Colts Have Discussed Chuck Pagano’s Future

The Colts have had “organizational discussions” about coach Chuck Pagano’s future, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen (via PFT). The Colts are currently 3-4 and it’s not shocking to hear that the team is pondering a coaching change given the expectation level at the start of the season.

Things could quickly get worse for Indianapolis as they head into next Monday’s contest against the Panthers and a showdown with the Broncos. The Colts could very well wind up at 3-6 during their bye week, and that would be a logical time to part ways with Pagano if they plan to do it mid-season.

One has to wonder if GM Ryan Grigson might follow Pagano out the door. On Sunday, Colts owner Jim Irsay and Grigson reportedly engaged in a “heated conversation” after the team’s loss to the Saints. Jason Cole of Bleacher Report recently noted that Grigson could be on the hot seat alongside Pagano and that he has taken criticism for his player acquisitions, including the trade for Trent Richardson and the selection of first-round pick Bjoern Werner. There have also been grumbling within the organization about Grigson’s meddling in the team’s day-to-day operations.

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6 comments on “Colts Have Discussed Chuck Pagano’s Future

  1. As a Patriots fan, this and the collapse of the Ravens, along with the good (thus far) season for the Pats makes me a very, very happy man.

  2. Connor Byrne

    Grigson is worse at his job than Pagano is at his, but they’re both bad. Indy will probably make the playoffs because of how pathetic the AFC South is, though that shouldn’t save either the GM or coach. Both should be replaced at season’s end.

    • Sam Robinson

      Even with a division title, which could come at 8-8 or even 7-9 the way this is going, both Pagano and Grigson are unlikely to survive the season at this point. This franchise timing its tanking season perfectly is saving it. Although had 2011’s freefall not happened, Peyton Manning would probably still be in Indianapolis at this point, and this current power structure probably isn’t. Interesting what-if that is becoming more and more notable the more the current operation underachieves.

      • Gabriel

        Im a Texans fan and I truly think the Texans need to tank the season and draft well and bring in Pagano as defensive Coordinator if he in fact does get fired

        • Gabriel

          Or at least have O’Brien take a college job and the Texans bring in a new coaching staff and as well a new GM.

          • Gabriel

            ALL THAT SAID IN 2017 when Luck becomes an unrestricted FA it would be nice if he can come Home to Houston

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