NFL’s L.A. Meetings In Houston Underway

The NFL’s team owners are meeting in Houston this week to try to reach a consensus on the Los Angeles relocation situation, and those meetings are now underway, having begun around 9:00am CT this morning.

Currently, two proposals are on the table: Stan Kroenke‘s plan, which would see the Rams move to an Inglewood stadium, and a Chargers/Raiders plan led by Bob Iger and Dean Spanos, which would result in those two clubs sharing a stadium in Carson. Kroenke and Iger are expected to make presentations today, with the six-owner Los Angeles committee eventually making their own presentation, and a recommendation, tweets Scott Bair of

However, as Nick Wagoner and Eric D. Williams of outline, those two plans aren’t the only potential outcomes in play. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has put forth a proposal that would involve the Rams and Chargers sharing a stadium, either in Inglewood or Carson, and there are other scenarios that could be discussed today.

Here’s more on the Los Angeles talks, with some sort of resolution potentially around the corner:

  • There’s still some hope that a vote on the L.A. situation could happen today, tweets Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. However, there’s no set timetable.
  • Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (Twitter link) hears that the L.A. committee is expected to recommend the Carson site to the rest of the league’s owners for approval, and Acee hears the same thing from a source of his own (Twitter link). Cole cautions though that a recommendation isn’t the same as approval (Twitter link). It’s also not clear if the committee’s recommendation would change if a proposal involving a Rams/Chargers union is officially put on the table.
  • Kroenke has made it clear that he’s open to a partner in Inglewood, and while Spanos has been averse to that idea so far, a new proposal could be more financially beneficial for the Chargers than the one Kroenke made in 2015, tweets Ian Rapoport of
  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggests that, with the idea of a Rams/Chargers partnership reportedly gaining momentum, this week’s meetings could come down to a tug of war over whether those two teams should play in Inglewood or Carson.
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11 comments on “NFL’s L.A. Meetings In Houston Underway

  1. Stephen

    Don’t need 2 teams from the same division, obviously same conference, in the same stadium. Just dumb. Move the Rams & Chargers to LA and move The Raiders to TX. Call em Texas Raiders and you have fans that will stay loyal to their Hou/Dal teams and have a team EVERYONE can cheer for. Texas Raiders baby, let’s do it

  2. STLFann

    U think jerry jones will allow a team to be named Texas raiders. Yea right. No way he allows a team to gain market share in Texas

    • Stephen

      Ultimately, it’s not up to just jerry jones. So yeah, I do think it’s a possibility. 32 owners, 24 for approval, Jerry doesn’t own texas. And his pushing for stl/sd pairing makes it tougher for him.


    St. Louis has done everything the NFL has asked and put together a viable stadium proposal. The fans have stayed faithful to a TEAM whose owner could care less. To take away the NFL from St. Louis completely AGAIN would truly be a shame. We have met their guidelines. If we are not allowed ANY NFL team again, I will avoid the nfl product altogether!

    • Cards Fan '92

      Yeah, but the NFL doesn’t care about the fans and Kroenke certainly doesn’t. This whole process has been completely shameful, but they obviously don’t care whose toes they have to step on, as long as they get paid.

    • robb fett

      St.Louis had the Cards…who left. took the Rams from LA (we supported them here in LA)…now they are leaving. Send the Raiders to Ferguson/StLouis.

      • Stephen

        I think every team involved with this is trying really hard to avoid moving to St Louis. Why? Idk

    • seth3120

      I’m not sure these moves have anything at all to do with support. I don’t know about Rams support in L.A. but I wouldn’t be throwing out the Cardinals move to Arizona. Haven’t the Raiders been there twice already? Plus the Rams. All about the money. Build us a billion stadium every fifteen years or we’re gone. Cleveland has a history and fan base and the Browns went to Baltimore just to have Cleveland get a team a few years later(not sure exactly how long). It’s the NFL they don’t care about crap. Every team that moves has short term support. If support waivers after ten years they’ll just pack up and leave town. Crazy

  4. seth3120

    I think it’s crazy to play musical cities all together but I found someone from LA bringing up teams leaving a city to be kind of funny. Not like the Rams are the only team to leave LA.

  5. seth3120

    How about the Ferguson comment. Anyone remember he LA riots? Haha

  6. Dwalt

    Still think SD and STL end up in Inglewood.

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