Browns Willing To Trade No. 2 Pick?

The idea of the Browns dealing away the second overall pick is gaining steam, according to Lance Zierlein of (Twitter link), who reports that there is “more and more smoke” around the concept of Cleveland trading down in the draft. The club’s intention would be to select a quarterback in the second round, per Zierlein, who adds that “something big” is likely to happen involving the top five picks.Sashi Brown (vertical)

The Browns, of course, have already added Robert Griffin III this offseason, signing the reclamation project to a two-year deal, and also have veteran Josh McCown under contract. The overwhelming majority of mock drafts have Cleveland selecting either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz second overall, but the Browns have a lot of holes elsewhere on the roster, and trading back could give the team the extra ammunition it needs to fill out their squad. Just this March, the Browns saw a ton of talent walk out the door via free agency, as Mitchell Schwartz, Alex Mack, Travis Benjamin, and Tashaun Gipson all found contracts elsewhere.

Depending on how far back the Browns trade in the first round, they could still have a shot at someone like Paxton Lynch, but Zierlein’s report indicates that Cleveland would instead target a quarterback in Round 2, where it currently holds pick no. 32, the first selection of Day 2. Lynch (possibly), Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg, and Cardale Jones are among the signal-callers that could be available at that juncture, or even later.

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15 comments on “Browns Willing To Trade No. 2 Pick?

  1. Hmmm…possibly the in the Eagles are looking for to move up to get Wentz.

    • Dallas Robinson

      I could also see the Rams as a logical contender to move up. I just have a hard time believing that they’ll be comfortable rolling with Case Keenum.

  2. tribe fan

    They should, they’re going to pick in the top 5 again next year anyways so they should stockpile as many picks as they can. I’d trade Joe Thomas fit a 1st too.

    • Bobby Sweet

      I’m sure they could get 2 firsts for a legit left tackle like Thomas. I completely agree with you.

      • Dallas Robinson

        I think the Browns missed the opportunity they had to trade Thomas to Denver last year. What other club is going to sacrifice a first for him right now? A lot of teams have already addressed tackle — the Seahawks could have interest, but they’ve shown no indication that they want to invest heavily in their offensive line.

  3. Sam Robinson

    This is kind of interesting because of how many No. 1s the Browns had in recent drafts with so little tot show for them. Being finally in position to grab a top prospect quarterback, now the Browns are suddenly willing to stockpile picks? Seems like they should just make the pick at this point.

  4. Marcus

    I’d be ok with them trading back as long as they can get value for the pick. Previous regimes draft to fill holes. Hue likes the best player available. I’m definitely on board with that. What do we have to lose?

  5. Relax! Relax!! These blowhards are screaming for attention. They SHALL pick the QB who they have their eyes set upon.

  6. Tyler

    I honestly think a guy like Ramsey or Bosa is actually the type of guy they want and if they trade down they shouldnt even worry about drafting a QB this season since they can replace all the guys they lost in the draft. With the fact they lost Skrine, last season cut Whitner, and let Gipson go, and Gilbert hasn’t amounted to anything they have a need at Safety so Ramsey is a top 5 player and a need so that may be a smart selection.

  7. Thronson5

    How about the Browns trade McCown to Denver. They then trade the 2 pick to the 9ers for the 7 pick and Kaep

    • Bobby Sweet

      Why would they need RG3 AND Kaepernick? They could get a way better deal than that for number two, especially from a QB-desperate team like the Jets.

  8. Pirahnashark

    This is news??? It has been reported since January that Browns trading down is a viable option, and ever since RG3 signed 3 weeks ago that trade down increased in probability. Did the author just arrive stateside from his uncharted island? There was no new news, new insights, or insider information. Just a fluff filler article, probably to make his quota, while waiting for the 28th. Go back to the island for 2 more weeks.

  9. Trenton

    They have 10 picks this year and are bound for a few compensatory picks next year. Why trade down for more when at this point it should be quality over quantity?

    • JoshG

      I agree trading down and get peoples later picks (4th round on) makes little to no sense, but if they played it right and ended up having 3 or 4 2nd round picks and a few more in the third, stock piling Very good talent ( and cheaper, if that plays into the analytics ) is not a bad idea

    • Nicholas Bruggeman

      I guess it depends on what they are looking to fill. If they dont like any of the top QBs then it doesnt make sense to stay at 2. If they are looking at OT to fill Schwartz or a LB to fill Mosley when to makes sense to move back

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