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Two of Deshaun Watson‘s accusers revealed their identities Tuesday. Both said Watson sexually assaulted them.

Ashley Solis, the first of the 22 women to accuse the Texans quarterback of sexual assault or misconduct, has provided information to the police, Sarah Barshop of notes. Another of Tony Buzbee’s clients has as well. The Houston Police Department began an investigation into Watson on Friday. Solis alleges Watson touched her with his genitals during their massage session, which occurred at Solis’ residence.

Another of the massage therapists to accuse Watson, Lauren Baxley, revealed her identity Tuesday as well through a letter. Baxley accuses Watson of contacting her with his genitals multiple times, according to The NFL has been in contact with Buzbee, according to’s Ed Werder. The league has been investigating the Watson accusers’ claims for weeks.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, responded to Solis’ account by indicating her claim of not coming forward for monetary purposes was disingenuous. Buzbee sought a $100K settlement on Solis’ behalf before she filed the civil lawsuit, Hardin’s statement read. Hardin-provided emails involving the settlement proposal between Watson’s camp and Buzbee’s reveal standard pre-litigation communications, however, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

In a letter to season-ticket holders Monday, the Texans addressed the Watson developments.

We want to assure you that we take these allegations very seriously,” the McNair family said in a statement. “While we await the conclusion of these investigations, we express our strong stance against any form of sexual assault. Our family and the entire Houston Texans organization are deeply troubled by any form of abuse and we condemn this type of behavior.”

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53 comments on “Latest On Deshaun Watson

    • Bigfabe48

      Where’s the proof! We live in a society where everyone wants a payday

      • osfan9987

        Where’s the proof twenty or so women made it up, including at least one that made a police report? If that’s the whole argument it’s not much of one

  1. davidkaner

    He’s got serious issues but he can play football and they will allow him to continue because he makes the owner rich.

  2. dmaciel

    I’m curious as to what possible evidence these ladies could provide that would prove their claims.

      • dmaciel

        Good point. Although, I wonder if that evidence is admissible since he was being recorded for a private professional service without his consent. Don’t know what the laws in TX say about that.

    • elmedius

      I thought there were texts and IG messages trying to smooth things over and straighten things out?

      • dmaciel

        Yes, but unless the messages details what the apology was for its hearsay. Maybe that’s why it’s only in civil court and no criminal charges have been field.

        A completely different burden of truth.

        • Ak185

          Dmaciel makes the biggest and most relevant point here-the standard in criminal court is just fundamentally different than civil court. Things have to looked through the lens of legality, not common expectation.

        • osfan9987

          Well the nfl has yet another burden of proof which seems to be low, if it’s proven in civil court he’ll miss half a season or more, truthfully more women could come forward as it seems he was flying women in from all over on the regular

    • Polish Hammer

      They always say where there’s smoke there’s fire, how much more smoke is needed for you to believe your beloved QB is a sexual deviant and has issues? He’s about as innocent as R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Jerry Sandusky once were.

      • Ak185

        People say a lot of things. People said, for instance, that Ryan Leaf was a first round pick. You shouldn’t make any assumptions just yet.

    • rct

      In court, sure. Public opinion? Nope. The NFL when deciding a punishment? Also nope.

  3. Hannibal8us

    Really reminds me a bit of the Felipe Vazquez situation the Pirates were in. Had the opportunity to trade the guy, decided to hold off and then the guy goes off and gets in trouble off the field and the team gets nothing for him. Can’t see the league letting him play while all this is going on.

  4. blueblood1217

    Why do I think this idiot will got off with a slap on the wrist. If he is truly guilty of all these accusations then he should go to prison, just like everyone of us who frequents this website

    • blueblood1217

      Hit post comment before I was finished.

      Everyone of us who frequents this site would go to prison if we did this, so hopefully if he’s guilty that’s exactly where he will go. Unfortunately, i just don’t see it happening

  5. deuceball

    Last time a player tries to swindle a team out of millions then demand a trade. Now we will have to publicly praise the organization for giving him a second chance or have all his guarantees voided.

    • KCJ

      If he’s found guilty of this, there will be no second chance. And it’s beyond obvious that the team had nothing to do with it since they’re losing massive trade value and a face of the franchise for nothing.

      And let me ask you this…who hires 50+ different massage therapists? Are you trying to tell me he didn’t find one that did a good enough job to stick with her? When you find someone who’s good as something, you stop looking for a replacement. Why would he continue to seek out more and more women?

      • Polish Hammer

        Maybe the thrill and rush of getting away with it which each new person that tolerated it.

        And with his attorney having like 18 other girls say he didn’t cross the line with them there’s no way he could have done this to them. LOL

  6. easyw

    It needs to be said…if these allegations are true, and Tony Buzbee is not just masterminding a harem of women in a coordinated defamatory scheme against him, then Watson may have played his last down in the NFL.

