Latest On Chargers’, Raiders’ Relocation Possibilities

The latest on the NFL’s return to Los Angeles and what it could mean for San Diego and Oakland, courtesy of the LA Daily News’ Vincent Bonsignore:

  • Representatives from the Rams and Chargers will meet Monday to discuss the possibility of the Bolts joining the Rams in LA in time for the 2016 season. It’s unlikely either of the two owners (the Rams’ Stan Kroenke and the Chargers’ Dean Spanos) will attend the meeting. It will instead be a powwow between the teams’ staff members. Regardless, in order for the Chargers to play in LA next season, they’ll have to reach an agreement with the Rams in the next two weeks. That’s the likely scenario, sources tell Bonsignore, who reports that the Chargers are motivated to leave San Diego behind and team up with the Rams in LA as soon as possible.
  • If the Chargers relocate, that would create the possibility of another franchise taking their place in San Diego. That franchise could be the Raiders, who Bonsignore doubts would face a significant relocation fee (if any) if they end up leaving Oakland for San Diego (Twitter link).
  • Where would the Raiders play in San Diego? The club might be open to making use of a renovated Qualcomm Stadium, tweets Bonsignore.
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13 comments on “Latest On Chargers’, Raiders’ Relocation Possibilities

  1. James

    Screw that. Threaten everybody more and stay in Oakland

  2. I will support whatever team is in san diego

    • Tyler

      Same here

      • No way raiders go to SD. Vincent throws stuff against the wall and hopes it sticks . oakland raiders 2016.

  3. San Antonio?

  4. Bryan

    San diego is the rams and chargers worst nightmare quote me when I say the raiders will be the only team in socal selling out.

    • NO WAY san diego gets a team with 2 in LA. The league wants 2 in nocal and 2 in socal. If Mark can’t get the stadium done by himself, then he gets a partner with deep pockets or is forced to sell the team. Too much money in the bay area for only 1 team. Raiders won’t be going anywhere. Oakland is the best option.

      • Raider Will

        They have already agreed to three. If chargers decide not to leave than the Raiders get to relocate to LA. That gives you three in SoCal. This will happen and the Raiders will be the team with a sold out stadium.

        • Wishful thinking Will. If the Chargers out of the blue decided to stay in SD, the Raiders (mark davis) doesn’t have the relocation money (500mil ) and the money to become partners with Kronke. He would be a tenant, not a partner. Simple fact, the league does NOT WANT the Raiders in socal. They will not be moving anywhere, especially LA. You know and I know the rep the raiders had the last time they where in LA, and so does the league. Time has passed but the element hasnt.

          • Brutus

            Mark would sell a minority interest to move to LA since the value of the franchise would increase significantly and he wants to be in SoCal. Cost would not be an issue – no way he passes up LA if it is available (it won’t be because the Chargers are moving there).

  5. Michele

    What the heck

  6. Silent_Partner

    What needs to happen is Mark Davis needs to sell the team. He’s not his father and he’s only harming the team with this buffoonery. Let someone with money keep that team in the Bay now that LA is off the table. Raiders belong in that market.

    • Brutus

      Mark is not harming anything. He hired a GM who has put together a team that is on the verge of being a regular playoff contender and is built cap-wise to contend for the long term. He has turned this franchise around since taking it over – maybe not as fast as some fans would like, but he has done it. He is not going to fund $600 of the $900 million needed for a new stadium in Oakland (even if he sells a minority interest) and still not have full control of the site. Only a buffoon would take that deal.

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