Latest On Falcons QB Kirk Cousins

There’s a new sheriff in Atlanta and he brings with him a surprising amount of bling. Kirk Cousins officially signed today to join the Falcons, the third NFL franchise of his 12-year career. He’s played six seasons in Washington and six seasons in Minnesota, and if things go well, it sounds like Cousins could play the last six years of his career in Atlanta.

The decision to leave the Vikings was certainly not a sudden one. Cousins joined the team after being franchise-tagged twice in Washington. He signed a fully guaranteed three-year, $84MM salary to head to Minnesota. After narrowly missing the playoffs in his first season as a Viking and then making it to the Divisional Round of the playoffs in his second, the Vikings rewarded his success. While technically a multi-year extension, Minnesota only signed him to two more fully guaranteed years. Going into the final year of that deal, the Vikings gave him one more fully guaranteed season.

Shortly after signing the deal that would keep him in town through this past season, Cousins led the Vikings to a 13-4 record, though the season ended in a first-round knockout. Pleased with the success in 2022, the Vikings spent much of the offseason, and eventually the regular season, working towards another extension for Cousins. The deal never ended up getting done.

All of these short-term solutions sent a message to Cousins who told ESPN’s Michael Rothstein that it felt like his time in Minnesota “was trending year-to-year” over his last few seasons with the team. Whether or not it came up in negotiations, it doesn’t seem like a true long-term solution was ever in play. On the flip side, Cousins said that “when he talked to Atlanta, it seemed like, if things went well, he could retire with the Falcons when he was done.” What seems to have won Atlanta his services was the fact that they seemed more willing to commit to him long-term, something most recently displayed when Matt Ryan played with the team until he was 36 years old.

Now, Cousins is currently working his way back from a torn Achilles that cost Cousins his last 10 weeks in Minnesota. He’s certainly not ready to suit up in red and black just yet. According to James Palmer of NFL Network, his current goal is “to be full speed before the Falcons break for the summer after spring workouts.”

He believes that to be a feasible goal. For right now, he says he’s able to take drops and make throws with no problems, something we saw from Aaron Rodgers‘ ambitious attempt to return from the same injury in a length of time shorter than the NFL regular season. He adds that, were he to attempt to break from the pocket, that’s when it would become noticeable that he’s still recovering from the Achilles injury.

Falcons fans will just have to be patient. If they are, they will eventually get to see Cousins leading their team. If they’re patient and things go well, they could get to see him leading their team for the remainder of his career.

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