Rams HC Sean McVay Addresses Continued Television Rumors

Another season, another period of premature rumors that Rams head coach Sean McVay could leave the team for an opportunity to become an analyst on television. For the second straight year, the NFL’s youngest head coach is being asked to address television rumors heading into the team’s final game of the season, according to Sarah Barshop of ESPN.

Unfortunately for McVay, while it’s still not expected to occur, his departure makes a little more sense this year after a season that, at best, will see the team with 11 losses this season. Again, it still doesn’t make much sense following the contract extension McVay signed this past offseason, but it makes a little more sense than right after he led his team to a Super Bowl. The Rams’ current record of 5-11 is setting up McVay’s worst season since taking over as head coach and marks his first losing season in the position.

McVay has acknowledged that the rumors aren’t totally unwarranted since he hasn’t “run away from the fact that, down the line or whenever that is, (that job is) something” he’d be interested in. For now, though, McVay attempted to put an end to the rumors that it will happen anytime soon, calling the interest “flattering” but reiterating that he wants to remain in his current position and is focused on that.

This response is much different than last year, when McVay seemed to fan the flames a bit with comments that he “won’t make it” coaching into his 60’s. He backed up those comments expressing his wishes in the future to have and spend time with a family. Following his Super Bowl LVI victory last season, though, McVay responded to a question asking whether he would return to Los Angeles in 2022 with a blunt, “We’ll see.” Two weeks later, McVay would reaffirm his commitment to returning to coach the Rams and would sign his extension in August, keeping him under contract through 2026.

McVay has been nothing but honest with questions about his future, allowing media members to run away with rumors on which he refuses to close the door. McVay insists that he will continue to be honest with the media about his future endeavors. It doesn’t change his love for coaching and the game of football, but it certainly won’t stop TV networks from attempting to draw him away from the game.

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