East Notes: Cowboys, Brady, Giants, McDaniel

In an interview on KESN-FM 103.3, Cowboys COO Stephen Jones left the door open for signing a free agent running back. “I do think we’re a popular place for a running back right now. There’s backs out there that I think still have some gas left in their tank. If we need to go get one, then we can get one,” Jones said (transcript via The Dallas Morning News). Here’s more from the East divisions..

  • After poring over the entire 457-page transcript of Tom Brady‘s appeal hearing, Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports just wants to see a settlement take place. One could poke holes in the argument of either side, but none of which could be big enough to blow the whole case wide open. The NFL won’t allow Brady to avoid a suspension and the Patriots quarterback won’t admit guilt, but they can still meet in the middle for a reduced suspension.
  • Newly-acquired wide receiver James Jones signed with the Giants for the veteran minimum, according to a person with knowledge of the contract who spoke with Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger. Jones had 73 catches for 666 yards and six touchdowns last season with the Raiders in 2014.
  • There hasn’t been much talk about the Cowboys making a play for Tony McDaniel, but the team could take a hard look at him because he played in a defense that is similar to Dallas’, Rainer Sabin of The Dallas Morning News writes. McDaniel was released by the Seahawks earlier this week due to financial constraints.
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6 comments on “East Notes: Cowboys, Brady, Giants, McDaniel

  1. Don

    Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. That was not a lose lose for both sides. One side looked good, one looked like a hypocritical, lying, can’t keep their facts starlight, don’t even KNOW their own facts bunch of buffoons. Brady would would be an idiot to settle for anything less than zero games and zero guilt.

  2. Dallas Robinson

    I actually think McDaniel will have his fair share of suitors on the open market. He’s a versatile lineman, and it’s not like Seattle released because he can’t play any longer — they just needed some financial space.

  3. Luke Adams

    The Cowboys are in a pretty good spot if they do decide they need a running back. I imagine every free agent out there would jump at the chance to play in Dallas, where they could have the opportunity to see significant playing time running behind arguably the best offensive line in football.

    • iowarockeyes

      Who is out there though that they think could be significantly better then what they have now? Do you see them as a type of team to take a flyer on Rice? I feel like obviously they would take some heat on it, but public opinion is sort of shifting with the interview he had with Jamelle Hill (sp) from ESPN. The sentiment seems now as a “everyone deserves a second chance”

      • Luke Adams

        Well, I think the reason they haven’t signed a veteran free agent yet is because they DO think the guys they have can do the job. If they see something in training camp or in the preseason that changes their minds, there are options out there.

        Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Johnson, Knowshon Moreno, and Pierre Thomas are the names that would interest me the most, though at least half those guys are coming off major injuries, so you’d want to be sure they were healthy. I’d be surprised if they signed Rice, though I think you’re right about the shifting perception on him — he has at least shown plenty of remorse for what he did, which is something others involved in similar incidents haven’t necessarily done.

        • iowarockeyes

          I forgot Moreno was a FA this year and am shocked he hasn’t been signed anywhere. He was stellar for the Broncos 2 seasons ago and he was good in his opportunities with the Dolphins last year. I think he would be a perfect fit for Dallas with the O-line they have. I don’t see McFadden, Randle, or Dunbar being a great solution at that position.

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