Washington Plans To Hire Joe Barry As DC?

THURSDAY, 8:15am: Former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who isn’t returning to San Francisco, is a late entry being considered for Washington’s defensive coordinator position, tweets Adam Schefter of ESPN.com. While there’s no indication of how serious Washington’s interest is, or whether it’s mutual, the fact that Fangio could be in the mix suggests the team still has yet to make its final decision.

WEDNESDAY, 1:33pm: Echoing what Keim, Jones, and Boyer reported earlier, Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4 tweets that Washington hasn’t hired Barry yet, and goes a step further, calling the initial report “false,” even though Rapoport didn’t say a deal had been completed. There’s still no indication that Washington is leaning toward another candidate, and Keim tweets that a number of the team’s assistants expect Barry to land the job. However, it definitely doesn’t seem to be a sure thing at this point.

8:53am: Three Washington beat reporters – ESPN’s John Keim, Mike Jones of the Washington Post, and Zac Boyer of the Washington Times – have all tweeted that there’s no agreement in place yet between Barry and the team. However, Rapoport’s report didn’t explicitly say that the two sides had agreed to terms — just that Washington intends to hire Barry. None of the Washington writers have indicated that the team is leaning in any other direction, so it still looks as if Barry will ultimately land the job, even if nothing’s official yet.

8:41am: Washington has decided on a replacement for recently dismissed defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com, who reports (via Twitter) that the club will hire Chargers linebackers coach Joe Barry to fill the position. Rapoport had indicated yesterday that either Barry or Raheem Morris appeared likely to land Washington’s DC job.

Barry has one previous stint as a defensive coordinator under his belt, with the Lions from 2007 to 2008. Of course, Barry left that position at a low point, following the club’s 0-16 campaign in ’08. Barry’s run in Detroit is perhaps best remembered for prompting one reporter to ask his father-in-law, head coach Rod Marinelli, if he wished his daughter had “married a better defensive coordinator.”

Since leaving the Lions, Barry has worked as an assistant for the Buccaneers, USC, and the Chargers, holding the position of linebackers coach at each one of those stops. His hiring in Washington comes after the team also reportedly interviewed candidates like Morris, Eric Mangini, Ed Donatell, and Wade Phillips. According to Dianna Marie Russini of NBC 4 in Washington (Twitter link), Morris’ interview with the club was “just okay,” which presumably opened the door for Barry to land the job.

As Washington’s new defensive coordinator, Barry will be tasked with turning around a unit that finished 27th in DVOA in 2014, including 32nd against the pass. The team also allowed 27.4 points per game this season, tied for the third-worst mark in the NFL.

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39 comments on “Washington Plans To Hire Joe Barry As DC?

  1. saponyboy

    We got a winner now … Hail to the no !!! The guy is a LB coach at best . Thats all he’s proven. I hope im wrong .

    • Daryll Scott

      saponyboy, well put, who hires a unproven DC with the field of proven DC that has proven themselves.

      • jbkulp

        The Redskins

  2. BoomBoom

    I just don’t understand why. We all know a couple more candidates out there with much stronger resumes better suited to turn our defense around..who’s idea was this?!

    • Chris Siskin

      Chris: He he was terrible in Detroit and he’s been a linebackers coach in San Diego. What makes him so qualified is my question. I would go ahead and interview Jim Schwartz before I do any hiring. Jim Schwartz hasexperience turning around a defense.let me give you two examples. He was the head coach of a defense in Detroit that was really awesome.Second, he had the number two ranked defense in all the NFL in Buffalo. Why not interview him next before making a decision

    • Skins1978

      GRUDEN’S!!!!!! He only hires coaches from the UFL that coached with him and Haslett. Why is Morris AND Bruce Allen still employed????????

  3. Rohit Chib

    Great he can bring his experience as DC of an 0-16 team to Redskins who were only 4-12.
    Another Allen connection from his time at Tampa – Morris, Gruden and now Barry.

    • ZachB90

      this is a textbook Allen hire. Fuck this team im going to cheer for the Raiders atleast they dont give their fans false hope

      • sandfield

        I’m through too. But I’m going with the Seattle Seahawks. Love those guys. Not too crazy about the crazy, wild, gum chewing coach but better him than this incompetent organization year after year.

