Jets’ Sheldon Richardson Arrested

6:28pm: The Jets were not made of Richardson’s arrest until media reports surfaced, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweets.

Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report (on Twitter) spoke with three different sources from rival teams that think Richardson will never play another NFL down after his arrest.

5:41pm: Sheldon Richardson was charged Thursday with resisting arrest and traffic violations after a July 14th incident in Missouri, Brian Costello of the New York Post tweets. Richardson was clocked going 143 mph and had a gun in the vehicle (Twitter links).

Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday (on Twitter) passes along a copy of the police report which indicates that the gun was fully loaded. Richardson tried to avoid police apprehension and there was a “very strong odor of marijuana” in the car, Rich Cimini of tweets. There were two adult males in the car with Richardson at the time as well as a 12-year-old.

Of course, this incident does not bode well for Richardson’s NFL future as it comes just two weeks after he was suspended for marijuana use. Richardson, 24, had been expected to start on the Jets’ defensive line alongside nose tackle Damon Harrison and standout defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson prior to the suspension. With this incident thrown into the mix, there’s no telling when Richardson might return to Gang Green.

Richardson’s absence will probably open the door for sixth overall pick Leonard Williams to step into the starting lineup and the Jets certainly hope that he’s ready to hit the ground running. Richardson’s suspension and latest off-the-field issue could also provide Wilkerson some additional leverage in his extension talks with the Jets.

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28 comments on “Jets’ Sheldon Richardson Arrested

  1. Bob Guerrin

    What an ass. Even as a Jets fan, I hope he is banned for life.

  2. Rob

    I knew this off season was going to we’ll for us. Damn Sheldon what were you thinking?

    • Thor


  3. Dino

    Not happy at all tonight. This is shaping up to be tragic, and I don’t mean just for the team, but for this young man.

    Out of curiosity, on what grounds would he never play again? I mean, this is not good, but is it worse than some of the other things players who came back to play were guilty of?

    Not sure how to gain the proper perspective here…

    • Brandon

      Don’t feel too bad for someone that has had ample opportunities to better himself. Being apologist for lousy people supports them being lousy.

    • Adam

      12 yr Old in car. Pretty bad.

    • Donald Weintraub

      You want some proper perspective. With all respect fans needs major help. I know I’m a recovering addict 6 yrs clean. And I’m lucky to be alive Jet fans need to be supportive and somehow pray he gets help right now take a year off and take it from there.

  4. Susie

    Once again immature football players seem to think they can do whatever they want. He should be thrown out of the league.

  5. Ace

    What an idiot!!!

  6. Brandon

    Some people aren’t capable of growing up. It’s just not in their DNA.

  7. Shawn

    Let’s see so what charges can he be brought up on…
    1) resisting arrest apparently
    2) speeding obviously
    3) endangering A minor
    4) possible possession of there was weed in the car
    5) carrying a loaded fire arm (possibly, not sure of gun laws in Missouri)

    So yea looks like he’ll get his suspension increased.

    • Thor

      Not just speeding but reckless driving and they can also get him for attempted manslaughter for going that high over the speed limit!

  8. Good news is at least moe will get his $$, (hopefully)

  9. Mike

    Thug life

  10. Chris


  11. Chris


  12. Donald Weintraub

    The guy needs to forget about football right now. And get some help!

  13. Don

    Why banned for life? It’s the NFL you can beat up women and children so of course you can get baked and drive recklessly. The Cowboys will sign him if nothing else.

    • jesse jones

      Don’t put us in it chump!!!

  14. walt

    2 game suspension

  15. Jake

    What kind of car goes 143 mph and fits Sheldon Richardson in it?

  16. Tom F

    I felt Sheldon was out of line talking about ‘Suh Money’ instead of minding his business. He is not a professional. Mo can take care of his own business and Sheldon can negotiate a deal with a good defense attorney. Certainly a loss for what could have been the second coming of The Sack Exchange.

  17. Goodell sucks

    Good thing he’s not on the Patriots. Goodell would dock them a few draft picks

  18. Stuart Left

    No more criminals in NFL

  19. Kevin

    Even as a Jets fan I’ve not been a huge fan of Sheldon. I think he has THUG written all over him. I would have cut him once he got his suspension. He belongs on the Raiders!

  20. Falconlifer

    Wait …wtf banned for life …for what? Because car “smelled like marijuana”(no DUI) or because he was going 143mph ((probably in a car where that felt like 85-not a lot could understand )..y’all mf crazy

  21. Justin

    Dirtbag plain and simple. The gun: I understand, I don’t leave home without mine. Irresponsible to do under the influence though. Street racing: stupid. Marijuana again on 14 July after making a vow to Jets fans on 2 July to never do it again: pathetic, no heart. 143mph: reckless and thoughtless, endangering others, jerk. Having a 12 yr old in the car: come on man! You are an idiot, so much ability and potential thrown away. I’m a Soldier and risk much more for much less compensation with my brothers in arms. It makes me sick to see a$$es like you waste your freedoms we fight and die for like this. I hope you never play again and others learn from you. I will pray for you and even more for that child.

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