Jalen Ramsey: “I Highly Doubt” Deshaun Watson Plays For Texans

Deshaun Watson isn’t playing around, according to pal Jalen Ramsey. In an interview with the Huddle & Flow podcast (Twitter link), the Rams cornerback said there’s no real chance for reconciliation between the quarterback and the Texans. 

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I highly doubt [Deshaun Watson] will suit up in a Texans’ uniform again,” Ramsey said. “He’s extremely serious.”

It’s worth noting that Ramsey and Watson are both represented by David Mulugheta, so Ramsey has more insight than most on the situation. Ramsey also knows a thing or two about forcing his way out of a toxic situation. The former face of the Jaguars ultimately got the trade he wanted, and he seems to think that Watson will also get his wish.

Watson is just one of eight known NFL players to hold a no-trade clause, which gives him extra leverage. So far, the Texans have not budged on their position. That hasn’t stopped other clubs from calling, including the Panthers, Broncos, and Dolphins. The Jets and 49ers have also been heavily linked to the star QB. According to a recent PFR poll, only ~14% of you believe that he’ll wind up staying with the Texans.

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41 comments on “Jalen Ramsey: “I Highly Doubt” Deshaun Watson Plays For Texans

  1. lionsman86

    They need to trade him before the draft or it becomes much harder to get a top deal

  2. RyanO

    I know it’s a tough situation for a first time GM but it makes no sense to me for them to wait. Yeah maybe a remote chance he changes his mind but I doubt it.

    Why not just let everyone know you’re gonna trade him. Do it before FA and teams address their QB situation and have an all out bidding war with the max amount of teams participating. They could get a massive haul like potentially 4 or 5 1st plus other picks/players.

    If they wait til after the draft or august or something that would be idiotic.

    • sTpGoTexans

      EXACTLY! Doing that doesn’t even mean they HAVE to trade him but at least they will find out what ludicrous offers might arrive. Not listening does not help them in any way whatsoever.

  3. mcmillankmm

    Feel like Miami will be able to offer the top trade, you can get Tua #3 and #17 (I believe)…guess it depends on how they feel about Tua…if they want to draft a QB you take Jets offer then

    • I Beg To Differ

      Tua #3, #35, 2022 1st, 2023 2nd, and some 3rds and 4ths sprinkled in there somewhere.

      Let dolphins keep their #18 and 2nd rounder this year to improve their team for Watson.

      • jjd002

        Why would Houston do that? It would take both of those firsts this year.

        • I Beg To Differ

          Who can beat that offer? Not many teams unless they include a deal with 3 1st rounder.

          Texans hold on to Watson theyll get lower offers with 2 years and 1 year left on his contract.

          2 1sts (one top 3)
          2 2nds (#35 is the 3rd pick of the 2nd round)
          And other draft picks is more than enough for Watson.

          Not many teams can beat that offer unless someone is going to mortgage the future…..which many teams won’t.

          Dolphins are the only team that can offer a 1st and 2nd this year while maintaining a 1st and 2nd.

  4. letmeclearmythroat74

    Texans need to hold their ground and let the chump sit on the sidelines and not get paid. So tired of these entitled, righteous and self centered athletes .. they are position players not front office. Shut up and play.

    • So, mortgage their future and throw away the massive haul of picks you would get for him out of… spite? Because letmeclearmythroat74 is ‘so tired’ of ‘entitled’ athletes?

      He’s not going to play for them. Period. Whether it’s him sitting out or them trading him, they will not have him under center. To sit there and do nothing and not set yourself up for a full rebuild because of your emotions is colossally stupid.

      • arty!

        Watson won’t sit. Simply too much in fines and lost income. It’s March, let him complain.

        • TheTruth12

          Or and this would be hilarious, if the Texans refuse to trade him, retire last minute so it screws them over and they have no chance at fielding a starting caliber QB. Trade or retire. Still crazy that people side with billion dollar owners, they won’t notice you so stop simping

          • Greg M

            Deshaun Watson won’t be your friend so you can stop “simping”. He might get you an autograph if you wait in line long enough though.

          • It’s not just simping for billionaires. So many fans watch the game but absolutely loathe the players. From what I can gather, it is almost exclusively out of jealousy.

          • arty!

            The 0-16 Browns and Lions were financially successful those years. Texans (and all of the teams) lost more to COVID than any player can cost them.

        • Watson will sit. He’s made a ton of money already and is still young. Sitting out doesn’t hurt him. Further, and I’ve explained this to you before, but if he’s sitting out, they’re not paying his salary, so I have no idea why you think ‘fines’ would mean anything to him.

