Falcons Open To Moving No. 4 Pick

The Falcons have received calls from multiple teams and are open to trading out of the No. 4 spot, according to a source who spoke with ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter (on Twitter). With the Jaguars, Jets, and 49ers effectively locked into the first three picks, the Falcons hold the highest available pick for teams looking to move up.

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The Broncos, at No. 9 overall, would be a prime candidate to advance up the board. There will be three quarterbacks selected to start the draft, so Denver can’t really afford to be patient on passers. Trevor Lawrence, of course, is ticketed for the top pick. After that, BYU’s Zach Wilson is likely to go No. 2 overall. Depending on which way the 49ers go, that could still leave Ohio State’s Justin Fields or North Dakota’s Trey Lance there for the taking. The Patriots (No. 15) and the Bears (No. 20) could also be interested in making a jump.

Still, the Falcons seem to be interested in University of Florida tight end Kyle Pitts and the No. 4 choice would guarantee his availability. Ditto for LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Oregon tackle Penei Sewell, or any non-QB that catches their eye.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald hears that at least one team calling the Falcons about their top draft choice does not need a QB. Such a club is presumably eyeing Pitts, Chase, or Sewell, and while all are potentially elite talents, it will take a tremendous offer to convince the Falcons to part with their pick.

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23 comments on “Falcons Open To Moving No. 4 Pick

    • CriminalMethod

      No way. Mortgage the future for the fourth QB off the board? They should stand pat and let a positional need fall in your lap.

    • dray16

      bears don’t have any ammo, it’s the reason Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere as well

    • arty!

      I never understood the Dalton signing. How is he any different than Foles? Same with the Darnold trade; did the Panthers actually get a better QB than Bridgewater? I don’t think so.

      • ignasis

        @arty I think Darnold could quite possibly be a Top-10 QB in the league within a year or two. The Jets offensive line and play design was so bad that he never really had any chance at success there.

        That being said, I don’t expect that to happen…. All I’m trying to say is that I understand that move more than Dalton. It makes some sense.

          • ignasis

            Like I said. I don’t expect it to happen. But, Gase was pretty much destroyed by all football analysts for his play design. He never had any sort of checkdown options for Sam Darnold on most plays. So, every play only had deep, slow developing routes, and they had no offensive line to hold the pass rush off…. No quarterback would succeed under such conditions, not even Mahomes. So, it’s really hard to evaluate Darnold…

            He was considered a franchise quarterback his draft year, and it was an absolute shock that he wasn’t 1st overall. Everyone thought Baker Mayfield was a typical Browns move. I haven’t seen anything that suggests anyone was wrong either.

            It could just be that Darnold’s been ruined by the Jets, or that he was never that good. Or… he could legitimately have a huge resurgence under a good coach, with a good O-Line, and the best running back in the league…

            Much easier to have a good passing game when you can play off a legit run game.

            • parx

              The darnold move is far and away elite compared to dalton, that being said the bears need to sit at 20 and take the best offensive tackle on the board, their oline is awful on the tackles

    • Stat

      I don’t trust this front office to trade up for a QB, it didn’t work out so well for them last time

    • thebluemeanie

      Dalton is a stop-gap QB. I can see the Bears taking one of the less-talked-about QB’s like Kyle Trask.

  1. GoChargers

    I hope every team that needs a quarterback moves up to the top 10 and drafts on. Let better non quarterbacks fall to the Chargers at 13

  2. htrab77

    LOL, sure they are. They missed out on their chance at one of the QB’s they wanted, and now they’re screwed, so now there’s “all this interest in their pick” …. pretty convenient.

  3. jacobsigel1025

    Denver and New England are probably the two most likely teams to trade up for #4. If Atlanta moved down to 9, they may miss out on Pitts but they’d have the 3 big name corners plus Parsons still on the board. If they moved down with NE, they maybe have a chance at some of those guys but I think they’d end up with someone along the lines of Rousseau Paye or Ojulari on the edge

  4. phenomenalajs

    Atlanta may take the fourth QB itself. They probably want to groom Ryan’s successor. That QB will get to learn behind Ryan. I don’t expect Ryan to play into his mid-forties like Brady, so this may be the perfect time for them to pick someone like Trey Lance.

    • That seems like a bad idea to me. Ryan will probably play 2-3 more years at a minimum. QB is pretty much the only position they *don’t* need.

  5. MileHighFan

    If the Broncos have any sense they won’t move up OR down. The QBs that would be there at #4 are not obviously better than the guy they currently have, plus they will have a not-to-be-missed shot at extraordinary non-QB talent at pick #9 given that 5 of the first 8 picks will likely be QBs.

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