Rams Eyeing Matthew Stafford Extension Or Restructure

The Rams traded two first-round picks and change to acquire Matthew Stafford, so it would stand to reason they are planning to commit to the former Lions starter long-term. But after the trade, a new contract was not viewed as an immediate priority.

Stafford’s 2017 extension runs through the 2022 season; $43MM remains on the deal. However, the Rams are more than $30MM over the low-end salary cap projection ($180MM) and could benefit by a Stafford extension lowering his 2021 cap hit. The team plans to address Stafford’s contract, be it through an extension or restructure, according to The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue (subscription required).

At the time of signing, Stafford’s $27MM-per-year deal raised the then-stagnant QB market by $2MM. That began a hotbed of activity, which included the Rams’ ill-fated $33.5MM-per-year deal for Jared Goff, and Deshaun Watson‘s $39MM-AAV pact now tops the market (for conventional, non-Patrick Mahomes QB contracts). Given the price the Rams paid, Stafford would have some leverage in extension talks — should he choose to exercise it.

The 33-year-old passer is only set to count $20MM against the Rams’ 2021 cap, though a base-to-signing bonus restructure could lower that in a non-extension scenario. The Lions already restructured Stafford’s contract, adding a void year. A Stafford extension would align with that of his new receivers — Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, whose 2020 extensions run through 2025 and 2023, respectively — and defensive cornerstones Aaron Donald (through 2024) and Jalen Ramsey (through ’25). Putting Stafford on the same timeline has factored into his equation, per Rodrigue.

It seems the Rams will be approaching their new quarterback soon, and other restructures should be on tap considering the team’s current cap situation.

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6 comments on “Rams Eyeing Matthew Stafford Extension Or Restructure

  1. Tatsumaki

    He could play till hes 42 like brees and brady. I’d like to have him for a few more years beyond the time of his current contract

    • davidkaner

      If they don’t resign him, they wasted 21st round picks & a 3rd for a 2 yr rental. Stafford will probably extend three years 110 million.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    I’m a big fan of Matt but extending him would be a mistake. The Rams window of opportunity for making a title run is probably 2 seasons at best. If you heavily invest in an aging QB he becomes a financial albatross like Brees and Roethlisberger placing you in salary cap purgatory.

    • davpass19

      Have no choice but to re-structure or extend Stafford. Did not bring him here to worsen the team, which will be the effect of a 10% Lower Cap Limit. Most teams facing same issues….Donald, Ramsey, Whit, Havenstein & others will be similarly treated. Gotta retain our top players(JJ, Leonard & Hill) plus add to shore up some weak spots…must have Cap Space for adds & draft picks! Players all know it!!

  3. paulk-2

    I just read on ESPN that the Rams are just now approaching their star players to restructure their contracts. That should have been done before you make a deal that is going to increase your your starting quarterback position from a 27 million cap hit to a 42 million dollar cap hit. At least tell those guys if we do this, we will need your help in a few weeks. If Donald and Ramsey say no, it should get interesting.

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