          If he’s sitting out, they could fine him a billion dollars and it wouldn’t matter. He’s not going to pay a cent of them and it would only make him want to sit out longer.

          There are two scenarios:

          -Watson sits out and you ‘get tough’ with him. You lose Watson and receive no compensation.

          -You trade Watson. You lose Watson but receive a boatload of draft compensation and players.

          It is simply mind-blowing that anyone would choose the first scenario. There’s like five teams in the league who would be bidding against each other for Watson. Trading him is the easiest and best decision for the Texans.

          • arty!

            You have no idea about contracts do you? Watson signed a deal. If he reneges on the deal, the other side can fine; or in a different business, sue the other side. It’s not that hard.

            As for his earnings, if they were so great, then why sign an extension w/ a team you don’t like? He’s all talk, but will play because he’s not giving up his 2021 earnings.

            • Mac Badger

              Fines are a non-issue. He has a no-trade clause. You try to collect those fines, he blocks any trade, continues to sit, and you’re back at square one.

              Watson holds all the cards and will be able to pick his destination.

              They may “announce” fines, but not a cent will change hands.

              Frankly, Houston is in a great situation. They’re in a full re-build and Watson has no shortage of suitors. You’re not getting any more value out of him. His stock isn’t going any higher in Houston. Gotta trade him before the draft or your returns diminish.

              • arty!

                I agree that Watson’s value is at peak value. But Watson doesn’t hold all the cards. If he choose not to sign the extension & stated he was against the direction of the team, then he would. But he can be held their for 4 years plus 3 years of tags.

                We all know it won’t come to that, but Watson nor any player has more leverage than any franchise in any league. MJ still answered to the Bulls owners.

                • markdavisbarber

                  The fact is that Watson will be the first player to sit out under the new CBA. Under the new CBA the fines are mandatory, are based off the players contract, also the reimbursement option has been eliminated and no long an option. He signed the four year extension with two years left on the rookie contract, so he is signed through 2025.

                  The only incentive to get him on the field is the fact that the NFL likes it’s “stars”, and they like them on the field. I don’t think that Watson can hold water if this goes the way of arbitration.

                • Mac Badger

                  There’s a salary cap in the NFL. The idea that you could wait him out over years is laughable.

                  His cap number remains, preventing you from improving.

                  Even if it didn’t, you would still have to move out $40 million in salary to fit him on the roster once you make him cave.

                  You’d be monopolizing about 20% of your entire salary cap. For what? To prove a point? To who?

                  And don’t be dense – MJ not only ran the Bulls, he ran the league.

                  • arty!

                    If MJ ran the league, then why did he become an owner?

                    As for Watson sitting out a year or two & the cap ramifications, I don’t know how that’s written into the CBA. And its not happening, we all know that.

                    Again, this is March. Plenty of time for the two sides to talk.

    • WSnotAstros2017

      Watson is done with Texans. He should get moved. I am still a Watson fan. I just want to see him happy. Glad others are getting out too. JJ, Miller. This team is an absolute disaster and management is truly behind it. McNair, Easterby. Whether all this if father was still around would not know. I know his health and all but too does management stay same if someone in family takes over. But I can understand frustration from Watson. Now if he knew all this would come with team this season before taking extension when did perhaps would not have signed. If it were more of a Harden type and still upset with changes. Not sure what would be. Look at Rockets with changes they are a disaster. I feel for Wall and others trying but injuries and think some players just not fitting or not enough time playing so when thrown in they not ready. But I think something needs to be done with Watson now rather than later when no team will need him

      • arty!

        The Texans are a self made disaster, I agree. But that doesn’t mean they have to appease their upset staff (i.e. players).

        As for Watson’s frustrations, he is involved in them. All indications were he was mad as heck about the Hopkins trade. So why sign the extension a few months later? He choose the loot & now is upset, baloney.

        To say this matter is 100% on the team and exempt Watson is foolish. The fans here don’t get that, but the team does & will use the contract as their weapon opposed to Watson’s ‘no trade agreement’ that he’s swinging around.

    • CamFrost

      And how does this help the Texans going forward? You still have a dark cloud over the organization with Watson still unhappy and on the roster instead of just biting the bullet and getting a haul for him and chalking it up as a disastrous mistake by the FO. Move on. Don’t be prideful.

      • arty!

        So it’s ok for the players to be prideful but not the organizations? It’s ok for Watson to demand out, asked to be traded, complain; but the organization can’t stand their ground?

