Lions Could Decide Jim Caldwell’s Fate Sunday

Lions head coach Jim Caldwell is on his way to Detroit, where he’ll meet with new general manager Bob QuJim Caldwell (Vertical)inn on Sunday, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. Whether Caldwell returns to the Lions for a third season should be determined during the meeting, and signs are pointing toward his dismissal, reports Birkett.

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Though Caldwell has an impressive record in Detroit (18-14 in two seasons), it seems Quinn wants to hire his own coach. That could steer the longtime Patriots executive toward one of the Pats’ coordinators – Josh McDaniels (offense) or Matt Patricia (defense). Quinn particularly likes McDaniels, per Birkett, who notes that the 39-year-old can’t interview with the Lions until the Patriots’ season ends. McDaniels, of course, possesses previous head coaching experience, having gone 11-17 with Denver from 2009-10. As our head coaching search tracker indicates, the only present vacancy McDaniels is connected to is Tennessee’s. Patricia, meanwhile, interviewed with the Browns on Saturday.

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10 comments on “Lions Could Decide Jim Caldwell’s Fate Sunday

  1. Lovie smith

    Why would Caldwell fly all the way to Detroit just to be fired. Seems like a waste of his own time. I guarantee that Caldwell had assurance he was being retained before he got on the plane. Also you can’t hold a presser with the new GM without the coach.

    • Why is it a guarantee that he was being retained? They could be flying him out to respectfully let him go (imagine calling him up to tell him he is being fired, people would flip at how disrespectful that is). The meeting is probably more for Quinn to pick Caldwell’s brain and figure out if they have the same vision for the team and can work well together. If Quinn feels they can, he’ll be retained and if he feels they can’t, he’ll be let go.

      Also who says you can’t hold a presser for a new GM without the coach? I’m sure its been done before and its not like doing so would be frowned upon.

      • Lovie Smith

        Would you get on a plane to fly across the country just to be fired? Then get back on the plane to go home just so the employer can let him go respectfully? That’s not respect.
        If there was any chance I’m getting fired it does not matter to me if they do it respectfully or not cuz at the end of the day your out a job a week into the hire process and why do I care how respectful it looks on the organization. Read why lovie smith was fired over the phone.

        • Barry

          So Caldwell is flying to the lions so the lions don’t look disrespectful? Why would he care how they look?

          • Well its not a guarantee that he’s being fired, nor is it a guarantee he is being retained. I think the meeting is more for Quinn to get a feel for Caldwell and see if they can work together (i.e. have the same/similar vision and goals for the team).

            Also in one of the articles about Lovie Smith being fired, it says that people close to him were upset saying that you wouldn’t hire a guy via phone so why would you fire a guy via phone. Its not so much a matter of respect to the organization, moreso to respect you. I don’t know if you have a job but if you do, imagine your boss calling you up and telling you your fired, you would be flipping out, just as any normal person would if they were fired via phone. Even if a person is a terrible worker, common courtesy is to at least fire them in person.

          • Luke Adams

            For what it’s worth, Bucs GM Jason Licht said the Glazers did plan to meet with Lovie Smith in person, but when Smith got wind of what the result of that meeting would be, he preferred to just have the conversation over the phone instead.

        • brewcat

          Maybe he’d turn it into a nice vacation. I hear Detroit is lovely this time of year.

  2. He needs to be fired

  3. Magic justin

    Thought this was a really good pickup until I heard the name Josh Mcdaniels. He single handly ruined the broncos in less than two years. Please don’t dump caldwell for that guy.

  4. wizard69

    He actually ruined it faster than that, it just did the broncos that long to dump him. Remember how many good hoodies he’s going to cut the sleeves off so it looks cool, just like is hero! He will probably trade for Manziel right off the bat.

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