Latest On 49ers’ Trade, QB Plans

The 49ers pulled off a stunner this past week when they traded with the Dolphins to move up to the third overall pick in next month’s draft. It was a move with significant implications that will have a domino effect around the rest of the league.

Now we’ve got some more details on how exactly the blockbuster went down and San Francisco’s plans moving forward, courtesy of Albert Breer of Interestingly, although we heard the 49ers and Jets didn’t have talks about a trade for the second overall pick, the 49ers “did have some internal discussion” about Sam Darnold, Breer writes. It’s confirmation that after missing out on Matthew Stafford, San Francisco still was mulling other veteran options before ultimately opting to roll with a rookie.

Breer also writes that the 49ers’ scouts gave management a “bleak” picture of the 2022 quarterback class, reinforcing the need to make a move in this draft cycle rather than next. The 49ers and Dolphins started talking trade “about three weeks ago,” and the talks were kept a tight secret.

Other teams inquired about trading for the third pick, and those other teams “were told only that Miami had a strong offer for it,” but not from whom. Breer confirms the Patriots inquired about Jimmy Garoppolo earlier this offseason, but still says that Garoppolo isn’t available in a trade.

That’s in large part because San Francisco “believes it has a championship roster,” and doesn’t want to give the keys over to a rookie blindly before even seeing them in practice. It sounds like if whatever quarterback the 49ers draft at three comes in and looks great during OTAs and training camp, then Garoppolo could be moved over the summer, which Breer speculates about as well.

No matter what happens next, it was a bold move by Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch. We won’t know the full scope of the fallout for quite some time.

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41 comments on “Latest On 49ers’ Trade, QB Plans

  1. Tatsumaki

    Interesting outlook indeed. While this years crop of qbs is good outside of wilson and Lawrence none are guaranteed too be game changers. Could be a huge risk trading multiple picks for a bust

    • mrshyguy99

      Anything can happen the best QB last season was the 3rd QB taken by the chargers if I’m correct

      • BStevens

        He had the most weapons by far and was also the only QB to play most of the season. Let’s see how Burrow rebounds and how Tua looks with weapons over the next couple seasons before anointing Herbert the best in his class.

  2. adshadbolt

    I think what they do with jimmy really depends on which QB they get. I think it’s Wilson they trade jimmy now if it’s lance or Jones they hold jimmy

    • padam

      Here’s a thought…they’re holding onto Jimmy since they believe the roster is still competitive, yet will most likely draft a QB. If Jimmy leads that competitive squad to a deep playoff run, or even SB, do they then trade him and go with the QB they selected? The price they paid was steep.

      • Skute23

        Yeah fields is definitely going to be the pick at #3. Have you seen his film. He has all the tools and he did it against elite competition.

        • real_ttebow_

          its coming down to fields or lance, but if wilson somehow is on the board he will no doubt be the pick. lance is a better fit in shanahan’s system although he has limited scouting information. the consensus in the industry seems to be that fields is falling and lance is rising, so we’ll see what san fran thinks when theyre on the clock but it is far from certain.

  3. tedtheodorelogan

    Crazy to think if Jimmy hadn’t have overthrown that pass to Sanders in the super bowl none of this would be taking place.

      • tedtheodorelogan

        Probably also doesn’t help that they are paying the guy to work full-time but he only shows up for about half of his shifts.

        • paulk-2

          I agree with the Wyld Stallyn. This is about not being healthy, not a bad pass. Maybe the defense shouldn’t have given up that ridiculous long prayer in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. The game was well in hand until that happened. That’s when the flood gates opened up.

    • jwoh13512

      I think part of the reason they want to replace him is he’s always getting hurt. Happened in NE when he was starting and now two years in SF.

  4. jessaumodesto

    Still think they are going Penny Sewel at 3 and moving him to center

    • Why would you trade three first rounders for a guy and then immediately make him change positions?

    • dandan

      Ahhh yes, mortgage your future for a guy just to change his position to take over for a guy they JUST signed to play that position..

