Odell Beckham’s Suspension Upheld

The league announced that Odell Beckham Jr.’s suspension has been upheld on appeal, as Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports tweets. Beckham will be out for Sunday’s contest against the Vikings.

Beckham was suspended for his actions during Sunday’s game against the Panthers, during which he was flagged for three personal foul penalties and took a blind-side shot at cornerback Josh Norman‘s head. In the NFL’s statement explaining the suspension, the league cited a total of six incidents, including three for which Beckham wasn’t penalized at the time.

Since the league announced the one-game ban, stories have surfaced about the Panthers antagonizing and threatening Beckham pre-game, with practice-squad player Marcus Ball said to have been carrying a baseball bat toward the Giants’ sideline and issuing threats. While there were reports suggesting that Ball or other Panthers players used homophobic slurs to taunt Beckham, those alleged comments weren’t mentioned during today’s appeal hearing, according to Josina Anderson of ESPN.com (Twitter link).

I appealed my suspension because it is a right granted to all players under the NFL’s CBA and because I owe it to my teammates to do everything I can to be on the field this week. Regardless of the outcome of my appeal, I apologize for my actions on Sunday,” Beckham said. “I work hard to be great and accepting the Blessing of having the physical skills to play at this leve brings the responsibility to conduct myself in a certain way on and off the field. Sportsmanship and respecting the game are as important as blocking, running routes, and catching the football. I dropped the ball on sportsmanship on Sunday. I apologize to my teammates, the Giants organization, and to all fans of the NFL.”

While the Panthers’ pre-game actions resulted in a league-wide warning from NFL exec Troy Vincent cautioning teams not to take outside objects – such as baseball bats – onto the field, hearing officer James Thrash wasn’t persuaded that Beckham’s violations could be excused.

Beckham, who let his emotions get the better of him during Sunday’s 38-35 loss to the undefeated Panthers, will now be sidelined for the Giants’ must-win contest. The Giants need to win their final two games and hope Washington loses out in order to win the NFC East. Now, that tall order just got a little bit taller with ODB out of commission for Week 16.

Beckham was slowed down somewhat on Sunday by Norman and the Panthers secondary, who held him under 100 yards receiving for the first time since Week 7. However, he has been one of the league’s top wideouts this year, racking up 91 receptions, 1,396 yards, and 13 touchdowns — each of those figures matches or bests his 2014 marks.

The Giants will have the opportunity to fill Beckham’s spot on the 53-man roster, as he spends the week on the reserve/suspended list.

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10 comments on “Odell Beckham’s Suspension Upheld

  1. Kracken

    After the way he played last week it should have been at least 4 games.

  2. drum18

    The first order Mara and Tisch should give the new GM is: trade Beckham. They’d receive a haul back and rid themselves of this goof.

    • Plenty of young receivers have made bonehead decisions when they were young, but have turned it around to become HOFers. Cris Carter for one. And Beckham is not doing the kind of stuff Carter did.

      • drum18

        Can’t say NY has a low tolerance for BS – Lawrence Taylor – but let him be someone else’s problem. There’s SO many holes in the Giants’ roster trading Beckham can fill at least a few.

        • Motown_Madness44

          That’s smart trade ur best player!

          • drum18

            That’s right, trade him. There’s too many other areas of concern. I’d rather have consistency on both sides of the ball as opposed to one player surrounded by dysfunction. Let’s face it: The Giants have a lot of work to do from the front office to the on-field personnel. This guy is an asset in addressing those needs.

  3. break1

    Beckham was not slowed down. He burned norman ny first possession but missed the pass. Burned him aging for the td. Would have burned norman plenty if he ignored Normans harassment.

    • Luke Adams

      Well, we did say he was slowed down “somewhat.” He still had good numbers, which could’ve been better without that big drop, but considering he had averaged 133 yards in his previous six games, he wasn’t quite as good as he had been (and outside of the TD, most of his yards came when he was being covered by someone besides Norman).

  4. break1

    Stop posting miss information. Beckham will be fine. Brothers gonna work it out.

  5. wizard69

    Beckham should have been suspended the same amount of time as someone with domestic abuse. Additionally anger management classes. As an owner I would not want this kind of a head case on my team. If you cannot be a professional get out of the game.

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