Chiefs Preparing For Potential Andy Reid Retirement?

We at Pro Football Rumors often report on actual transactions and recent news, but the word “rumors” is in our name for a reason. This most recent report comes from a rumor out of Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio and crew who say that “the Chiefs have a possible Andy Reid retirement after the current postseason on their radar screen.”

What does that mean, exactly? Not much, honestly. Reid hasn’t said much, if anything, to stir such rumors. The Chiefs’ brass hasn’t said anything hinting at such an attitude, either. Reid said in 2020 he was open to coaching past 70 and indicated following Super Bowl LVII he was coming back for the 2023 season.

Recently, the subject of retirement was only broached when Reid responded to a question about a potential retirement following the team’s win over the Dolphins last week. “I haven’t even thought about that,” Reid told reporters. “I’m thinking about one thing. I figured that would come up when you guys were asking these questions because I’m old, but (I’m) not that old.”

Reid, 65, is oft mentioned in those conversations concerning the top head coaches in the league, and he belongs there. In 25 years of head coaching experience with the Eagles and Chiefs, Reid holds a 258-144-1 regular season record (.641 winning percentage) and a 23-16 record (.590) in the playoffs. His time in Kansas City has rewarded him with two Super Bowl wins. It’s quite the resume to end with, but Reid’s Chiefs are still currently alive for a potential third Super Bowl, and despite taking a slight step back this year in the regular season, the team shows no signs of giving up ground in the AFC West.

There could be an easy solution to who may replace Reid in that unlikely scenario. It could also answer the question of why Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who has been an annual name in head coaching vacancy rumors, has only so far been mentioned as a candidate to step in for the team he’s already on. If there’s any truth to the possibility that Reid steps down, Bieniemy may be the natural choice to step in and take over after he spent 10 years on the Chiefs’ coaching staff from 2013-22.

Regardless, all of this is mere speculation for now. If the Chiefs fail to advance in the playoffs this weekend, we should be provided some clarity on the matter sooner rather than later. The Chiefs would be put in a difficult position if Reid waits too long to vacate the position and all the best head coaching candidates get hired. If Reid is going to retire, it’s likely to come soon after the Chiefs 2023 season ends.

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