  5. arty!

    If the 9’ers believe they haver a championship caliber roster now, they better not draft someone to sit for a year then.

    • tedtheodorelogan

      Whoever is the backup QB behind Garoppolo will see plenty of time on the field. Dude is made of glass.

  6. paly2124

    It’s easier for a QB to go into a situation like the 49ers that has a quality team. The jets and Jaguar situation is bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if the QB the 9ers takes has a better career then the one the jets or jags select.

  7. Bryzzo2016

    Woulda been a lot easier not trading draft capital for Jimmy G to begin with and drafting Mahomes instead of Solomon F’n Thomas. Now this trade, giving up even more draft capital hoping to catch lightning in the bottle on a rookie not names Lawrence or Wilson. I don’t trust Lynch.

  8. driftcat28

    I think it’s a load of bologna coming from SF. If you’re in a championship window, you’re not drafting a rookie to take over the team. You’re padding what you already have. Jimmy is a good QB and can get them over the hump. I think SF in panicking and the windows closing already.

    • mrshyguy99

      The problem tho you need him healthy and the team want a safety net behind jimmy. Since the depth behind him been terrible. As good as
      Jimmy been for them you can’t play it safe . What if he not healthy than what.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Every team has injuries. I think driftcat28 nailed it. The 49ers regressed by 7 games after trading their best player Buckner. They’ve lost their DC to the Jets. Lynch is delusional if he thinks this is a championship caliber team now.

      • Jimmy is good enough to get you to the Super Bowl. His ability is not what is in question. It’s his durability and injury history. If Jimmy was an iron man, this conversation would not be happening.

  9. So lets analyze this. Lets Say we Draft Fields or one of the other two. They look great in Camp and the 49’ers decide to Trade JG. Now who’s going to be the Back Up AGAIN at QB ?? We are then back to Square One, with no Viable Back Up QB !!

    • mrshyguy99

      As of right now they have Rosen and josh Johnson and I’m sure they would trade for someone if needed who knows jags minshew could be on the market

  10. jfive

    Lets see if Im understanding most of the comments…The niners are in win now mode and the team should trade their current starting qb (he has a no trade clause and did help team reach SB in 2019) and everyone wants them to hand the reigns over to a rookie QB ?

  11. Lars MacDonald

    I recently watched a podcast with a SF reporter who had a lot of intel (assuming it is true…). It was fascinating to hear because it was so logical. It went something like this.

    – There are a bunch of ex SF front office people working for the Jets and word of the Jets’ plans has gotten back to SF.
    – SF has found out that the Jets are going to stay at #2 and take Penei Sewell.
    – The Jets are also sticking with Sam Darnold and will give him the protection to succeed.
    – SF LOVES Zack Wilson and are hellbent to get him.
    – Once SF found out the Jets’ plans, they made the trade because they knew Wilson would be there at #3.
    – SF intends to start Garoppolo this year and transition to Wilson in year two like KC did with Mahomes.

    – This intel is supported by a couple of the facts:
    1) SF never discussed the #2 pick with the Jets and just went after #3.
    2) Kyle Shanahan’s dad (Mike Shanahan) was at Wilson’s pro day and Wilson looked incredible.

    Pretty interesting stuff and it makes a ton of sense. Is it true? Who knows.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      If that does turn out to be true, there will be some folks currently working for the Jets who will be unemployed.

    • jfive

      If any of that is true…Jets could put SF and ATL in bidding war for #2 pick and trade down to 3 or 4

    • For any of this to be true, you have to assume that the ‘bunch of ex SF front office people working for the Jets’ (who are these people, by the way?) would have to be dumb enough/terrible enough at their jobs to tell San Francisco what the Jets are planning. So, weirdly, you’d have to assume that their loyalty, for some reason, lies with their *former* employer and not their current one.

      You’d also have to assume that the Jets have already made their decision with a month left to decide and are not going to budge at all.

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