Titans Acquire DeMarco Murray

5:14pm: The Titans have officially acquired Murray and the Eagles’ fourth-round pick (15th in the round) from Philadelphia in exchange for Tennessee’s fourth-round pick (second in the round), the Eagles confirmed today (via Twitter).

WEDNESDAY, 10:28am: The Eagles and Titans are expected to swap fourth-round picks as part of this deal, tweets Geoff Mosher of 97.5 The Fanatic. That would allow Philadelphia to move up 13 spots in the round, giving the club the second pick on Day 3 of the draft.

TUESDAY, 6:08pm: Murray’s new contract has a four-year term and base value of $25.5MM, $12.5MM of which is guaranteed, reports Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who adds that it’s unclear whether or not that $12.5MM is fully guaranteed. Escalators can push the total value to $33MM.

For comparison’s sake, Murray had $31MM remaining on his old deal — $12MM of that total was guaranteed, and further $9MM of that was fully guaranteed.

MONDAY, 7:47pm: Even with Kelly out of the equation, Murray had been pressuring the Eagles to trade him since the season ended, tweets ESPN’s Ed Werder.

6:10pm: The Titans are finalizing a trade to acquire running back DeMarco Murray from the Eagles, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter (Twitter link). There’s no word yet on what the Eagles will get in return. The deal will be consummated Wednesday, the first day of the league year, and will also include a new contract for Murray, his agency, SportsTrust Advisors, announced (Twitter link). However, Murray’s guarantees won’t change, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (Twitter link). He’s due $7MM in 2016 and $7.5MM from 2017-19.

The Eagles shopped Murray over the last few weeks, per Rapoport (Twitter link), after the 28-year-old experienced a disastrous¬†season in Philadelphia. Murray inked a five-year, $42MM deal to leave Dallas for Philly last offseason. At the time, Murray was coming off a season in which he earned AP Offensive Player of the Year honors thanks to a 392-carry, 1,845-yard, 13-touchdown showing. All of Murray’s numbers dropped precipitously under Chip Kelly, though, as he amassed 199 fewer attempts (193), over 1,100 fewer yards (702), and finished with six scores. Murray also averaged just 3.6 yards per rush, a full yard below his five-year career mark.

The Cowboys discussed the idea of reacquiring Murray, but that idea didn’t go very far, according to Todd Archer of ESPN.com.

In Tennessee, Murray will join a club that ranked 25th in rushing yards last season and 17th in per-carry average. Quarterback Marcus Mariota beefed up both stats, though, with his lofty 7.4 YPC. Their running back corps was much less threatening. Antonio Andrews led Titans backs in attempts (143), yards (520) and touchdowns (three). He matched Murray with a paltry 3.6 YPC.

The Murray trade is one of at least two the Eagles will finalize Wednesday. We learned earlier today that they will send cornerback Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso, two other Kelly acquisitions from last winter, to the Dolphins for draft-pick compensation. The Eagles might also deal running back Ryan Mathews, but that could change with Murray on the outs. Mathews was also a Kelly pickup a year ago. Regardless of whether Mathews exits, it’s clear that Eagles vice president Howie Roseman and Kelly’s replacement, Doug Pederson, are taking the club’s roster in a vastly different direction than it went in under Kelly.

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33 comments on “Titans Acquire DeMarco Murray

  1. hunter

    Not sure what the Eagles will get for Murray and his huge contract.. but a great pickup for the titans to run the ball and help block for mariota.

    • He is getting a new contract. Already states that. It’s not a “huge contract” anymore.

  2. justinkm19

    Are they acquiring the Cowboys offensive line? That’s the only reason this makes sense.

  3. justinkm19

    Are they also trading for the Cowboys offensive line? Murray will need them

  4. dwilson10

    Could the Titans be giving up the #1 pick in this deal? Seems reasonable to me, they don’t really have too many trade pieces especially to get Murray.

    • stupid people

      U must be an Eagles fan to be that delusional…#1 pick for Murray…guess Eagles are getting Mariota too

    • to give then the #1 pick is laughable. Nice try buddy

    • aff10

      Lol, that’s hilarious. Not sure Murray would fetch a 5th round pick. I would guess a 6th rounder

    • Please put down the peace pipe. No one is giving up the #1 pick for Murray or any other player in the NFL right now other than maybe Andrew Luck.

      • jrsst79

        Maybe Murray and our 13th pick for Titans 1st pick.

        • The Titans weren’t going to give up the #2 overall pick last year for Phillip Rivers and the chargers pick, why would they trade the #1 for the 13th pick and Murray?

  5. Woolcorp

    Maybe they restructure the deal, eat some of the money, and flip him to Dallas for a higher draft pick than they gave the eagles?

  6. UnanymousSuperBowler

    Giving up a first rounder is a rare sight and only desperation can lead to that kind of thing and at this point there isnt a player i would see being traded for a first rounder in the NFL right now, especially not Murray

    • Worth

      Jimmy Graham just fetched a 1st rounder AND an all pro center

      • Worth

        Carson Palmer fetched 2 first rounders

        • Worth

          richard Seymour, Randy Moss, Deion Branch, Jared Allen, Percy Harvin, Darrelle Revis Jay Cutler, Jason Peters

          still think it is rare?

