Dolphins Trade No. 3 Pick To 49ers, Send No. 12 To Eagles

The Dolphins have agreed to trade the No. 3 overall pick to the 49ers for the No. 12 pick, a 2021 third-rounder, and first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 (Twitter link via’s Adam Schefter). The Niners may use the choice to select their next quarterback, though sources tell Schefter that Jimmy Garoppolo will be staying put. 

Meanwhile, the Dolphins quickly pivoted towards another blockbuster of their own, dealing that No. 12 overall choice, No. 123, and a 2022 first-round pick to the Eagles in exchange for Nos. 6 and 156. In effect, the Dolphins secured future first-round ammo in exchange for moving from No. 3 to No. 6. From here, the can use their bevy of picks to build around Tua Tagovailoa — or swing another blockbuster for a veteran QB.

The 49ers are moving to No. 3 with the expectation that the Jaguars will take Trevor Lawrence first overall. At No. 2, many believe the Jets will go QB as well — perhaps BYU’s Zach Wilson or Ohio State’s Justin Fields. After that, the Niners would have their pick of the litter. Even if Garoppolo remains, they could weigh Wilson or Fields (depending on which is still available), North Dakota State’s Trey Lance, or Alabama’s Mac Jones.

At No. 12, the Eagles are unlikely to have most of those QBs on the table. By dropping six spots, it appears that the Eagles are ready to move forward with Jalen Hurts in 2021. They also have a 2022 first-round pick — the Dolphins’ original choice – that they can use to fill other gaps. The Birds have been connected to Wilson for a while. But, as’s Ian Rapoport explains (Twitter link), GM Howie Roseman ultimately felt that adding a future first-rounder would be better for the team in the long run.

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85 comments on “Dolphins Trade No. 3 Pick To 49ers, Send No. 12 To Eagles

  1. arty!

    ‘From here, the can use their bevy of picks to build around Tua Tagovailoa — or swing another blockbuster for a fresh QB of their own.’…

    Love the excitement but the sentence (above) seems funny to me. How is TT not their own? Same GM & HC drafted him.

    • The_Commentator

      Right, also you have to love how they accurately narrowed the current option, which is the same as before. Either build around TT or trade for another QB.

    • Sheep8

      I’m sorry, where can I read your blog post on all things NFL? I’d love to see your style of writing.

      • arty!

        Since I’m not paid to write, you cannot see my style. But common sense says if the HC & GM collectively draft a player, he’s yours, own it.’

        • bravesfan88

          The article meant, that other teams were targeting new QBs, so he meant that they had been reportedly linked to possibly acquiring a new QB as well..

          Does that make more sense??

    • Irishblade

      I took it to mean a fresh QB of their own to be the 49ers as a whole. Jacksonville and New York have QBs but they’re still gonna draft one of their own. So yeah I took it more of the franchise than the particular regime.

          • case7187

            You do know he’s not being changed criminally he’s just being sued at this point and without hard prof it’s a he said she said type case

            As for his career I doubt it will effect it much but who knows as of right now his only option is to suck it up and play for Huston and try again next offseason because right now no team is going to pay their asking price for him

            • @case7187: It’s a bit more than a ‘he said, she said’ situation. It’s more like a ‘he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said’ situation.

              • MillvilleMeteor

                Spot on. Always raise suspicion when it’s one or two girls that come out years later with this stuff but when it’s 10+ girls you know it’s likely true. See Cosby, Epstein, gymnastics.

        • arty!

          I agree, but they’ll have plenty of chips to bargain with and many for themselves.

    • coach_cadillac

      I agree completely.

      There is only one player in this draft that is anywhere close to being worth three first round picks, and even saying that he is worthy of that much is highly speculative.

      I’ll give you a hint…it’s not Fields, Wilson, or Lance. You don’t give up three first round picks for any one of them.

      Am I right? Or, am I right?

      Which begs the question, what does Lynch know that we don’t about Jacksonville’s intentions with the first pick?

  2. padam

    Technically they secured one future first rounder since they traded one to move up to 6.

