Jeffrey Miller

Latest On Ray Rice Situation

A law enforcement official says that he sent the Ray Rice video to the attention of NFL security chief Jeffrey Miller, according to Rob Maaddi of The Associated Press. The official says Miller was sent the tape in April, though he doesn’t know if Miller ever saw the DVD or opened the package.

The law enforcement official’s only communication with the league was a 12-second voicemail on April 9th from league offices confirming receipt of the package, in which a woman says, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

Since the NFLPA and NFL have launched separate investigations into the league and the Ravens’ handling of Ray Rice’s case, I want to make a few things clear. No one from the NFL ever asked me for the inside-elevator video,” the official told the AP. “I mailed it anonymously to Jeff Miller because he’s their head of security. I attached a note saying: `Ray Rice elevator video. You have to see it. It’s terrible.’ I provided a number for a disposable cellphone and asked for confirmation that it was received. I knew there was a possibility Mr. Miller may not get the video, but I hoped it would land in the right hands.”

For his part, Miller has denied ever getting a copy of the tape.

I unequivocally deny that I received at any time a copy of the video, and I had not watched it until it was made public on September 8,” he said in a statement issued through an NFL spokesman.

It remains unclear what happened to the video once it arrived at league offices. Maaddi notes that are two NFL executives named Jeffrey Miller, but the law enforcement official insisted the video was addressed to the chief of security. Despite Miller’s denial this evening, this story may turn up the heat on the league office and commissioner Roger Goodell.