  4. Fatacular

    So the Skins are just going to leave Wade in the Water…Why? Wade is a juggernaut when it come to the 3-4, but oh no we want a LB coach that lead a 0-16 defense with the lions. This hire will make no sense to me, but what does our front office ever do that does?! ST21RIP HTTR

  5. Retiredtwice

    If this was Gruden’s pick, he is a complete moron. It shows how intimidated he is not to hire Phillips, or Schwartz to pick another dud of a person. This is as big as a head scratcher as hiring a 20 something year old WR coach as your offensive coordinator!

    Jay Gruden seems to be subconsciously sabotaging himself. He is no Jon Gruden and can’t believe that either he or Allen picked this dud of a coach!

    It appears both Gruden and Allen don’t want experienced people to get the job done, they want yes men and former buddies in the circle!

  6. Randy Brown

    Should hire Wade Phillipsi instead! One of the best DC’s in NFL history!

  7. Daryll Scott

    Here we go again…Come on guys get it right this time…Wade Phillips IS OUR GUY, without any lingering thoughts for unproven as a DC.

  8. reverend w lewis

    I think we are thinking younger coach but I think Schwartz is not that old and I would rather have him in stead of Barry.

  9. David Schultz

    R u kidding me,should have kept Haslet

    • delrick proshay

      wade philiips is a better DC.he is fit for the roll.I was wishing for Rex Ryan.But he got another Hc job.Damn Damn Damn

  10. Skins21

    This is bs we should be hiring wade or shwartz any other DC your not welcome here!!

  11. JOHN B.


    • Douche Bama

      The Chargers were 9-7. Talking in all caps means you’re old and stupid. Go kill yourself.

      • Rohit Chib

        He was a linebacker coach for SD. At his last job as a DC Detroit went 0-16 and Detroit had the worst defense in the league. I believe that is what John is referring to

  12. Robert Fairbanks

    No tears are being shed in San Diego!

  13. Douche Bama

    I just tweeted that I took a dump

  14. wallace tucker


  15. Eric

    I am not a football professional, but I wonder also about Wade, and I wonder even more why the name LeBeau hasn’t come up at all?

  16. hookedonnews

    What in the world is wrong with these people? Why would you hire someone with no track record of success as a DC?

  17. i thought Dan and Bruce were going to do what is good for our team, I also thought Dan was wanting to win, what the hell is happening here?

  18. I feel like the skins took one steep forward with new general manager and two steps back with dc choice

  19. washington redskins

    Hey since the skins want someone that is or has a 0-16 record I would like to put in for theDC job. played football 40 yrs ago 74 years old and don’t take no goff. o.k. Dan


  21. Barbara Miller

    PLEASE……say this is just a rumor…….say it ain’t so. Talk about picking from the bottom of the barrel…….the guy is a total loser !!!!!!

  22. Dc_Md_Va

    Key word fellas haven’t

  23. ZachB90

    Just when i thought we were turning it around.. They know him better than i do but if im not mistaken the that recent track record is absolute shit..

  24. sandfield

    What is this? The good old boy network alive and well at Redskins Park. This is Bruce Allen’s decision. Who else would pick this guy with little to no resume to be a DC. I’m on the bandwagon with Seahawks. I can’t take this horrible organization another second.

  25. 07Retiree

    If he’s so good, why didn’t his father-in-law, the Cowboys DC, hire him?

  26. Clyde Lovelette

    The Redskins still don’t have it right with that move

  27. Skins1978

    We are building a team of a circle of friends!!!! I guess we could care less about winning. We just got the best DC the league has to offer. He’s so good, his defense was winless!! But Wade has a record of success and we let him walk out the door. This type s&#t makes you really want to stop watching!!!!

    • William jones

      Since gruden only hires people he knows,maybe he should hire his family also

  28. Daryll Scott

    I figured it out now…there trying to sabotage the supporters and fan base, if they want us to jump ship, just tell us to get lost….

  29. Skins1978

    Loving this team is hard. Watching the Barry hire is equivilant to catching your wife in bed with another guy!!!!!

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