Russell Wilson Declines Lucrative Extension Offer?

The Seahawks reportedly offered Russell Wilson a contract that would pay the fourth-year quarterback among the top-five signal-callers in the league, reports Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

But the former Wisconsin and North Carolina State standout’s crusade at an evolutionary pact apparently will continue, with Florio pointing out Wilson’s camp declined the offer worth nearly $21MM per year. That figure, which came in an offer containing “significant” guaranteed money, would place the two-time Pro Bowler third among all quarterbacks, with only Aaron Rodgers ($22MM/year) and Ben Roethlisberger ($21.85MM/AAV) exceeding $21MM per year.

Florio notes the Seahawks don’t want to exceed the Rodgers figure.

Just as it’s done with almost all of its key bastions in recent years. Seattle appears to be making the effort to retain its top free agent. But even though Wilson’s statistics don’t place him among the candidates to earn the aforementioned offer, although he surely has the postseason victories to stack up with the bulk of that quarterback tier, agent Mark Rodgers has steered the quarterback into an intense negotiation that has less than a week to be completed, per the Wilson camp’s figurative pre-training camp deadline looming.

Since Wilson’s salary for this season is a paltry $1.5MM, Florio posits the Seahawks can appease the determined quarterback without reaching the Rodgers threshold. Just by triggering a contract to begin immediately, the Seahawks could sign Wilson to a five-year $100MM deal — or a six-year, $120MM deal — with a new money amount that surpasses Rodgers’ deal but not a per-year contract that does.

Former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren claims to have knowledge of the contract terms and would advise Wilson to accept the deal rather than play for $88K per game this season. Holmgren also said Wilson’s contract will be worth $20MM+ per season, while Florio points out Wilson taking this deal now rather than after the season would put him back at the bargaining table sooner when it comes time to negotiate his third contract.

I know the Seahawks have not lowballed Russell Wilson. Now, is it an Alex Rodriguez contract, which is twice as much as anybody’s ever made in their life? No. But they have not lowballed him,” Holmgren said in an appearance on The Erik Kuselias Show. “So I think it’s a fair deal, looking at it from an outsider looking in. I have no skin in the game, but I just think — I think he should do this.”


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13 comments on “Russell Wilson Declines Lucrative Extension Offer?

  1. Danno

    He’s very good, but not elite

    • ATS

      I notice people tend to say that a lot about SB winning QB’s.

      • Bucsguy

        Especially when they have the best D in they league and don’t win games with their arms.

      • Alex

        8 of the past 12 were elite. Eli was second tier,same with flacco,and then you got Wilson who is a huge question mark.

        • How much did flacco get?

      • sean

        Hes not elite.. hes a game manager on a elite team.. he was ranked 15th in passing yards last season and was ranked even lower then that for passing td… the rookie derek carr threw for more tds then him …. trade him next season for a top pick and draft boykin from tcu , then you have your new russell wilson for a fraction of the cost .. and still have cap space to keep the rest of your team elite

  2. Caleb

    If I’m Seattle I let him walk… Signing him to that large of a contact means you lose elsewhere. And they won’t let their D fall apart.

    • Jay

      I agree. Let him walk

  3. Will

    You guys all sound very bright but i say f%ck the seahawks and the nfl as a whole they make a grip of money and try to short change all the players that make things happen… although he may not be elite he makes things happen thats what really counts … you think the franchise is light on cash when it signs monster tv deals …haha they like all of us just dont want to pay excessive taxes…go r w !!!

  4. Will

    If it werent for that stupid play call at the goal line on the biggest stage we wouldnt be arguing weather he is elite or not … he’d have his back to back sb ring and deserving of the big $$$….

    • The Seahawks have the league’s richest owner so money isn’t an issue, the issue is paying RW and having an elite defense and running game intact. It’s all about the salary cap and leveling the playing field..

  5. Joe DiBartolo

    Wilson is no question mark!!! Brady, Rogers, Ben, Bress, Wilson These 5 are the best there is today. Honor mention peyton the choker…

    • Big Boy

      No Andrew Luck???? There is no front office that would rather have Wilson over Luck.

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