Bengals To Stay At No. 5?

The 49ers, Eagles, and Dolphins did some serious shuffling last week, but the Bengals don’t seem quite as eager to make a move. Currently armed with the No. 5 overall pick, Bengals Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin believes that he’s poised to land an impact player.

We feel we’re in a good spot. We’re going to be careful not to be overly greedy and get out of a spot where we maybe lose a premier player and we feel like can get one of the premier players in this draft,” Tobin said (via the team website). “We feel there are enough guys with the fifth pick in the draft to get a real guy that we feel comfortable with. And hits in a position of need.”

Unlike other teams near the top of the board, the Bengals aren’t in the hunt for a quarterback. Instead, they can hone in on a promising young target or blocker to aid Joe Burrow. With that in mind, Tobin indicated that he’s fond of Oregon left tackle Penei Sewell, LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, and Florida tight end Kyle Pitts.

All three are high-level prospects at the top of the draft and guys we feel like could fit us and make us a better team,” Tobin said.

Fortunately, two of those three players should be there for the Bengals at No. 5.

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10 comments on “Bengals To Stay At No. 5?

  1. Wade Herbers

    They seem to be in a good spot. Helping Burrow out is he right plan and I hope they grab a stud O-Lineman. The kid looks like the real deal at QB and keeping him upright is the most important thing. But hey , ya never know if someone’s willing to give a lil too much to move up they should certainly look at that option. They are NOT a deep playoff contender yet and need help in many positions so they can go that route as well.
    Not being a huge market they need good young talent to keep the payroll in line. Draft capital and hitting in the draft is a huge deal.

    • joeshmoe11

      They clearly need OL but I think Chase is the best play. This is an insanely deep stay for OL so there will be plenty of day-one starters in the 2nd AND 3rd round. Put Chase outside opposite Higgins with Boyd in the slot and Mixon in the backfield and that’s an elite offense with even an average line

  2. Lars MacDonald

    With all the recent moves, Atlanta is now the true wildcard for the early part of the draft.
    Their decision at #4 will impact a lot of other teams’ strategies.

    • ruckus727

      I think ATL would like to trade out but I don’t think they’ll get what they would want to do so. They should sit there and take Sewell. He looks like an elite LT and those are so hard to find. They already have two great WRs so Chase doesn’t make sense. Pitts is potentially a star TE. He looks like a generational positional talent but LT trumps TE. Atlanta needs defense help more than anything but they would need to move down to get value on that side of the ball. Bengals should take Sewell if ATL goes Pitts. If he’s gone, reunite Burrow with Chase. Miami takes whoever is left of the Sewell-Chase-Pitts trio. For me, Detroit is a wild card because they are at a prime spot to try to move up to if you’re a team targeting one of the other QBs (Denver, NE).

        • dust44

          I agree too. I think ATL goes Pitts and then Cincy goes Sewell. Miami then throws the curve and gets Devonta Smith since he’s a Bama guy for Tua. That will cause Detroit to make a tough decision either run the card up for Chase or take a big trade package from a team moving up for a QB. I’m not sure y Cincy would move out with a generational OT sitting there if ATL takes Pitts. Most important person for Cincy is Burrow and everyone saw how unwatchable they were once Burrow got hurt. Keep him upright and let’s not have a rerun of Andrew Luck with Burrow.

          • easyw

            While I agree that O-Line, especially OT, is an area of need for the Bengals you can write it in Sharpie that Chase is the pick for Cincy at 5. Cincy signed Reiff to play RT across from Jonah Williams at LT who is extremely talented, but has been unfortunate with injuries his first two seasons. Bengals are also carrying eleven O-linemen on the roster pre draft. This tackle class is highly touted as one of the deepest and Cosmi, Jenkins, Eichenberg, and others will likely be available for the Bengals with their second round pick. Reports indicate Burrow has been pounding the table to be reunited with his LSU counterpart, and after years of remedial facilities, the Bengals have begun construction on an indoor practice facility. It seems like ownership is committed to providing Burrow with the resources he needs to be successful.

            Chase at 5. Write it in Sharpie.

            • ruckus727

              I would like to see that. Burrow to Chase was like a DiVinci sculpture two years ago. Would’ve been so awesome if they could’ve somehow gotten Jefferson last year instead of Higgins (great rookie season in his own right by the way) and then Chase this year.

  3. Sopro Found

    As much of a stud that Chase is looking like, please don’t draft him.. really really hoping for Sewell, but I definitely wouldn’t be mad if they go with Pitts..but we have one of the most underrated WRs in the league in Auden Tate, at WR3 I believe..that kid is going to be good enough to be a #1 on ANY team, I guarantee it..get Burreaux some damn protection!!

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