Raiders’ Aldon Smith Likely To Play Week 1

The Raiders plan to play newly signed outside linebacker Aldon Smith in Sunday’s season opener against Cincinnati, according to Ed Werder of ESPN (Twitter link). The 25-year-old practiced with the Raiders and impressed their coaching staff, per Werder.

Prior to Werder’s report, there was question as to whether Smith would play this week – not only because he’s new to the Raiders’ roster, but because of a looming suspension regarding his most recent off-field troubles. Earlier Friday, the Santa Clara County DA filed three misdemeanor charges against Smith –┬áDUI with prior conviction, hit and run with property damage, and vandalism – stemming from an August incident. An arraignment date for the ex-49er is set for Oct. 6, and the NFL is conducting its own investigation into the incident. Thus, a suspension figures to be coming for Smith, who has already faced multiple penalties for past legal run-ins.

However, barring something unforeseen happening before Sunday, it appears the Raiders’ defense will be bolstered (at least temporarily) by one of the league’s premier pass rushers. Smith has been a dominant force throughout his career, tallying 44 sacks in 50 regular-season games, and should aid an Oakland team that took down opposing quarterbacks just 22 times last season – the second fewest in the league.

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82 comments on “Raiders’ Aldon Smith Likely To Play Week 1

  1. Jraider

    Let’s go Raiders

  2. Mackdaddy

    Holey moley! One practice and without even knowing the playbook, he’s game ready! Other than Mack, tells you how the coaches feel about their existing LB core! But I’ll take it before any upcoming suspensions!

    • Mon

      He’s just going to be told to go get the quarterback. Not too much there with regards to the playbook. Khalil is a DE too.

    • Elcer

      He will play in pass rushing situations. You don’t need the playbook to know how to pass rush. I’m excited doe it should be a hell of a game.

  3. mooney

    Mack, jelly, williams, aldon! Hahaha haha hahaha theeeee RAAAAAIDERRRRRRRRRS now have the best D line in the NFL
    And I will be there Sunday field level row7!

    • unknown

      keep dreaming best d-line lmaooo

      • Unknown

        Better to dream than be wasted like ur self…

      • Eric

        LOL!! One player doesn’t make the team. Next thing we will be hearing is the Faiders are going to the super bowl!!! Keep dreaming!! WHO DEY!!

        • Aww.. Go cheer for your aints being in the weakest division and yet can’t even make it to the playoffs. Brees is just getting older and who’ll be the next qb next? Mccown? Haha

        • Red Hawkins

          Dummy it’s not one player. The Raiders entire front was already looking like a force, now you add Smith it’s damn near frightening!

          • jared

            yeah super frightening lol. Got destroyed dummy

        • Town business

          Have you ever heard of jj watt. He is the entire Texans D

        • AutumnWin

          What is a faider?

        • Deacon

          One player, try several.

    • I will also be there sec 114 row 24 RRRAAAIIIDDDEEEERRRSSSSS

      • mooney

        I’m section 114 too!

        • damos

          Sec 123 here, aldon could change our pass rush dinamic

          • raider jay

            I’ll be home watching on tv. Go Raiders! !

      • raiderjefe

        see ya there AJ! Im in 114 row 10. 1-2-3 Firstdown!!

    • Linebackers aren’t lineman btw but whatever.

      • LB/DE, today formations make them the same thing.

      • Ya mama

        He’s a 3-4 outside linebacker meaning he would become a 4-3 defensive end in JDR defensive scheme..

    • Derrick

      Smh lol ur funny man

    • Raiderraymond

      Same here bro im gonna be there too!!

    • Mon

      Jealous east coast Raider here. Wish i could be there but I’ll be glued to the tube!!! Go Raiders!!!!!

    • Chris

      Yeah buddy. I feel very sorry for Andy Dalton. if I were him I would practice being on my back a lot because that’s probably going to be the case on Sunday

      • Packer

        Ahhh yes ! Because the bengals allow so many sacks!!! I doubt raiders will get on sack.

