that Meyer had advised Lawrence on his pro day schedule, this isn’t too surprising. In the full piece, which is worth a read, Meyer explains his decision to jump to the NFL ranks, and said he’s “committed to Jacksonville.” He said he gave a lot of thought to the health issues that have plagued him in the past, and clearly doesn’t think they’ll be an issue with the Jags.

With their coach more or less admitting Lawrence will be the pick, this could potentially speed the process of a Gardner Minshew trade. The Jags just signed C.J. Beathard to be a backup signal-caller, potentially signaling that Minshew might not be long for the roster. Either way, you can pretty much put it in ink that Roger Goodell will be announcing Lawrence to Jacksonville next month.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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21 comments on “Urban Meyer: Drafting Trevor Lawrence ‘Certainly The Direction We’re Headed’

  1. kevin

    I think meyer will fail . he’s always been the guy to take programs from good to great but he’s not a guy to rebuild teams. he also one that seems to bail when he sees he has to rebuild . just my opinion .

    • amk1920

      Not really fair to say since he has never stepped foot near the NFL before.

      • DarkSide830

        i mean, its far from the job he did in college, so its fair to say you can’t nessicarily put him that far above the average person in said skill. id argue he’s not some bum at it, but i still have tons of questions on his team building.

      • Yep it is

        Completely fair to say. No matter where you work your track record is your track record. He goes in, makes a big splash, gets his hand caught in the cookie jar , says he has health issues and leaves the program to fend for itself.

    • Mr Bob moose

      He is doing a rebuild. He didn’t take over the Chiefs job. Lib think before you post.

  2. nentwigs

    WOW, that Urban is one sharp dude.
    His sterling reputation is well deserved.
    We would never have thought to go in that direction at #1 !

  3. arty!

    If TL pans out and is as good as advertise, can you imagine the reaction of Jets’ fans!?! 0-14 only to win 2 games and miss out on him!

  4. $crewBaLL

    I view TL like JA, there’s going to be growing pains. between his 2nd and 3rd season hes going to be something special.

  5. brave new world

    I think the move is seeing if you could get the jets to offer up #2, #23, Jets #1 in 2022 & a 3rd for #1. You get more picks to fill out a roster that’s needs a lot of help.
    You get Wilson at #2, at 23 you grab the best OT, RB, or LB available. Then you still have 25 & 33. Plenty of ammunition to reshape the roster quickly.

    They need to think of Lawrence as Herschel Walker. A franchise changer in terms of direction.

    • Technically correct

      That’s basically what the 49ers paid to go to 3 for one of the guys they like, so it doesn’t quite seem like enough to get #1 and the guy everyone is writing about in near historic company.

  6. luvbeisbol

    This actually suggests the Jags are about to shock the world and pick someone else….would you buy a used car from him?

  7. MileHighFan

    Lawrence is a lock to be the #1 pick. Everyone else has some risk associated with them. Why even take that chance? The Jets are the wildcard in this draft, as they can always trade back for more choices and go back into the Sam Darnold business for one more year.

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