Odell Beckham Faces One-Game Suspension

8:53pm:¬†The Giants will find out whether they’ll have the services of their embattled receiver in Week 16 by Wednesday. Beckham’s appeal is not expected to occur until then, per Schefter (on Twitter). The appeals officer¬†is not yet known.

3:13pm: Beckham will appeal, and that appeal will be heard by either James Thrash or Derrick Brooks, who are jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFLPA, tweets Mark Maske of the Washington Post. A decision should come within the next couple days.

2:59pm: The NFL has officially announced a one-game suspension for Beckham (Twitter link via Michael Signora). The wide receiver is expected to appeal the ruling.

8:39am: Despite being flagged for three personal foul penalties and taking a blind-side shot at Josh Norman‘s head on Sunday, Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. avoided being ejected or benched. However, the NFL may not be quite as lenient as the referees and head coach Tom Coughlin were. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com (via Twitter), discussions are ongoing, but the league will likely suspend Beckham for one game.

Beckham, who let his emotions get the better of him during Sunday’s 38-35 loss to the undefeated Panthers, would have the option of appealing any suspension he receives from the NFL. To allow time for the appeal process, the league figures to announce any penalty for him sooner rather than later.

If the NFL hands down a one-game suspension and it’s upheld after an appeal, Beckham would have to miss the Giants’ Sunday night game in Minnesota in Week 16, a must-win contest if New York wants to keep its playoff hopes alive. The Giants would have to win their final two games and hope Washington loses out in order to win the NFC East.

Beckham was slowed down somewhat on Sunday by Norman and the Panthers secondary, who held him under 100 yards receiving for the first time since Week 7. However, he has been one of the league’s top wideouts this year, racking up 91 receptions, 1,396 yards, and 13 touchdowns — each of those figures matches or bests his 2014 marks. Needless to say, if he has to sit down for the Giants’ game against the Vikings, it would limit New York’s passing attack.

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18 comments on “Odell Beckham Faces One-Game Suspension

  1. Motown_Madness44

    That’s bs I’m not even a giants fan but I must say they were both fighting back and forth so really not just obj is too blame and also football gets rough sometimes too bad these things will happen and it’s a part of the game and u got to fight through it U can’t be handing out suspensions when these altercations happen or soon this sport will turn into soccer

    • Steve

      Players should be diving helmet to helmet after the play stops. OBJ was trying to hurt Norman. One game is too lenient if you ask me. The NFL should throw fewer flags for the BS pass interference penalties and start dropping the hammer for actions like this that are seriously just trying to injure another player. Beckham and Cody Wallace both dove helmet to helmet looking to injure another player and SHOULD see longer than one game suspensions to stop this from happening. These guys hardly care about 15 yards, take money out of their pockets and you’ll see how much they actually care.

      • Steve


      • Actually agree with everything you said, but Wallace should be suspended for the rest of the season and the playoffs.

  2. Motown_Madness44

    But obj wasn’t the only one trying to hurt guys i don’t care what anyone says but when u are out on the field u play to win if that involves the odd injury to an opposing player so be it but Norman was fighting back just the same with punches to the head. And if u don’t like the rough stuff then football ain’t for u as football sad to say is a dirty rough sport! As well taking money from them won’t do anything when they make 10 million a year in ur case u wanna stop the rough stuff as it sounds and the only way to do that is suspensions as every player wants to be out on the field

    • Steve

      OBJ was the only one of the two that went helmet first after the whistle. That’s not the odd injury to the opposing player. A little pushing and shoving on the field is not diving at a players head after the play is over.
      I’d rather a lot less of the ticky tack calls for the little stuff and start actually protecting players when the play is dead.
      Taking money from them will stop them, you suspend them without pay for a game. If you start taking 1/16th of their salary away for the dirty nonsense, there will be a lot less of it.

      • Motown_Madness44

        This is mans league not a little girls house league team no need to suspended but a fine would be right! It’s also good for league cause now when those 2 teams meet again there will be some hype leading up to it! This is football baby a tough mans sport u don’t like it get it period.

  3. leefieux

    Both players should be suspended for one game, IMHO.

    • Austin0723

      I think it’s more about him going head first into Norman than it is just the whole thing in general

  4. TheMichigan

    For all the OBJ backers listen. What he did yesterday was bull****. Basically being the “face” of the league, he shouldn’t be acting like that and should get the suspension and he should have been tossed. He let his emotions get to him, it was rude and unprofessional on his part.

  5. riffraff

    Norman should get a big fine, OBJ should get at least a game if not 2 and the officiating crew should be barred from working the post season.

    • TheMichigan


  6. Motown_Madness44


    • TheMichigan


      • Motown_Madness44

        Yes how much do u expect a guy to take with all these gay slurs thrown at him all day! #freeOBJ

  7. pullhitter445

    OBJ just let his guard down, showed all corners in the NFL that if they can verbally get in his head that he can be stopped. Norman was giving him some world class smack talk. OBJ thanks for being suspended this week for my fantasy championship.

  8. bart4u

    That child like behavior has no place in the NFL and could had serious hurt another player. The man should be kicked out of football not just for this season but a lifetime ban. That would set an example to other players not repeat that kind of behavior.

    • Wow. I’m so anti-beckham on this matter that I think a season long suspension is perfectly reasonable, (and to those of you that are backing beckham, you’re kidding yourselves) but do you honestly think that a rational solution would be to kick the dude out of football?

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