    22 co-defendants and counting ladies and gentlemen.

    • Bigfabe48

      And that would be very sad off allegations unproven. TEXAS is one of Racist and DIRTIEST STATES IN THE UNITED he will be convicted!

      • Polish Hammer

        So now it’s the states fault if he gets convicted? There’s millions of other men of various races, colors, creeds and backgrounds not in the spotlight for sexually assaulting people.

  7. Karl NW

    I’ve been a Texans fan since day one. I have a Carr Jersey if that tells you anything LOL. My wife just bought me a Watson Jersey for my birthday this last year. It’s been a rough year to be a Texans fan. It is so strange to think that this guy who seems like he is such an exemplary person is capable of doing all of this. I don’t know if anyone can maintain his innocence anymore with the number of women that are coming forward. I mean is there a chance that women are falsely accusing him and it’s just a snowballed because they see $$ signs. Deep down I think things have happened but I guess I’m just in denial. When he came to Houston and seeing the talent and the hard work that he brought? It was exciting and I gave one a feeling of “finally!” And then of course we’ve been going through him not wanting to be there anymore, Watt leaving, etc…sigh. I thought maybe just maybe Houston might be turning a corner. There’s been a flurry of trade activity and it seems like they are doing some serious rebuilding and the one position I thought we were solid at for a long time is now in jeopardy. I too don’t think he’s going to play another down again. Ironically I live in the Pacific Northwest but I have three Earl Campbell jerseys and my love for Houston football goes way back. So many emotions about Watson right now. Disappointed. Frustrated. Disgusted. Ashamed. Call me crazy but I hold out a tiny tiny flame of Hope that somehow some crazy thing will be revealed that will show all of these women are lying and that he didn’t do any of these things. But I know that clinging to that makes about as much sense as Houston being able to get out of an AFC championship game victorious.

    • Ak185

      Don’t jump to any conclusions, I’d say. If Watson’s conduct was as bad as these accusers allege, the criminal trial will certainly reveal it, if it’s that obvious. Until then, just keep your head about you and be patient. There’s really nothing you coming to a conclusion right now will do because you’re on the outside of everything.

      Most people want to reach a conclusion as fast as possible as if there’s a prize for winning. Don’t assume yes, don’t assume no, just be patient as figure out what you can. The accusers will get to have their say publically and Watson will get to say his defense. Bear in mind that all the accusers are represented by the same attourney, so Watson and his counsel will only be facing one person in the court room and the arguments will mostly go the same way and be simpler to follow than if it were 22 different attourneys.

  8. Bigfabe48

    And that would be very sad off allegations unproven. TEXAS is one of Racist and DIRTIEST STATES IN THE UNITED he will be convicted!

    • Skullking

      Damn, you must have a big head to have the entire state of Texas living in it rent free

  9. jjd002

    While I don’t doubt there might have been some misunderstandings with some of the girls, there is way too much smoke to assume he’s completely innocent of everything. It’s a tough call and both the accused and Watson deserve the benefit of the doubt at the moment.

    Either way there is something wrong with him going to get that many massages from that many different women.

    Did he break Covid protocol by getting all of these massages during the season?

  10. Mudduck

    Folks,I promise anytime a man gets naked with a woman in a closed room, he is dancing with the devil. I don’t care how strong your faith is or your commentment to a spouse is, your walking on shaky ground. If a woman gets her hands close to your stuff you are just hoping she goes for the gusto. Don”t go there!

    • jjd002

      Exactly. Stuff like this is a good reason to go by the Pence rule about not being alone with any woman.

  11. tigerd7335

    One might think that if you had Watson $$ instead of trying to bang massage therapists he would just hire an escort service like all the other rich assholes do and while earlier I said until the investigation by law enforcement happens well now it’s happening and guess what the police don’t investigate speculation there has to be something tangible for them to follow up on now that the investigation has been launched Watson is done

    • osfan9987

      I mean if he had hired expensive escorts it wouldn’t be wrong, not really, it’s wrong to attempt to talk non escorts into sex because idk he’s weird and that’s what gets him sorted

  12. PatsFanBiff

    I am more shocked that comments are open than whether the allegations are true or not.

    While I never want to undermine sexual assault or inappropriateness, I have to raise an eyebrow when the defendant’s agency or lawyer asks why the plaintiff is arriving at a “settlement” figure and is met with “you aren’t debating this” type reply. While I am not a lawyer, I would at least think that some communication would be standard as to why a person wants 100k or they will file a suit.

    Remember, Big Ben was sued by 2 women who bragged to coworkers about sleeping with him. Not saying this is the case, but for every person filing a suit, there are an equal amount that contradict stories. Only the people involved truly know is misconduct occurred or if one is trying to get a paycheck

    • Polish Hammer

      You’re right on the surprising twist of having the comments section open. Usually this place locks any comments regarding the Police Blotter or political-based posts.

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