        • Chris

          Really. Huh!!! Kahlil Mack on one side and Aldon Smith on the other side. Lmao. What would shock me is if Andy Dalton didn’t drop a fat load in his pants at some point during this game.

          • jared

            really, great prediction, no sacks on dalton dummy

        • AutumnWin

          packer?! I’m sure what ur packing in FUDGE

        • Marcos

          Mack would’ve gotten a sack on his own now with this it’s pretty much a given there will be multiple. Mack/Aldon 1 on 1 = Dalton getting plastered. I’m betting it’s whoever’s lined up on A. Smith since he seemed to struggle more in the preseason

    • vicman

      I’ll be in section 129 4th row coming from Vegas!! Raider Nation!!

    • Mooney

      Raiders gonna win 26-16.

      • jared

        Way to predict that one Nostradamus . Raiders blow again

  4. Nice. This will give the opposing quarterback something else to worry about. The DAYS announce charges on the same day, media ho.

  5. Richard

    Remember we use to get the players that did not fit in anywhere or was supposedly washed and and got lots of production from them, they needed to know they were truly wanted and needed

  6. Stackman

    Bengals 43-7…

    • unknown

      stack ur a tool

    • Ya mama

      U must be smokin that

    • Bengals suck

      What’s the 43 stand for the number of sacks Andy Dalton takes lol. Don’t be surprised if he’s on the IR by the end of this game

    • AutumnWin

      That’s some GOOD GOOD ur on! PASS THAT SHHHHHHH

      • jared

        His prediction was pretty much dead on dummy

  7. Shawn

    Over/under: 10 games before another off the field issue?
    I am sorry but how many chances does a guy get before he realizes he needs help. I am disappointed that there were teams lined up for him when he has shown nothing to make people believe he has changed. I don’t know if the 49ers didn’t offer it or if he just didn’t commit and stick to it, but this guy better grow up and I hope the Raiders help him do that.

  8. Steven C.

    Alot of thoughts here. First, Aldon Smith doesn’t need a Playbook to rush the Qb. You can still have 3-4 good Linebackers and take a chance on A/S. Second, every player has a chance to become like A/S but something overrides the Urge. Third, every team has its Bad Apples or Black Sheep, the NFL or any other League aren’t a bunch of Angels. Fourth, hasn’t anyone taken any chance on or in anything. And please stop with all the Garbage about the Raiders being Thugs etc. Have you ever thought that the Patriots could be considered “CORPORATE THUGS”. Come on Man!

    • The Raider


  9. Ben Dover

    The guy is poison and not good for locker room.

    • But for the first time in 10ish years, we have a locker room that can handle it. One year, incentive laden deal, tons of cap space. Minimal risk, huge upside, 25 years old. That the free agent to go for. Lastly, don’t think this wasn’t on Reggie and Jack’s minds when they let Sio go!

      • Mackdaddy

        GM Mackenzie avoided a lot of troubled players this year…. 1st round talent Randy Gregory…. Undrafted La’el Collins… Ray Rice… Greg Hardy… Surprised they finally change their tune on risky players.

        • Quan

          Amari Cooper is what we needed, and Greg Hardy was being looked at for spousal abuse. Which Mark Davis was adamant about not taking a chance.

    • You're a prison bitch aren't ya

      Jealousy will get you nowhere

      • Derek

        Just in ar rice to raiders 1 year 4 million

  10. Steveo

    Raider Nation Rises!

  11. Raider Glory

    Had the Patriots or the Packers signed AS… all these fools would be saying how good of a signing it was.. lol.. I’M ELATED THAT WE SIGNED THIS KID.. We’re going to need to rush the passers-if we want to win this season. DJ Hayden couldn’t cover my Grandmother.. and she’s on a wheelchair. GREAT PICK UP RAIDERS!!

