Jets Likely To Draft Zach Wilson With No. 2 Pick?

When the Jets deigned to win a couple of games towards the end of the 2020 campaign to take themselves out of the running for Clemson signal-caller Trevor Lawrence, their draft plans suddenly became very uncertain. There was still plenty of speculation connecting them to consolation prize QBs like BYU’s Zach Wilson or Ohio State’s Justin Fields, but a trade down, a top receiver (LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase), or a top LT (Oregon’s Penei Sewell) also became distinct possibilities.

As the offseason has gone along, though, it has looked increasingly likely that the Jets would nab Wilson. And according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, it’s Wilson’s “job” to lose (via Rich Cimini of on Twitter). Wilson’s pro day is tomorrow, and assuming all goes well, it looks like he is destined to become the Jets’ next hope for a franchise quarterback.

Of course, that leaves the third overall pick of the 2018 draft, Sam Darnold, in an awkward position. Some of the Jets’ theoretical trade partners for Darnold may no longer be viable landing spots, and while New York could keep Darnold and have him and Wilson battle it out for the starting gig, Gang Green would obviously prefer to acquire some draft capital for Darnold if it’s committing the No. 2 overall pick to Wilson.

For what it’s worth, new acquisition Corey Davis said that when he signed with the Jets, he was under the impression that Darnold would be the team’s signal-caller. Of course, that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still notable that a top free agent wideout was comfortable enough with Darnold to hitch his wagon to the embattled QB.

Wilson was tremendous in his final collegiate season, throwing for 33 TDs against just three picks, and he added 10 rushing TDs for good measure. That showing catapulted him past Fields in the eyes of many pundits, and it seems the Jets feel the same way.

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35 comments on “Jets Likely To Draft Zach Wilson With No. 2 Pick?

  1. peteralt

    It seems Sam’s days r numbered literally since the Jets will have to pay Darnold a lot of money after this year regardless of his performance. That’s too much of a risk so the less risky move is to trade him and move on. I liked Sam and it’s sad he never got the support from Jets he needed with resources. My other suggestion is straight up trade for Jimmy G. I would prefer that and then draft a great player at 2

    • JOHNSmith2778

      What’s he worth is he plays poorly? Max $10m? But more like 3-6m range if someone thinks they can turn him around. Jets in no mans land if he goes 8-8 and they need to give him $20m+

    • findingnimmo

      It’s amazing that that comment can remain. Joke or not joke. If it was a joke and a different color mentioned it would be deleted and the person would be banned from commenting again.

    • gdrive

      Very sad. And you are one that probably complains about all the “racist” in the world and how the system isn’t fair. It’s people making comments like yours that keeps racism alive and well. Shame on you

  2. dschap02

    Makes zero sense to draft a QB. Sam’s still on a rookie deal so give the kid some protection or some more weapons. They seem to have hired a real coach that may help develop him. They’ve been bad for so long, what’s one more year. I’m not a gambling man but I’d say Vegas has them as favorites to land the number one pick this season so you draft the new stud QB coming out, there’s one or two every year.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I agree with your first statement. Jets hired a defensive HC so logically they should be looking to draft the best defensive player on the board. There’s no point in drafting a top QB prospect that you can’t protect. Darnold and Haskins are examples of what can happen if you do.

    • txman22

      Sam has regressed every year. Every week he needs to look at the video to fix his mistakes, never does. Jets thinking he’ll be better next year is insanity, doing same thing over& over thinking outcome will be different. They need to change things up.

  3. Thronson5

    I can see the 49ers trading for Sam and having him back up Jimmy in case he gets or he struggles, if not Darnold than maybe even Minshew. Darnold makes sense because of the connection between SF & NYJ with Saleh and others there now. I personally would hang on to Sam though if I was the Jets, they don’t have the most talented roster and if Wilson struggles at least they’d have a decent back up

  4. sambino

    I want the Jets to draft Wilson and trade Darnold. If the Jets keep Darnold I hope they draft Penei Sewell.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Jets thought they were getting a sure thing when they drafted Christian Hackenberg so maybe they should adopt the George Allen approach and avoid the draft in favor of signing veterans.

  5. bradthebluefish

    #1 QB in the draft according to Chris Simms. Also, Wilson would fit in with LaFlauer’s offense.

  6. louwhitakerisahofer

    Watched a lot of BYU football during lockdown (don’t ask). Wilson is a stud and will be a top 10 QB in the league very soon. Jets would be wise to draft him, but also grab his WR Milne. Solid wideout and someone Wilson knows.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Why don’t they still try and get Watson with that pick or trade the pick to desperate team for several draft picks. Keep Sam and if it don’t work out you have the draft picks to possibly get a Russell Wilson or someone else next year.

      • Sherminator

        Watson’s going nowhere with that sexual impropriety cloud hanging over him. The lawsuits look like they could lead to a criminal investigation and, at a minimum, a potential league suspension. A big risk trading for that mess.

  7. dust44

    Doesnt matter who there QB. Who’s blocking for him and besides Corey Davis who else r his weapons?

  8. padam

    Could also be the Jets pressuring teams to trade what they want for the pick. Using the media to push their agenda.

  9. phenomenalajs

    I really hope they take Sewell or trade the pick. I don’t see Wilson as a significant upgrade over Sam. It’ll just buy a few years until the next QB payday. Sewell helps the team a lot more than any QB not named Trevor Lawrence.

  10. phenomenalajs

    I see the Niners just jumped up to #3. I still hope the Jets take Sewell and don’t just grab a QB due to pressure from teams below them. If SF really wants a QB, maybe they’ll give the Jets something to move up another spot.

  11. Connor22

    I believe Niners traded up to #3, to get Zak Wilson, period. Zak’s the best fit for Niner’s scheme, plus hard to believe Lynch/Kyle would give up three 1st & a 3rd for either Fields, Lance or Jones. If they wanted a lock on Wilson, you’d think they would’ve offered Jets the same Miami deal,,,but could be Saleh offered up info so they didn’t have to‍♂️. April 29th can’t come soon enough!

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