Tom Coughlin Unlikely To Remain With Giants

While one NFC East team parted ways with its head coach on Tuesday, it doesn’t appear the Giants will emulate the head Eagles and announce a decision on their own coach until next week. However, according to Jordan Raanan of, the odds of Tom Coughlin remaining with New York for the 2016 season are “slim, at best.”

The thinking within the Giants’ organization, per Raanan, is that the club could have won a few more games this year if Coughlin had been at the top of his game. In laying out the potential scenarios for coaching and/or front office changes, Raanan suggests that replacing Coughlin and keeping GM Jerry Reese is the most likely outcome in New York, since the team simply doesn’t fire general managers.

If Coughlin departs, whether that means the Giants firing him or the veteran head coach announcing his retirement, the team will have to address what to do with offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo. When McAdoo assumed his current role two years ago, he was viewed as a possible long-term replacement for Coughlin, and he has done some good work with Eli Manning. However, the club may not think he’s ready for a head coaching job quite yet, and a new head coach may want to bring in his own offensive coordinator.

Whatever the Giants decide, it seems inevitable that change will be coming to the team within the next week or so. Raanan writes that standing pat is the least likely scenario for the Giants, adding that it’s “close to incomprehensible at this point.”

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10 comments on “Tom Coughlin Unlikely To Remain With Giants

  1. Jmpnj

    How does an org hire a GM and doesn’t believe in firing him? So the GM can do whatever he wants good or bad but still have job security? Sounds a little dysfunction. If they the owners have the say in the coach why not the GM? It’s the nepotism based player personnel dept that first needs the flush. If the coaching candidates aren’t there this year keep TC but revamp the talent evaluating process.

  2. met man

    If they do fire someone,I hope it’s Reese,and not Coughlin.With the exception of Beckham,the Giants draft for the last 5 years is horrible.

    • SmittyDee2015

      You forgot about David Wilson who was amazing just a huge disappointing career ending injury

  3. bobhutt99

    Reading that one of the best head coaches in the NFL may lose his job because he wasn’t supplied with enough competent football players is very sad.

    The truth be told Jesus couldn’t have won as many games as Tom Coughlin did with the football squad he was dealt this year. JPP is just a shell of the player he once was and he’s playing with just one arm though still their best defensive player.

    To fire Coughlin to satisfy bloodthirsty fans is just plain wrong. Coughlin still has a sharp mind and is greatly respected by the players on the team. To fire him because his birth certificate says he’s 70 is plain out wrong.

  4. TheCoryWade

    If they’re only firing one, it should be Reese. Coughlin’s time is pretty much up, but he’s been given a shaky roster for awhile. There have been gaping holes at LB, safety, and DL for a couple years with nothing being done. Also, the team lacks depth EVERY year and a couple injuries make them look awful.

  5. SmittyDee2015

    So let’s fire TC but keep Reese who is a bum…… Reese needs to go bye bye. The owners need to go bye bye if they don’t themselves realize this mistake…. It’s all a bunch of political bulls*** if you ask me. Drafts have been terrible with the exception of OBJ. Get some linebackers and definitely DBs that can actually cover a freaking pass. On the offensive side, GET AN O-LINE TO PROTECT ELI!!!!!!!!

  6. SmittyDee2015

    All of what I jut said proves two things, 1. It’s not TCs fault that Reese doesn’t get help where it is most needed, it’s not like TC can just throw on pads and a helmet and go play every position that needs help himself, 2. Reese refusing to get help where needed is the “ISSUE” here, plain and simple. Look at the facts they are right in front of all of you.

  7. Strauss

    Here comes Brian Kelly

  8. Duff56

    Reese needs to go too, Coach has been great for this organization for a long time, and has had to deal with the mediocre drafts of Reese and the lack of depth Reese gave him year after year, but I feel it is time for a major shake up.
    If Sean Payton is available….go get him!

  9. Brian

    I’m the biggest tom coughlin fan in the world and have been dreading the day we had to let him go. But if the loyal ownership sees he’s not at the top of his game it’s probably the case. I think tom is still a blue chip game planner and we are always ready to play but the actual game looks like a blur of light to him at this point. I actually think Jerry’s drafting hasn’t been that bad: flowers, Pugh, Schwartz, Collins, and of course the best player in football: Odell. It’s gonna be a sad day Sunday against philly but this just can’t go on year in and year out

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