Rams Release RB Isaiah Pead

The Rams have released running back Isaiah Pead, according to Nick Wagoner of ESPN.com (on Twitter). That move will help clear the way for cornerback Brandon McGee, who has been promoted to the active roster.

Pead, 26 in December, was once expected to become a leading rusher for the Rams as theheir apparent to Steven Jackson. Things never worked out that way for the 2012 second-round pick, but he did spent three years and change with the club, playing in 27 games with one start. This year, Pead appeared in just two games and notched two carries for three yards.

Pead suffered a torn ACL in the summer of 2014 which ended that season before it even began. This offseason, he agreed to a restructured deal which reduced his base salary from $940,650 to $585,000 for 2015.

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37 comments on “Rams Release RB Isaiah Pead

  1. Mr Garagely

    Good riddance

    • ray

      Jared Cook needs to go also. How many passes does he have to drop and incorrect routes does he have to run befor they let him go.

    • Cosmo

      That’s just rude.

  2. Dan

    Waste of a SECOND Round pick….seriously! !

    • Porklip

      Snead and Fisher need to go. Suck at everything

  3. D 24_7

    I was wondering why he was still on the team, a kickoff returner at that✌

  4. Victor S

    When will Brian quick play

  5. Eric

    I’m so irritated with this team anymore!!! There’s no other reason for our horrible start this year just like every other year other than coaching staff and or owner wanting us to loose in order to gain votes from move.. Totally unacceptable!!

    • Cosmo

      Can I get a translator? First line makes no sense. Can you help? wanting us to loose? Did you mean lose? Gain votes from move? I’m lost here.
      But I think I get the drift and it’s a ridiculous notion. Play on the field has no bearing on a possible move. You play to win and we are just not playing well enough. We have a horrible O-Line understandably so no rushing game so that makes it hard to pass with double coverage in the secondary and no time for Foles to pass. This is why we are not doing well. Seattle was an adrenaline rush so that’s how we won that one. No excuse for Washington other than a let down from the Seattle game and the Steeler game was exactly what I was talking about above. To hold that high powered Steeler offense to only 12 points was HUGE but if you have no offense….

  6. norcal-al

    thought pead finally made a turn for the better this preseason. He has worked hard but that fumble against Seattle was the last straw. Hope he does good wherever he ends up, he needs a break.

  7. Jared S

    They should’ve gotten rid of him in pre season and kept Terrance franks kid was a beast and if you don’t believe me check out his highlights on YouTube Amazing

  8. bigcoop

    fix the offense or change the coaches

  9. Dana Hrabe

    Pead has been with the Rams for almost 4 yrs. There’s no film on him because he hasn’t done a damn thing. Then he finally gets a rushing attempt against Seattle and what does he do…. Fumbles the damn ball.
    Does he have some dirty pictures of Fisher? Why have they kept him this long? Good Riddance

    • Cosmo

      At the very least they needed depth with Gurley not playing and Watts suspended. With Gurley ready and Watts back next week, Pead finally became expendable.

  10. Luis

    Next fire Fisher..

  11. Sam Rescone

    Agree, Fisher has improved the roster, but this is as far as he’s going to get the team. Need some assistant from New England, Green Bay or Arizona to take over this team to see what he can get out of them. Of course won’t happen this year, but my motto is “…new city, new stadium, new coach”..

    • The city can stay the same thank you

      • Cosmo

        Was the city going to change? Hmmm….

    • Cosmo

      Hear hear!

  12. Steve

    Both the damn tight ends need to leave. every game they are put in crucial situations and they f### things up. Seriously we could be 3-0.

    • Cosmo

      And then Steve woke up…lol.

  13. Rob

    The rams has buttercup hands WR; they would be better off with TO/Randy Moss or Reggie Wayne. The whole WR needs a pay cut.

    • Ron

      Why aren’t they trying out Wes Welker?

      • Cosmo

        NOw Welker I’d like to see on the team…until his next concussion.

    • Cosmo

      What are buttercup hands? You could line up Jerry Rice himself and it wouldn’t matter. No run game means double covering WR’s and no O-Line talent means no time for Foles to throw.

  14. gary stewart

    it took awhile, but fisher and snead are showing signs of an ability to admit mistakes and move on, barrett jones and now pead early round picks cut since this years camp now if they can make up their mind on quick fans can move on pead was given a last chance against seattle in game 1 and put the ball on the ground, quick hasn’t been given that chance and he was proving to be a weapon last year before the injury. when they signed toon i said uh oh , then they put him on the practice squad so maybe quick finally gets a chance. foles likes quick let him have his chance!!

  15. Stacy

    Totally agree on Cook. Catch a damn pass when it matters some time. Maybe try to use a different TE once in awhile.

    • Tom

      Yeah,make the guy take a huge pay cut and then release him after 3 games. typical. I don’t see any other Ram backs tearin’ up the turf.

    • Cosmo

      Talented but definitely a choke in the clutch.

  16. Fred

    Another wasted draft pick in a attempt to beef up the offensive game. Jeff Fisher really has no clue when comes to talent for the offense. Bring back Mike Martz to coach the offense. Is Girly Gurley the next dud?

    • Cosmo

      Fisher is not the General Manager. He has some input but Snead makes the calls. All the talent in the world won’t help the offense until the O-Line gets fixed or matures and gets better. I say give it a year. They would have been better off to start drafting O-line first round and Mason and Stacy could have done the job. By waiting a round due to Gurley….
      And why in the hell wouldn’t they grab Collins with a 7th rounder? Screw his agent.

  17. Hogwild

    Should have cut him & kept Barfield…

    • Cosmo

      Who is Barfield?

  18. Bruce Petersen

    get a line coach that teaches run blocking skills. cutting running backs wont help. You can have the best RBs in the world, but if no one can block they don’t go far

  19. Robert

    I said after the second pre season game. Well at least we will get another high draft pick. Go Rams!

    • Jeff

      Fisher wants to run the ball. This will set up play action. But none of this will happen, if the O line isn’t greating holes to run through. So what do they do is draft a top rb, and try to address the O line using just the draft. In the past Fisher never used high draft picks on the O line, he brought in veterans through free agency. That didn’t work. So why not use a combination to build the O line using both the draft and FA? I am afraid we are relegated to mediocrity as long as Fisher and Snead are in charge.

  20. DRay

    The offensive line coach and OC need 2 go also. I’m giving Fisher this season before I start screaming for his head. Dray from shreveport ,LA said that.

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