        • CamFrost

          Arty!, I understand that you are VERY passionate about this subject. But to be so naive of the situation is ridiculous. It’s not like the Texans have a storied history of being a great organization. You allude to him signing his contract, as if ANYONE on this planet would turn down that kind of money before making near that. Why do you think they included a no-trade clause? There’s only 8 players in the league with one. You might not like it, but tbh it was smart. He likely wanted to see the direction the team went in after trading Hopkins and where they went with Easterby. The org went from bad team to complete dumpster fire. Why would anyone want to be there? JJ didn’t. Hopkins was happy to be out. Fuller has no interest in staying. Andre Johnson openly bashed the team. It’s not just him that sees the trend. Of course he wants out, man. See the whole picture here.

          • arty!

            Dak turned down the money. Signed the tag and refused the rest of Dallas’ offers last year.

            It’s not about being passionate over the subject. It’s everyone here thinks Watson has 100% of the power & that’s just foolish to believe.

            The list of failing teams doubles that of successful teams. Jags, Atlanta, Carolina, Jets, Miami, Chargers, Cards, Chicago, Detroit, Cinny. (1/3 of the league right there) all come to mind. Yet they always still get FA’s and draft picks signed, why? because they pay; that’s why.

        • Mac Badger

          The team can certainly stand their ground. They can remain prideful as the fanbase rages as the team goes 0-6 behind AJ McCarron.

          Then what? You expect Watson to cave, come back in the middle of a lost season, and play for a fanbase that now hates him?

          You essentially lose a year, alienate your fanbase, and get Watson back just in time to cost you a premium draft pick.

          Swallow your pride. Kick your re-build into gear. This is a business.

          Just be happy that Watson has been flexible about his preferred destination. He could easily narrow that list which would diminish your compensation even further.

          When someone with a no-trade clause asks for a trade, they hold all the power.

          Once you acknowledge that, you can start doing what’s best for you without pride getting in the way.

          • arty!

            Again the 0-16 Browns and Lions were still profitable those seasons. What exactly are the Texans losing by saying ‘no’ to a trade?

            It will be Watson that ends up losing. Because whatever team trades for him, will be down multiple high end picks and high end young players. So he’ll still be stuck in sub 500 purgatory.

    • sTpGoTexans

      I totally understand your point but doing that would only hurt the Texans. I don’t see any way keeping him works out long term.

      • arty!

        I don’t know the answer. I’m just looking it the situation from both sides in a business sense. Watson is under contract & if he sits, the team CAN legally fine him via the contract.

        If the Texans stand firm and won’t trade, then it ticks off their fans and they can lose more during the season (pending ticket & other sales).

        The Texans w/o question started this mess. Promoting BoB to GM, & allowing him to foolishly run the team into the ground. Bad picks, bad trades, and bad signings. And making their iconic player, Watt furious last season.

        Watson saw all of this, disliked it, & still signed! Is that a pretty good analysis?

  5. dschap02

    Trade him, he can’t lead a team if he doesn’t want to be on it. Plus you can get a ton of picks to make up for the O’Brien disaster.

  6. Greg M

    This dude continues to show his immense maturity and professionalism. Now he has “pals” of his trying to turn up the pressure. I’m sure teams will be lining up to try and trade away all of it’s franchises draft picks for years to come…I just can’t see why an intelligent front office would want him anywhere near it’s football team. Thankfully, for his sake, their aren’t too many of those in the NFL. You need more then talent to win.

  7. I Beg To Differ

    Darnold, #2 this year, 2nd rounder this year, 2022 1st (higher of Jets or Seahawks), 2023 2nd, and other draft capital


    Tua, #3, #35 this year, 2022 1st, 2023 2nd, and other draft capital.

    Longer Texans drag this out more of a headache it will be. He wants out. Sell high on him and move on.

    Texans need draft picks and should trade #2 or #3 and stockpile draft picks and shoot for 2023 to be the year theyre ready to contend again.

      • I Beg To Differ

        2 1sts (one being top 3), another 1st, 2 2nds, and other draft picks is more than enough for Watson.

        Texans should take that deal and run with it.

        Play Tua, trade back from 3 and 35 to get 2022 and 2023 picks, and build the roster slowly with cheap players under contract in 2021 2022 2023 and so on.

  8. MileHighFan

    Why are you still beating this drum? Everything that can be conjectured has already been addressed. Surely you don’t plan to repeat this nonsense every time some player/manager/talking head puts out a tweet?

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