          • You’re talking about a RB with 1 good season and 1 great season, a history of injuries, and coming off of his worst season as a pro turning 28… The only trade that is on par with this is Harvin – which was a terrible trade 3 picks for Harvin? If they got the #1 overall for Murray and their first round pick, that would go down as the worst trade on this list. It’s not rare, but look at what the other trades were, they were all for either good players, or they were the Raiders. And none of these were for a running back that is almost 30.

            All the other trades you list…Raiders, Raiders, Raiders…. Graham + a 4th for the 31st overall not a high pick.. Branch – Seahawks again, and in reality it was Branch + a 4th for the 24th overall pick, again not a high pick. Allen + a Pick- 26 yrs old, 2nd pro bowl, 2nd time all pro 14.5 sacks and 2 safeties for the basically Jamaal Charles and Braden Albert (pro bowler) That was probably the best trade out of the bunch though for both sides.

            Lets see what else… Revis – best corner in the league for a 13th overall. Cutler – franchise caliber QB at the time. Peters – Pro Bowl/All-Pro LT for a late 1st Round Pick.

    • aff10

      Yeah that’s not true. Andrew Luck, Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham would all probably fetch top 20 overall picks (there are many more, just the first three I thought of). But those are elite players entering their prime, Demarco Murray is nowhere close to that

      • The conversation is about the #1 Overall Pick in the 2016 NFL draft, not a top 20. #1 has been traded only 5 times since 1990. Last time the Falcons got #5, a 2nd, 3rd, and a Player. Technically 6 if you count Manning for Rivers and they got Rivers, 3rd Rnd Pick, 1st & 5th the following year. And then there’s RG3 – 3 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder for the #2 overall pick.

        • aff10

          But the original poster, whom I was responding to, only said that it’s rare to move a first-round pick, not first overall. Not saying that Murray is worth that anyways, but it’s not unthinkable that a player could be moved for a first-rounder

  7. Eagles are probably clearing space to bring in a legitimate offensive line. Osemele is only 26 and Okung only 28. WalterFootball has them picking corner with the 1st pick, I think that’s pretty accurate. Wouldn’t be surprised if they got at least one of the top lineman in FA and attempted to sign Jenkins (27) or Smith (28) – legitimate corners unlike Maxwell.

    • TJECK109

      Where are they going to get the money? The remaining portions of the signing bonus of Murray and Maxwell will get banged for this year. I think they both got around a million a year when spread over the life of their contracts. If I calculated that’s 9mil in dead money. Not saying they won’t have money but I could see them rolling over this season and coming out swinging next off season

      • Eagles were 17.5 million under cap. With the trades they made today they are 27 million under cap.

        • TJECK109

          How do you figure they added 10 mil in cap space when you have to eat the signing bonus of maxwell and Murray? If anything it’s a wash for this season. They were 21st in the league in cap space. Your just subtracting salary without adding back in the 9mil they have to add for signing bonus.

          • Luke Adams

            The good thing for the Eagles is that a good chunk of Murray’s and Maxwell’s remaining dead money was in the form of base salary rather than signing bonus — guaranteed base salary can be traded, unlike the prorated bonus money, so they do create some space in both deals. By my count, should be $4.9MM in cap savings for Maxwell and $4MM for Murray, plus $991K for Alonso. You have to replace those guys in the top 51 with min-salary players, so you’d subtract about $1.5MM, but that still leaves more than $8MM in savings.

          • Don’t be surprised if they cut Jason Peters as well. June 1st Cut saves them 8.7M – 1 Dead. If they managed to trade Ryan Matthews as well, there’s another 2M – 2 Dead. Or if they cut Sproles they save 3.5M – 1 Dead

            These aren’t new ideas they have been out there in the rumor mill since mid-season through now.

            All signs point to Pederson bring in HIS guys.

          • Birdsfan

            Fins ate Max’s entire salary and bonus&stool kiko to make it worth it. Murray reworked contract. He was right +$10m to salary cap. Howie pulled a fast one.

          • I would compare this to the NFL equivalent of the Red Sox – Dodgers trade. Where they dumped everyone. And didnt pay much in salary in the trades. Im a casual cowboys fan at this point but these were savvy moves. Howie was a Joke of a GM until now. But if he gives a huge contract to any player over 28 this year hes back to being an idiot lol IMHO.

  8. Clark

    This move only makes sense if they draft Tunsil they need to have a good O-line he will do better than in philly for sure

  9. I doubt 1st rd especially since tenn is picking so high it may not be picks, could be player for player , but a 2nd don’t sound especially since that jimmy graham trade was so much. His contract was redone for the trade
    @ stupid people dont ever think something is delusional it all depends on the people doing the trades in how bad tenn wanted murray or how bad philly wanted out of Murray
    @aff10 I’ll bet if it is picks its not a 5th 6th or7th
    Guaranteed its 2nd or 3rd or 4th or player in pick

    • aff10

      Ok, we’ll see. I don’t think he’s worth that much, but I’m curious to see regardless. If you’re right, I’ll be the first to admit I was way off, but I would expect a low-round pick only

  10. UnanymousSuperBowler

    I understand that many teams trade first rounders for players but thats just desperation or stupidity in my opinion unless all the great players are not in your area of work

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