Bears Cut Kelvin Hayden, Two Others

The Bears are in the process of making some changes to their 53-man roster, and have cut three players to clear some openings. According to Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times (via Twitter), the club has released veteran defensive back Kelvin Hayden and fullback Tony Fiammetta, and waived quarterback David Fales.

After missing the 2013 season with a hamstring injury, Hayden was cut by the Bears prior to the season, but returned to the team when Marquess Wilson was placed on the IR list with the designation to return. However, he didn’t see action in Chicago’s Week 1 game against the Bills. In fact, all three players cut today by the Bears were inactive last weekend.

Because Fales isn’t a vested veteran, he’ll have to pass through waivers unclaimed to sign with another team or practice squad, whereas Hayden and Fiammetta immediately become free agents. I’d expect Chicago to fill the three openings created by today’s cuts by signing or promoting players at positions that were hit hard by injuries in Week 1, such as wide receiver and offensive line.

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17 comments on “Bears Cut Kelvin Hayden, Two Others

  1. Duke BigSnacks Macias

    Cut Chris Conte and Paea and then maybe the Defense will play better.

    • Mike Sr

      At least Chris Conte!!!!!!!!

      • Johnny O

        One of the leading tacklers Week1? Really?…. It was the lack of D Line QB pressure and porous on the run, and linebackers mediocre play that was one half of the problem last week.. Take away one of the turnovers and we would have won. Can you actually objectively interpret what you see?

        • Duke BigSnacks Macias

          Finally and Conte did what we ALL expected him to do and that was make a BIG play and then follow it by either a miss tackle and the opposing team gains a big play or Conte gets ran over and or gets hurt. And guess which one he decides to pick…. I mean hey I liked Peanut for years but we all know he really wasn’t the same Peanut of 12′ but Thank Halas! These rookies we have like Ola, O’donell, Sutton, Ferguson, Fuller, Vereen and Christian Jones have just REALLY stepped up their game when their numbers been called. Plug and play players for a second straight year these drafts have been fruitful and if this wasn’t a wake up call to a team that it’s season was on the line already and it took someone to knock some sense into Jay Cutler. Then damn … about fuckin time…. Let’s win this damn Super Bowl I have waited to damn long.

    • Sammy Z

      Can we cut Mel Tucker?

      • Dee Cee

        Can we? I miss lovie.

    • Johnny O


  2. Nicodemus

    Conte played well last week….. Briggs, on the other hand–if he really was out buying shots at a bar until 4am the morning of the Buffalo game–should be fined for conduct detrimental to the team…..and benched if he ever does anything like it again (remember when he crashed his car at 4am about 10 years ago? I thought he’d grown up a bit. Apparently not–and poor lineback play was the biggest issue in the loss to Buffalo last week!)

    • trizzy

      Conte had an interception but besides that he sucked as usual. I’m tired of seeing him getting trucked and blown past

      • Johnny O

        Why is he “getting trucked and blown past”…. “Hello McFly!” Porous DLine, lack of linebacker play, who by the way is primarily responsible to Back The Line… Hence the position name… No opinion about the other safety? Wouldn’t want to hear bcuz you don’t know what you’re commenting about.

    • Johnny O

      Spot on!

  3. poetryman2

    Chris Conte goes,where’s the so called run stuffers we are supposed to have? If 1st teamers can’t do it,bring in the two new rookies,Sutton & Ferguson.Kelvim Hayden may be older.But he a far cry better that Conte on a good day

    • Johnny O

      Nope…. The correct safetys are starting. At some point the rooks will get their chance, but at this point they would be astronomically worse. If the DLine and linebackers played average, You would probably think conte was a ballin’ like a pro bowler…. Conte is a very athletic average safety… No more, no less.

  4. Please, Please, as James brown would say, Conte, and McClelin to speacial Teams; Always late on reads and never on time in chase mode a lot…Chris Williams is fast but no heart and not a good blocker if play not directed at him…Future 3-4 concept With Chris Jones on line a lot to cover TE, Green, Bostic and Yes, De De Lattimore at other LB, under sized but has the heart of a lion,he will make Mike Singelary and Brain Urlecher proud,, had only one error in preseason game vs Chevland the dude has a motor, watch the tape………

  5. Al B

    When is Jared Allen getting off the IR? What? He’s on the ACTIVE roster? Well he may be on the roster, but dang sure ain’t played “active”

  6. RoseBud Lopez

    My advise cut Cutler n use da new rookie!!!!”

    • Johnny O

      Dumb……and Rookie was cut….. What planet are on?

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