Teams Inquiring On Lions’ No. 7 Pick

The Lions have discussed trades involving the No. 7 overall pick in next week’s draft, GM Brad Holmes says (via Kyle Meinke of Holmes, naturally, isn’t tipping his hand, but he’s not ruling out a move down the board if the right package comes along.

Yes, there have been [trade] discussions with other teams,” Holmes said. “I will keep those in house, but yeah, there have been discussions.”

The Rams were active in the draft during Holmes’ tenure as the Rams’ college scouting director. That includes 2016, when the Rams went from No. 15 to No. 1 to select quarterback Jared Goff. Of course, Goff’s second contract didn’t necessarily work out for the Rams, but Holmes is hopeful that Goff can turn things around in Detroit. Meanwhile, he has an opportunity to either select Goff’s eventual successor at No. 7, move up to guarantee the availability of a preferred quarterback, or deal down to fortify other needs on the roster.

At least three of this year’s top quarterbacks will be gone by the time the Lions draft at No. 7, but Justin Fields and/or Trey Lance could be there for the taking. For his part, Holmes says he’s prepared for any scenario.

Whenever you’re picking in the top 10, obviously it’s an extremely valuable pick, but it’s very exciting to be looking at this crop of players that would be worthy of selecting [there],” Holmes said. “Where I just came from, we weren’t really used to picking in the first round that much. So being up in the top 10 [is cool]. But at seven, we do have a cluster of players that we’re comfortable with picking. But at the same time, we would be very prepared and also willing to move in either direction. So we’re still open in those regards, but there is a cluster of players that we would be comfortable with.”

Holmes is playing it cool, but some execs sense that the Lions are eager to move down.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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