Fallout From Sam Darnold Trade: Panthers, Jets, Rhule, Draft, Bridgewater

Although the Panthers and Jets had discussed a Sam Darnold trade for a bit, the talks centering around a trade that became official Monday heated up last week. Joe Douglas and Scott Fitterer discussed Darnold at Ohio State’s pro day on March 30, Joe Person of The Athletic tweets. Other teams contacted the Jets on Darnold ahead of free agency, but during the time Douglas and Co. methodically evaluating this year’s draft-eligible quarterbacks, some would-be suitors moved on. By late last week, the Panthers were the last team left standing that would trade for Darnold, Ian Rapoport of NFL.com notes (video link). The Jets sought a package similar to the one the Cardinals received for fellow 2018 top-10 QB Josh Rosen, wanting a second-round pick and another mid-round pick or a player, according to Albert Breer of SI.com. (The Dolphins sent the 2019 No. 62 overall pick to the Cardinals for Rosen.) The Jets also proposed a pick-swap trade that would have sent Darnold and No. 23 to Carolina for No. 8, per Breer. The Panthers shut off that path but agreed to send a 2021 sixth, a 2022 second and a 2022 fourth for the former No. 3 overall pick. The Jets now have nine picks in Rounds 1 and 2 between this draft and next.

Here is more from the latest 2021 QB domino falling Monday:

  • Douglas pulled the trigger on a trade more than three weeks away from the draft and did so because Jets brass saw considerable downside in waiting for a better offer. The Jets did not want to lose out on the Panthers’ three-pick proposal, according to The Athletic’s Connor Hughes (Twitter links).
  • Perhaps paying customary lip service, Fitterer said (per Person, on Twitter) Monday the Darnold acquisition will not take the Panthers out of the quarterback mix at No. 8 overall. That pick, however, can now be used to help Darnold and accelerate the team’s rebuild. It could also be used as a trade chip. The quarterback-seeking Broncos hold pick No. 9, and at least one of the top five quarterbacks figures to remain on the board by then. A team keen on grabbing one of these QB prospects would seemingly be interested in jumping in front of Denver, should the Broncos stay at No. 9.
  • Teddy Bridgewater looks likely to be a one-and-done as a Panther. As a starter, anyway. He could be off to team No. 5 soon. The Panthers will try to collect a mid-round pick for their 2020 starter, Person notes (subscription required). But they have been trying to unload Bridgewater for weeks, Breer adds. Bridgewater is set to carry a $17MM cap number in 2021, and unless a Case Keenum– or Nick Foles-type situation emerges in which Bridgewater agrees to redo his deal to facilitate a trade, the Panthers will have a difficult time unloading that contract.
  • A virtual Darnold-Matt Rhule conversation played a role in Monday’s trade. When the Jets interviewed Rhule for their HC job in 2019, he spoke with Darnold. Rhule came away impressed with the quarterback, and Rapoport notes that meeting came into play when Rhule approved this trade (video link).
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20 comments on “Fallout From Sam Darnold Trade: Panthers, Jets, Rhule, Draft, Bridgewater

  1. Bearded Texas Hulk

    With all those picks over the next couple years the Jets coy5ld become decent.

    • Robert Saleh is the bigger blessing. The man is no one’s fool and has a river of energy at this point in this life. If anyone can but the Jets out of their fifty year stupor it would be Saleh.

      Still not a sure thing – the Jets have dragged down and down many good men for decades.

      • Black Ace57

        I don’t know if it’s fair to call it a 50 year stupor. Rex Ryan took the Jets far in the playoffs and Herm Edwards took them to the playoffs a number of times. It’s just the franchise has been a joke since Mike Tannenbaum was fired.

        • seaver41

          Mike Tannenbaum was part of the problem. He was Parcells’ contract guy and then elevated to GM. Mangini was the talent evaluator (pushed for Revis). Once he left, the slow drain began and Tannenbaum couldn’t draft

  2. Carolina would be best to wait for a starter on a contending team to break his leg or an ACL or a shoulder injury after a four and zero start to the season. Teddy Bridgewater will become a lot more popular very fast (assuming scheme fit) and Carolina would get their second round pick back lickety-split.

  3. afsooner02

    Saints should go get bridgewater. Better to roll with him than waste a pick on trask.

  4. lastings milledge

    Jets will regret taking Wilson. Think he can be a solid NFL QB but I believe Fields has both a higher ceiling and a higher floor.

    • jjleavelle

      Hope it works out for Fields, but historically OSU QBs have very underwhelming in the NFL.

      • Frank_Stallone1

        Most QBs are underwhelming in the NFL, has nothing to do with being an OSU alum.

  5. RockHauler

    Typical Jets, for 2 years it was Suck for Sam, then they got him, put crap around him, saddled him with a coach who wouldn’t have a winning record in HS, and now bail on him for a one year wonder who played in a lower level of college ball, did not play against any elite programs, and now the Jets are going to pin their future on him? Typical Jets. Does anyone remember Akili smith? He too was a one year wonder who wowed the scouts. How did he do?

    • dust44

      U don’t have to go that far back to find the 1 year wonder busts. But I agree

    • cka2nd

      You’re forgetting his brief stay with the Jets, his first team after the Vikings. The Jets pretty much signed him to show him off in the pre-season and then trade him, which they did, to the Saints with a #6 for a #3.

    • Ak185

      The Broncos I don’t think will make that trade. If they’re not getting a QB that could be their perennial starter, I think they’ll just stick with Lock for another year (at most two if it comes down to it-meaning he turns it around and plays well this year, but I don’t see him lasting) rather than give up assets for a temporary solution. If they see a QB that they really like this year, they’ll grab him, but I think they’d rather take one more year with what they have than force it this year.

      • Simmons>Russ

        I mean a third round isn’t exactly much. Teddy would get results with that Denver offence.
        They went 5-11 with Drew Lock running things, but this year will have Courtland Sutton and Von Miller back from injury and signed Kyle Fuller and Ronald Darby.
        Between Chubb and Miller you’ll have the pass rush and with Fuller, Jackson, Darby and Simmons your covered in the backfield.

        So even without Teddy they will probably win atleast half their games. But I think with Teddy they would be closer to 10 wins. Now they are possibly knocking on the door of playoff contention. But besides that Drew could learn from Teddy, and the QB competition would get the best of each player. Then you can decide what you want to do after the season. Keep Teddy cause you like what you saw? Keep Drew cause he out preformed Teddy and he is the man your putting your faith into? Or both players didn’t look the part and we want to head in a new direction.

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