Saints Eyeing QB Kyle Trask?

While it’s been assumed that one of Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston will emerge as Drew Brees‘ heir apparent in New Orleans, it sounds like the organization could end up pivoting to the draft to find their future quarterback. During an appearance on SportsCenter, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said the Saints are a “sneaky contender to get a quarterback” after the first round, with Fowler pointing to Florida’s Kyle Trask as a main target (video link).

Fowler adds that there was plenty of buzz during Florida’s Pro Day that the Saints could be eyeing the Heisman Trophy finalist. If the team does end up opting for Trask (or another quarterback), Fowler opines that the player probably wouldn’t see the field much as a rookie. However, that QB would likely be in a position to take on the starting gig in 2021, especially if the team uses a second- or third-round pick on the player.

If New Orleans is indeed seeking a rookie quarterback, Trask would make sense. For starters, the Saints will presumably miss out on the grouping of Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones and Trey Lance, so there’s some merit to staying patient and seeing how far the second-tier QBs fall. After their first-round pick (No. 28), the Saints are armed with a second (No. 60) and two thirds (No. 98, No. 105); the team may need to trade up in the second round if they truly have their eye on Trask.

The Florida quarterback broke onto the scene in 2019, and he followed that up with a standout campaign in 2020. Trask ultimately finished this past season having connected on 68.9-percent of his passes for 4,283 yards, 43 touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

The Saints made sure to retain Winston via one-year, $12MM deal (including $5.5MM guaranteed) earlier this offseason. Hill will also be playing the 2021 campaign on a one-year, $12MM deal (despite the funky restructuring by the organization last month). Hill got eight starts filling in for an injured Brees in 2020, while Winston was limited to only 11 attempts in four games (although he tossed a 56-yard touchdown during the postseason).

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17 comments on “Saints Eyeing QB Kyle Trask?

  1. Bill Jasper

    If they are picking Trask, they need to use the 28th pick on him. Taking him in the first round gives them the fifth-year option to use should they need it.

    • afsooner02

      So….overdraft by 2-3 rounds so you overpay him with first round money, just to get a fifth year team option on a guy likely to be a bust anyway?

      Makes perfect sense….I support this plan.

      • Tatsumaki

        Not a bust. Just basing it on one game? Relax man, dude has a rocket arm and good pocket mobility and throws in tight windows. Imagine him with michael thomas really nice

      • Trask has shown some serious potential in big games, pulling his team to play above their punching weight. Trask is not such a prospect to mess up the scouts’ BPA chart though. If New Orleans doesn’t get Trask, life goes on. Draft him in the second round.

    • secretsatan

      If Trask goes in the first round, whatever team selects him gets an automatic F grade

    • myaccount

      100%, but try to trade down to 32 before selecting him. He can be a long-term starter in this league.

  2. MileHighFan

    Anybody else thinking that player agents are actually sending checks to TV sports personalities in exchange for talk about their 2021 draft clients?

  3. DonOsbourne

    I have no doubt some one will take him in the 1st round. Call it Cade McNown syndrome. Once a bunch of QB’s get taken some GM or owner is going to feel pressure to join the party and take one too. It very well could be the Bears. Or the Jets might surprise everyone and take 2 QB’s in the 1st round. Because they’re the Jets. Many marginally talented college QB’s have made a lot of money off decision makers who want to be one of the cool kids.

  4. coach_cadillac

    Trask will definitely be drafted in the first round. He won’t last to make it to the Saints at all unless they find a way to trade way up into the first. There are a LOT of teams that need to draft a QB in this draft, if not for this year,to prepare for the future. Teams that are starting stop-gaps at QB next year like New England, Washington, Chicago, even Pittsburgh needs to find an heir to Ben, and yes, the Saints. If they don’t get one this year, and they are saying next year’s crop isn’t nearly as good as what’s available this year, they are going to be in trouble. Once Jax, Atlanta, the Jets, SF, Panthers possibly take a second QB in case Darnold doesn’t work out, and maybe even the Broncos, all take all the other projected top QB prospects, trust me, one of those other teams isn’t going to risk letting Trask get away by waiting until their next pick in the 2nd round and hoping he is still there. Gators were one thrown shoe away from being a championship team last year. That had everything to do with Trask. He isn’t being given the credit he deserves and the attention that some of the other’s are getting this year, but, he is as NFL ready, maybe more so, than any of the others and will likely have a better career than two or three of the projected top picks will. Especially since he is projected to go later, which means he will end up on a better team.

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