  3. chrisg98502

    They only get 1 first…they got 2 for dropping back to 12 and then gave up 1 to get back to 6 leaving them with just that 2023 one from the niners (without counting the 3rd or 4th rounders added on)

  4. dave frost nhlpa

    Jets all but likely to take a QB. They should have traded down and gotten a haul of picks and line help.

  5. amk1920

    Great value for the Dolphins. Jets moving up to #3 cost them three 2nds. This is far more.

  6. imindless

    Pretty meaningless trade. Not sure why dolphins would then trade back up at the cost of another 1st….if they waited till draft night to trade back up they could have potentially paid less.

    From niners perspective the trade looks worse than Rams did to trade goffs bad deal and get Stafford. This years plus 2 more firsts to move up from 12 to 3 and still likely won’t get Wilson or lawerence. Fields is lamar jackson at best…


      How??? Fields has never shown the flash of running the ball like Lamar. That’s not his comparison.
      Doesn’t mean he isn’t mobile, not no one is a Lamar.

    • tcogle

      Josh Allan is a better comparison. Big, Strong, and Mobil. There are accuracy concerns, however.

  7. GONEcarlo

    Dolphins out here playing chess while everyone else plays checkers lol

  8. sss847

    Chris Grier watched the movie Draft Day yesterday and decided to see if it works in real life

  9. padam

    I feel a swap coming – Jets and 49ers. Swap of picks with the Jets getting a player from the 49ers D that the coach likes as the 49ers get their BYU connection (Young, Smith) QB and the Jets can still snag Sewell or move back and collect more picks.

    • real_ttebow_

      49ers would be dumb to trade up to 3 then 2 especially if jets really wanted sewell anyways. That said, I’m scared of Lynch being on the clock at 3. I think theyll give Jimmy G another go and draft Chase at 3, but who knows

    • DonOsbourne

      I’m not sure what Smith you are referring to, but Alex Smith played at Utah, not BYU.

  10. claude raymond

    Zach, I’m pretty sure the 3rd rounder from SF is a 2022 3rd rounder. not 21

  11. Simmons>Russ

    Niners will definitely take a QB Lance Fields or Wilson all would be good fits.
    Dolphins to take a WR at 6.
    Eagles made the right choice to build around Hurts. Hope they also draft a WR

    1. Lawrence
    2. Wilson
    3. Lance
    4. Pitts
    5. Sewell
    6. Chase
    7. Waddle
    8. Fields
    9. Parsons
    10. Surtain
    11. Barmore
    12. Smith
    13. Slater
    14. Farley


    That’s a big move for the 49ers. If they take a qb they should move jimmy to recoup some draft capital.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they made this move for devonta or a qb change.

  13. leefieux

    I wonder if Miami wants that ‘Big ‘Ol Hoss’ at Tackle? A really good OL cures a lot of ills.

    • real_ttebow_

      moved back up to take one of the top 3 wrs, there’s a change one of them falls to 12 but with three qbs likely going top 5 they have more options on the table at 6

      • phillyballers

        I can see them moving back to 8 if Carolina wants to move up, recoup a pick. And still get the WR the want. Draft starts at 4 with whatever ATL decides to do. If they go QB, no ones moving up to 6 for Mac. If they go Pitts then Cincy goes Sewell and all 3 WRa are on the board. Then I see Miami moving back just enough to land one.

  14. DarkSide830

    I like this move. more draft capital and there should still be serious talent available. makes the decision between several potential guys at 6 easier.

    • phillyballers

      Too much pressure on Howie at 6. He doesn’t know how to draft. Doesn’t know which to choose between Pitts, Chase, Waddle, and Smith. Cincy is going Sewell if he is there. Now, its whichever WR is left, Farley or Parsons.

  15. coach_cadillac

    Who in this draft class, besides Trevor Lawrence, if even him, is worth three first round picks?

  16. nitemare

    Jets are taking Wilson. Niners are fools for trading all that away for the third best qb

    • badco44

      Yeah I remember the same things being said when a ton of QB’s were taken in front of Moreno?

    • Technically correct

      Justin Herbert was the apparently third best too. He seems alright.

      • MiPatrick

        Bob Quinn thought Jeff Okudah was the 3rd best in that draft, thats one of the reasons he is looking for work now.

