Geno Smith Out 6-10 Weeks

Geno Smith will be sidelined for the next six to 10 weeks following a locker-room altercation, head coach Todd Bowles told reporters today, including Brian Costello of the New York Post (Twitter links). Smith was punched by teammate IK Enemkpali and suffered a broken jaw, which will require surgery, per Costello (Twitter link). Enemkpali has been waived by the Jets.

According to Bowles, the argument between Smith and Enemkpali wasn’t football related — the head coach called it “childish,” and referred to Enemkpali’s blow as a “sucker punch” (Twitter links via Costello).

“It’s something we don’t tolerate,” Bowles said (Twitter link). “It’s something we can’t stand. You don’t walk up to another man and punch him in the face.”

With Smith now sidelined for the start of the regular season, Ryan Fitzpatrick, acquired in an offseason trade with the Texans, looks poised to begin the 2015 campaign as the Jets’ starting quarterback. Rookie Bryce Petty will also be in the mix, but he likely isn’t ready to play just yet, so the team may consider adding a veteran backup until Smith is able to return to the field.

If the Jets determine that Smith will miss closer to 10 weeks than six, the injured reserve with the designation to return is a possibility for him. That IR-DTR slot would sideline Smith for the first eight weeks of games, allowing him to practice six weeks into the season. However, that likely won’t be an option if the club expects him to be ready two or three weeks into the regular season.

As for Enemkpali, the 2014 sixth-rounder was one of John Idzik‘s final draft picks for the Jets. The former Louisiana Tech pass rusher only saw the field sparingly in his rookie season, playing 40 defensive snaps and contributing a little on special teams as well. He’ll become an unrestricted free agent if and when he clears waivers.

To replace Enemkpali on their roster, the Jets have signed cornerback Javier Arenas, the team announced (via Twitter). The veteran corner, who has experience returning punts and kicks, started nine games for the Chiefs’ defense in 2012, and last played for the Falcons in 2014. Arenas also played on Bowles’ defense in Arizona in 2013.

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37 comments on “Geno Smith Out 6-10 Weeks

  1. Turner


  2. No one


  3. chris

    Love it lol!!!

  4. Kevin

    Now who’s the QB?

    • Funtus


  5. Iskivt

    You can dress them up, but they are still the Jets

  6. Salmo

    He may have helped the jets by knocking out geno

  7. Beaks

    Did the head coach or GM pay him?

  8. mr man

    Wow. …. how cowboyish

    • lando

      can’t keep the Cowboys out of your mouth? pathetic lol

  9. Kathie

    Talk about foolish???? What is in the water at these training camps????

  10. Abhi

    We know who’s not making the roster

  11. Mike

    The whole team is a Joke

  12. Michael in Austin

    Don’t see ANY humor in this…doesn’t matter what team this is…just a cowardly act….

  13. Brian

    Usually the dumpster fire doesn’t get lit till a few weeks into the season. Way to go J-E-T-S.

  14. Justin

    Wtffffffff who tf is this guy… nooooooooo

  15. Robert

    Maybe the Jets have a chance now

  16. Winz

    How is it a “sucker punch” if the man walks up to you IN your face? It’s not like he hit him when Geno wasn’t looking.

    • Broncincolt

      Not even sure what your point is – you still don’t punch a teammate

  17. RedZone BALLER$

    Geno was a bust anyway. Can the Jets now move away from him on a permanent basis???

  18. Jim

    And they say the Patriots have no class SMH

  19. Raul

    Sorry Brandon, now who’s going to toss you the rock?

    • Big Mike

      Yo yo Michael Vick in da house!

  20. Funtus

    Imagine That!!! LMAO

  21. Marc

    Barkley to the Jets now. Tebow makes the Eagles roster.

  22. Nitty

    They were done anyway. With geno or without

  23. Chase

    He’s no cam newton thats for sure

  24. Raul

    Bear Down!

  25. Mindf*ck

    Wow, grown men throwing punches cant take it when a coach(chip kelly) doesnt baby em. I thought this was tf up

  26. kleckdough

    Daaaaammmnn.. was really believing in geno this year. Wtf kind of name is ik? Does he really have to be out so long with a broken jaw? Let him do rest of training on virtual reality then start week one. This was the most I looked forward to jets football in probably 5 years. Damn

  27. Troll McGroll

    In other news, the Patriots sign former Jet IK Enemkpali to a 2 yr “you proved it” deal

  28. Worm

    Since when did walking up to someone and punching him in the face come to be known as a sucker punch?

  29. Roger Gotohell

    There’s some team work for you. Chew on that jets fans. I hear a plane crashing.

  30. Beaks

    Goodell is going to give the puncher 2 games and Geno 4 games!

  31. Pats nation baby


  32. Frost

    This is the most Jets thing I have ever seen

  33. Doug

    It wasn’t a cowardly act! You put your finger up in a mans face your going to get knocked out! Plain and simple. I bet Gino no longer gets all up in another mans face. Lesson learned.

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