Roger Goodell Talks Pats, Chiefs, China, Vegas

With the NFL’s owners meetings winding down in Boca Raton, Florida, commissioner Roger Goodell took to the podium this morning to announcing the rules changes approved by the league and to take questions from reporters. We won’t get into the rule changes here, but we’ll round up several of the more noteworthy comments Goodell made in response to those reporters’ inquiries. Let’s dive in…

  • Goodell confirmed that he received Robert Kraft‘s letter asking for the Patriots to get their draft picks back. However, after “considering his views,” Goodell has decided that New England’s Deflategate penalties won’t be altered, since the commissioner doesn’t feel as if new information has surfaced.
  • The NFL and NFL Players Association are not close – “by any stretch of the imagination” – to reaching an agreement on player discipline that would strip Goodell of some or all of his power and authority.
  • Goodell expects to serve as the arbitrator for the Chiefsappeal of their tampering penalties, adding that he’ll make sure that appeal happened before the draft if the team pushes for that.
  • No discipline is expected for the Falcons and/or their coaches after secondary coach Marquand Manuel asked cornerback prospect Eli Apple at the combine if he liked men.
  • Although several reports have suggested that the Rams are expected to host the NFL’s 2018 regular-season game in China, Goodell said several teams are interested and no decisions have been made yet. However, he did confirm that the league will play a game in China in ’18.
  • Asked about the possibility of the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, Goodell didn’t close the door on the possibility of having an NFL franchise there, suggesting that the league’s 32 owners would have a decision to make if a formal proposal was put on the table. The city’s economic reliance on gambling, and the potential impact on the NFL, would certainly be a significant factor in that decision.
  • While no decisions have been made on Josh Gordon‘s potential reinstatement, Goodell expects his staff to update him on the Browns wide receiver’s case next week.
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8 comments on “Roger Goodell Talks Pats, Chiefs, China, Vegas

  1. If Goodell doesn’t want to give the pick back that’s fine, but to say that there’s no new information just shows his incompetence. At the very least there’s now a years worth of data showing the effect the weather conditions have on footballs being used in games which would help show if the balls the Pats used are actually inflated less than should be expected by halftime.

    • heynow

      ^^^ the weather??? Hahaha

      I think he meant when Brady stops with the lying things will change.

    • bigh52334

      At this point its not even about deflated footballs. Its about the pats and their star player not cooperating with a league investigation. At one point the patriots organization cut off access to their employees involved and brady destroyed his cell phone. Nobody really cares about the deflated footballs anymore; what they care about is the patriots thinking theyre above having to abide by league rules when it comes to investigations. Theyre not. They learned that the hard way.

      Also dont think people appreciated the patriots thinking people are stupid enough to believe deflator meant losing weight. They could have paid me 20k and i could of come up with a better excuse-theyre immature guys who like to let air out of peoples tires causing inconveniences in those peoples lives. Hence deflator.

  2. Clark

    The fact that there have been multiple studies done and college professors have said that yes the weather was more than likely the reason the footballs were deflated goes to show that the commissioner is biased against the pats. We need a commissioner who doesn’t have his head up his butt and treats all teams fairly! The second Goddell leaves the nfl will be way better. He is like JB3 said incompetent and heynow why admit to something he didn’t do? Innocent until proven guilty if there is no new evidence proving Brady did anything with the balls then there should be no suspension, hell Goddell even said that there has been no new evidence shown.

    • bigh52334

      Dont wanna get punished? Cooperate until everything is officially done and published. Patriots have no one to blame but themselves for cutting off access to the employees at one point-forget when but they denied access to the employees for like a 3rd or 4th time. Brady has no one to blame-you dont go and destroy things during an on going investigation. Wanna destroy it? Wait until the investigation publishes its results. Wouldnt have killed him to wait a month or 2. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves.

      • natesp4

        Hate to say it but I agree. I still don’t believe they are guilty and even if they were I believe the punishment was way too harsh. But the Pats organization allowed this to happen by mishandling the situation almost as badly as the NFL did.

  3. qbass187

    Completely disagree.
    From the get go the NFL leaked bad info and refused to tell the Patriots what was going on. Also, I don’t see how they could have cooperated more than they did!
    To say they didn’t is complete nonsense.

  4. Clark

    The NFL knew they didn’t have any proof so they just went oh Brady destroyed his phone? (Even though he always does) let’s use that as proof. And no one has come up with a reason why this is equal to beating a female

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