    • Derek

      Dj hayden covers very GREAT, great feet, HE DOESNT GET HEAS AROUND THATS HIS ISSUE

      • raiiiiderasddbsk

        Then convert him into a safety

  12. Raider Glory

    Tampa.. Rams.. Jaguars.. all wanted to sign this kid…lol. but because he signed with the Raiders.. all these stupid moral idiots come out and hate.. lol.. OK now go back to your mom’s basement.. Enough of you!!

    Go Raiders!!

  13. Randy T

    Haters make us Famous

  14. Meh

    Andy Dalton has a $100mill contract fellas


    Sounds like a lot of Raider hating in this Raider Business; When you make wise decisions to help somebody become a better person, you will get nothing but Respect and 110% effort from this Challenge!!! Welcome to the Raider GANG Aldon!!! And for all you MF HATING ON MY TEAM, PUT THIS IN YA MOUTH AND PULL THE TRIGGER!!!

  16. Rome

    Everyone makes mistakes. It’s what we do after we make em that defines us. Let’s hope he’s learned from it, cause he’s truly a beast on the field. Sec 104 Row 10. Black Hole Baby!!!!

  17. Chris

    If Andy Dalton was smart he would call in sick on Sunday.

  18. sargentrock

    I’ll take whatever for akick-ass defense

  19. gilbert ortiz

    Now we know why we got rid of sio, was wondering why they wld get rid of him. I hope this “project ” doesn’t blow up in our face! Go raiders! From Texas!!!

  20. Old vatoraider

    We are the Good the Bad and Ugly so Aldon
    Kick some Bengel kitty ass WElcome to the
    Familia RAider Nation since 1960 Football’s most
    Notorious fans. All you haters hate all you want
    But we are loyal fans the silver and black familia

    • combatmedic

      Aldon Smith needs to be suspended for constantly displaying his lack of judgement,,, bomb comment at the airport,,, hit and run,,,dui,,,, great role model,, sign Ray rice as well,,, kids love rich people with rotten souls

  21. Raiders fan sam

    This is the strait bong resin of raiders fanatisicim. I mean the hope of the franchise almost could not be higher. The raiders stink I know that, but this news got raider nation high as ****. Friday night and I can’t wait. Seahawks v OAKLAND Raiders for sb50

  22. daniel

    with smith on the field with mack,woodson tuck,and the defense watch out


    Insane defense line now, Bengals just changed there game plan.There going to keep there tight ends and running backs in to help block Mack & Smith. Our Linebackers need to stop the run if they get pass the line and safeties help the young corners on deep routes. This game is ours..Section 104 row 6.. Here we go Raider Nation…

    • Don

      That was a good comment. Analysis of potential game plan change by the Bengals. Interesting. If he plays and has success, there will be a lot of concern by OCs.

    • jared

      so much for that game being yours lol. Same old raiders

  24. Ronnie

    All Davis ia Alive

  25. Eman

    I dont give a rats ass what anybody thinks, Raiders are going to kick some ass on sunday I cant be there but I will be watching from home. Raider 4Life since ’72’ WE ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jared

      they sure did kick a lot of ass lol idiot

  26. Saxy49

    F’in ay great pickup

  27. Shelton

    Too much is being made of smith playing in this game! The Bengals have one of the best offensive lines in all of football, and yes Smith is a good pass rusher, but also you must consider that he is not going to be conditioned for a full football game.

    • Actually they gave up almost the most sacks in the league last year. Their line is horrid. Go back to watching tennis, raiders in your mouth!!

      • jared

        wrong, they had a top five line last year and gave up one of the fewest sack totals, maybe you should stop watching tennis moron

  28. Makes you want to ask….If the Raiders are willing to sign this guy, given all his troubles. How much of an a$$hole was Sio Moore?

  29. terry

    He has legal problems but he still has a job to go to.

  30. terry

    The black & silver will beat cinny bumms

    • Autum Wins

      The raiders are willing to sign him because of the potential and the environment they are able to surround him with. Tuck is apparently like a brother to him. Let him in to the raider nation. Let him deal with his disciplinary actions this year and your life in the off season. Come back next year and will will rock the FA signings again and have another good draft, then WATCH OUT raider nation.

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