William Jackson III: “Blessing” To Leave Bengals

William Jackson III is glad to be done with the Bengals. Now with the Washington Football Team, the standout cornerback says it was a “blessing” to leave Cincinnati.

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Cincinnati, they got some crude fans, man. You know misery loves company. When nothing (is) going good, everybody’s not doing any good,” Jackson said (via 106.7 The Fan). “(WFT) has been nothing but supportive since Day 1. The Bengals, on the other hand, them dudes – they wonder why they’re not winning. I’m happy I’m out of that thing man. It’s a blessing to get away and I wish them the best, but Washington – let’s go from here.

Jackson spent four up-and-down seasons with the Bengals, but saved his best for last. After a so-so 2019, he notched 45 stops, eleven passes defensed, and one interception in his platform year. Then, he parlayed that into a three-year, $40MM deal to join up with Washington and aid them in their bid to return to the playoffs.

The cornerback drew lots of interest on the open market, but his price tag was too rich for the Bengals’ blood. Instead, they pivoted to former Cowboys cornerback Chidobe Awuzie (at about half the price of Jackson’s deal) and ex-Steeler Mike Hilton (for just over 50% of WJIII’s contract).

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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20 comments on “William Jackson III: “Blessing” To Leave Bengals

  1. weluvog

    Just wait until He rubs ..~ ‘us’ the wrong way then! Oh man. Sorry Billy Jacks 3; Bout to be Rough go here then!! Just hope that He doesn’t turn into a Bryce Harper!!

  2. letmeclearmythroat74

    He’a just crying because the Bengals knew better than to give him an extension. He was mediocre at best considering his draft position. I am very pleased the slacker is gone

  3. letmeclearmythroat74

    NFC East wideouts are licking their chops … for good reason

  4. Ab95

    Don’t know how he doesn’t realize that every single team has a subset of terrible fans. His comments do nothing to make his haters any less hateful, and only alienates the majority of the fan base that had his back through it all.

    • KCJ

      I get the feeling that William Jackson is the kind of d-bag that will be saying the same exact things about Washington fans (and the team) on his way out of there in a year or two. No class. Good luck with this guy, Washington.

  5. rayray14

    Agree with Ab95, what purpose does it serve throwing your old team under the bus. Move on and thank the team for the opportunity.

  6. Greg M

    I too hate how Bengal fans always lump the good players in with bad players. He perfectly combats this by lumping the good fans in with the bad fans.

    In the words of the great 21st century philosopher Pepper Brooks…”That’s a bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off.”

  7. arty!

    Apparently, he isn’t up to date with DC’s record this century then.

  8. jay13

    If you thought they were bad then, think how bad they will be with all their friends who did like you when you return.

    • depressedtribefan

      lololol and you’re the reason he’s leaving. I don’t blame him.

      • KCJ

        depressedtribefan –
        So apparently you’re on the same IQ/EQ level as William Jackson. Congratulations!

        • depressedtribefan

          yup and we appear to be a lot smarter than you. so, thanks!!!

  9. larryb

    Growing up in Cincy and as a Bengals Fan living in DC area. I will be posted up outside their garbage a– stadium bringing a sign that says FU WJ3 WHO DEY

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