Ron Rivera: No Rush To Solidify WFT’s QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick will enter training camp as Washington’s top quarterback, but he’ll have to earn his starting role through competition. Meanwhile, head coach Ron Rivera says he’s in no real rush to find the team’s QB of the future.

If you put all the other pieces into place and now you start going forward, when that guy does show up, when that guy is in the right position, you can grab him,” said Rivera (via Rhiannon Walker of The Athletic). “I went through it the other way my first stint as a head coach in Carolina. We drafted the guy of the future for us in the first round.…At that point, we had not put all the other pieces around Cam Newton.

So, I’ve always thought if you can do it the other way where you put all the other pieces around and then go out and get your quarterback, that might be a pretty good situation, too. I’ve seen a lot of teams that have had things in place then drafted their quarterback next year. This could be one of those situations where we put all the other pieces in place and then a year or two from now, the right guy is there and we can make that move.”

For now, WFT is set to move forward with Fitz, Taylor Heinicke, Kyle Allen, and Steven Montez on the depth chart. At N0. 19 overall, they won’t be in the mix for top QBs Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, or Trey Lance. From the sound of it, they won’t be vaulting up to the top five unless they’re especially keen on one of those passers.

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10 comments on “Ron Rivera: No Rush To Solidify WFT’s QB

      • If the atlanta football team passes on him, and the cincinnati football team opts for sewell, miami is likely to take ja’marr over him I would think.

        • despicable_you

          Agreed they have 2 viable te and imo te are almost impossible to evaluate ie even engram, Hayden hurst. and on the opposite side kittle and kelce were not high picks.

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    Smart and the WFT often don’t go together, but I like this particular thinking. I’ve always wondered why teams reach for QBs and throw them out there with nothing around them, then wonder why they fail.

    I’d take Lawrence if I had literally nothing else on the team to work with, but he’s the only one. I feel like the other QBs in the draft will need help.

  2. phenomenalajs

    Justin Fields will probably be gone before then. He showed his speed in his pro day. Mac Jones may be there but he probably doesn’t move the needle for them.
    I’m a Jets fan. I agree with Rivera that it’s not the best idea to draft a franchise QB if you don’t have the pieces around him. Unless you have a superior talent like a healthy Trevor Lawrence, you need to build the support system first. With Joe Douglas’s background as an offensive lineman, I would hope he would lean towards Penei Sewell or even Kyle Pitts over one of the other QBs. I hope he either does that or that Atlanta decides it wants Ryan’s successor and offers the Jets the #4 pick and additional assets (i.e., future 1st or 2nd rounder and/or current players) for the #2 pick to jump over the Niners.

    • Ohio State star quarterbacks are not very popular in DC at this point. I have my doubts about Justin Fields as well. He tends to stare down his receivers. Any idiot could run the Ohio State offense (Haskins went 50/4 TD/Int in his season at the wheel).

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Ron has time to get it sorted out but I don’t think he will convince anyone he’s the kind of QB whisperer Joe Gibbs was.

    • weluvog

      Perhaps not, but; He has been responsible for Creating the Calm within That UNRULY organization!!

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