        • jopeness

          That is just the curse of the Lions, outside of Ramsey, I cant name a CB picked top 5 that has worked out. maybe peterson, Jammer, Woodson? but that’s like 2011 and early 2000s.

  17. atuck_sfg

    Niners are banking on being super bowl contenders the next few years so they’re hoping the picks they send will be at the end of the 1st round. If you get a qb who helps you win championships then this move will look brilliant because they get a cheap franchise qb for 5 years. It’ll take a couple years to see if this was genius or horrendous. It’s obvious Shanahan has fallen in love with one of the qb’s

    • The 49ers felt sorry for their division rival LA Rams squandering all their draft capital. So sorry they went out and evened the odds for the Rams. Now just the Seahawk have to make a blockbuster losing trade and everyone in the NFC West will be even.

      Silly, silly trade. RGIII trade level stupidity. 49ers have crippled themselves for the next five years.

      • amk1920

        “Squandered their draft capital”. Trading 1st rounds for proven stars is not squandering. Ramsey is better than any CB you can draft. The one the Lions took #3 overall is horrible.

      • DonOsbourne

        To your first point, Seattle already traded away all their picks so Arizona is the only team in the division with any draft capital. To your second point, the RGIII trade only failed because RGIII didn’t want to play the way Mike Shanahan wanted him to play. If they draft a QB who is willing to be coached, they will not fail. Shanahan’s can design an offense that would make your neighbor’s wife a starting caliber QB.

      • paulk-2

        Crippled? How so?

        Financially they are good. They have worked the cap very well. Jimmy G comes off the books either this year or next and his dead cap hits either year are very small. The team will save at least 23-24 million when he is gone. They are already sitting at 17-18 million under the cap. When he is traded or released, they will be at least 40 million under. If they don’t spend it, it carries to next season. By the time this new QB hits FA, most of the big contracts will be off the books.

        They still have several picks in the draft every year and will be drafting for depth at certain spots. They will have time to develop these players.

        People need to quit acting like this team was 6-10 because they didn’t have talent. This team had a bought of injuries that nobody has ever seen before and was absolutely ridiculous. The old saying of injuries are part of the game and must overcome it does not pertain to this situation. The starting offense played together for 5 whole quarters last season. I don’t think the starting defense played together for more then a few quarters last year. They had games where 75% of the starters were not there at all. They played 5 different RB’s last year.

        This is team has a strong core and is ready to win now. Most teams would love to have this talent. If you are surprised that this team came out of nowhere again, you aren’t paying attention.

  18. coach_cadillac

    This wasn’t a trade for any of the QBs past TL. This is either some type of collusion with the Jets to accumulate more picks, trade down a few (with Atlanta for picks and Matt Ryan to reunite with Shanahan,) then JG goes to NY and takes that expense off their books. NY trades out of 2 with Carolina for a boatload of picks and get their #8, where they still get Sewell and at a much better price than #2.

    • coach_cadillac

      Or, it’s to make a trade with Houston for Watson. It’s less than they wanted, but, at this point it would be a good deal. It’s not necessarily where Watson wanted to go, but, he would be lucky to get any offers now, not to mention going to a SB contender with him at QB.

    • coach_cadillac

      Even Cincy should then take Sewell, because Miami traded down and he is still there, they instead take Chase to reunite Burrow with his favorite target, and trade back up into the first round to address OL.

        • elscorcho the marlin

          Even though Cincinnati should take Sewell (because Miami traded down), they will take Chase to re-unite with Burrow. Chase is Burrows favorite target. Then, they will trade back up into the first round for an OL.

  19. Lars MacDonald

    We obviously have no idea who else Miami talked to, but I wished they waited until draft night to make these trades. The panic of draft night might have sweetened the offer they got.

    • JoeBrady

      There won’t be any panic because the first two picks will have already been decided. There is more likely to be a scurry at #6 because someone inevitably falls. If Fields or Sewell fall, they’ll be some teams willing to make a move.

  20. crosseyedlemon

    It appears as though John Lynch is trying to prove he can wreck a championship caliber team just as effectively as Howie Roseman can.

  21. rb15

    “After that, the Niners would have their pick of the litter.”


    Or the pick of what’s left?

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