The Only NFL Players With No-Trade Clauses

It’s fairly common for disgruntled NFL players to give their teams a short list of acceptable trade destinations. However, it’s still quite rare for players to hold contractual veto power over a trade. Currently, there are only nine NFL players with a no-trade clause in their deals, as’s Field Yates tweets

▪️ Drew Brees, QB (Saints)
▪️ Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OL (Chiefs)
▪️ Jimmy Garoppolo, QB (49ers)
▪️ Jimmy Graham, TE (Bears)
▪️ DeAndre Hopkins, WR (Cardinals)
▪️ Patrick Mahomes, QB (Chiefs)
▪️ Deshaun Watson, QB (Texans)
▪️ J.J. Watt, DL (Cardinals)
▪️ Russell Wilson, QB (Seahawks)

The Chiefs, who represent 25% of the list, furnished LDT with a NTC as a part of his contract restructure. Historically, there haven’t been many offensive lineman to secure the clause. However, Duvernay-Tardif had a bit of leverage in 2020 when the Chiefs needed extra cap room. He was scheduled to count for nearly $9MM, $6.45MM of which was comprised of base salary. Instead, he converted some of that money into a signing bonus over the remaining three years and came away with a perk typically reserved for quarterbacks.

Watson and Wilson are among the QBs who can block trades. They’re both putting it to use, albeit in different ways. Watson wants out — even after finally meeting with new head coach David Culley – and he’s steering himself towards a small group of teams, including the Dolphins and Panthers. Wilson, meanwhile, says that he doesn’t want to get traded and doesn’t expect to get traded. But, if the Seahawks do shop him, he wouldn’t mind joining up with the Bears, Cowboys, Saints or Raiders. In beating out several other teams for Watt, the Cardinals included the clause in the star defender’s contract.

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15 comments on “The Only NFL Players With No-Trade Clauses

  1. MileHighFan

    Sort of odd that anyone in the NFL has a no trade clause, as the number of trades made during a year is normally very small (other than some picks on draft day). You would think that GMs would occasionally trade a backup player in order to fill a weakness somewhere else on their roster, but that seldom occurs. Usually only the troublemakers get dealt.

    • downeysoft42

      Probably to avoid easier playbook information exchange imo. More players that leave your building the more teams know what your doing and want to do on that side of the ball. Keep everyone around nobody really knows.

      • The no-trade clause allows a player to veto a trade, either so they can go to a more preferred destination or so they can remain on the same team. Not sure how that correlates to your point of management wanting to retain players to avoid playbook sharing.

    • Perksy

      Well it does seem like over the last 5-6 years the number of trades have increased. If you go back 15,20 plus years ago trades were extremely my rare. Now during free agency period, draft, and Oct trade deadline there seems to be quite a bit more. Especially when it seems more teams try to rebuild.

  2. PatsFanBiff

    Quite sure Brady has a no-trade clause as well as a no-franchise tag clause.

    • jessethegreat

      Brady might not have the actual clause in his contract, but he does have it. Bucs players AND fans would revolt like we’ve never seen if they even thought of trading him.

    • Regi Green

      He can’t be traded without his approval.And he’s not just giving them that,he’s asking for it.

      • Al Hirschen

        He has all the power! He wants the Jets! He’ll not report to Texas workouts till he’s traded to the J-E-T-S. Jets. Jets. Jets

  3. therula34

    So the Bears overpay Graham AND give him a no trade clause haha Ryan Pace , what a guy

    • dan55

      ^^ I was going to comment this. Most of the guys here make sense(though I wouldn’t have given a no trade clause to Garoppolo), and then there’s Jimmy Graham. He must have an amazing agent.

      • crosseyedlemon

        It’s probably not that difficult to get a no trade clause when the team is so desperate at the position (TE) that they add 8 additional players to the depth chart.

      • rondon

        It’s not his great agent. It’s that genius Pace negotiating against phantom teams he thinks want Graham. The same way he overpaid to trade up one spot to draft that highly in demand legend, Mitchell Trubisky.

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