Washington Releases Alex Smith

As expected, the Washington Football Team has released Alex Smith. Even after Smith defied the odds in his comeback return, the WFT was unwilling to keep him and his sizable cap hit.

Smith’s return from a horrific 2018 leg injury was one of 2020 feel-good stories. Washington went 5-1 in his starts and managed to win the NFC East with Smith at the helm. Smith worked tirelessly to get back on the field, but Ron Rivera and the rest of the regime didn’t necessarily want him back.

When I decided to come back, I definitely threw a wrench in the team’s plan,” Smith said recently. “They didn’t see it, didn’t want me there, didn’t want me to be a part of it, didn’t want me to be on the team, the roster, didn’t want to give me a chance.”

They tried to put me on PUP for two weeks, then they tried to IR me. I felt like I still hadn’t had my fair shake at that point. I wanted to see if I could play quarterback and play football, and I feel like I hadn’t been given that opportunity yet to find that out.”

By releasing Smith, Washington will save $14.7MM this offseason. Meanwhile, they’ll carry $8.6MM in dead money.

In the interest of equal time: Smith’s on-field performance didn’t quite justify his salary. In 2020, he threw for six touchdowns against eight interceptions with a 78.5 QB rating.

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28 comments on “Washington Releases Alex Smith

    • ghostrobot

      Lol even w his jacked up leg he will probably be more durable than Jimmy

  1. Chicagoguy1

    I can see him becoming the backup here in Chicago. Matt Nagy loves Alex Smith from his time in KC. Smith should have several teams to choose from , but his time as a starting QB are over, IMO.


    I think he deserves another shot. I mean his stats weren’t awful considering circumstances as he had to find his rhythm and timing. He wasn’t great, but someone should give him another shot.

  3. Thronson5

    Would love having him back in SF in case Jimmy gets hurt if they don’t draft a QB.

  4. driftcat28

    If the pats can’t get Jimmy, then I wouldn’t necessarily hate having Smith on the roster and drafting a QB

  5. nentwigs

    Just Retire already, Alex.
    Be glad you can walk
    Be glad you still have 2 legs
    WFT is trying to save you from yourself
    Enjoy your family and enjoy your life
    Get an attorney
    That injury is sure to affect you down the road

    • Yep it is

      Why would he get an attorney? He made millions, played a sport he knew this could happen. Don’t understand that thinking at all.

    • mrshyguy99

      What would a attorney do ? He knew the risk of playing football. Plus he already made millions does he need anything else to help him no .

    • Hawktattoo

      Hire a attorney…..America in a nutshell. The ball wasn’t marked with a warning that playing football can injure you?

    • Wade Herbers

      For what????

      The dumbing down of our nation continues.

      • nentwigs

        To protect himself and his loved ones from what may happen to him physically as a result of the horrendous injury he sustained and from which he has made a (seemingly) miraculous recovery. But what about….. 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years from now when something surfaces out of the blue that can be attributed to this injury through medical tests/processes that at the present time have not yet been developed.

        Further, considering the length in recent history, of some NFL quarterback’s careers, there is no telling what potential EARNINGS were lost by Mr Smith due his missed time due to the injury he sustained as well as the “taint” against him and damage done to the length of and scope of career over his professional lifetime.
        Just look at what was just unceremoniously done to him by the WFT after Smith put himself at tremendous physical risk “for the team”.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I don’t really think it’s up to anyone but Alex as to when he wants to retire, if a team will give him a chance. If he wants to play, that’s his choice.

      The WFT is far from admirable. They aren’t trying to save him from himself, they’re trying to save cap space. If he was making 2m dollars, he’d be back.

    • markdavisbarber

      There are a lot of lies and false narratives that are floated around the league.

      I unequivocally bet the house that Ronny Rivera does not bring in Cam. He could have brought in Cam on the dirt cheap last year and turned to Kyle Allen instead. Everyone was expecting Cam to come to DC and mentor Dwayne Haskins since it was a new offense without a preseason. The staff actually choose to go with Haskins and Smith over Cam.

  6. nickolai

    Release Daniels in Detroit and use Alex as a backup…

    I’m not sure if the Lions would save money with cutting Daniels but he was dreadful last season in his brief outings…

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