Community Tailgate: Sleepers And Busts

With the NFL draft rapidly approaching, there are plenty of topics and storylines to discuss, and PFR’s Community Tailgate is designed to address those stories. What’s the Community Tailgate all about? Well, it’s pretty simple. We’ll highlight one of the top talking points in the NFL. Then, in the comment section below, we want you to weigh in and let us know what you think.

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Today, we want to know two things. First, who do you think might be the biggest “bust” in Thursday’s draft? We are now all but certain that two quarterbacks, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, will be off the board after the first two picks, and while both players have the potential to be franchise-caliber signal-callers, neither are a “sure thing”–to the extent sure things exist in the draft–like Andrew Luck was when he was selected in 2012. Maybe you see one or both of Goff and Wentz as a bust waiting to happen, a la Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell.

Or perhaps you’re not as high on a player like Joey Bosa or Jalen Ramsey as many draft pundits appear to be. Ramsey is widely considered to be the best defensive back prospect to enter the draft in at least a couple of years, but maybe you see something in his footwork or relative dearth of interceptions–just three in his collegiate career–that give you pause. Or maybe you subscribe to the belief that Bosa has already hit his ceiling and will not become the dominant pass rusher that his draft stock would seem to indicate.

Predicting sleepers is an inherently more difficult exercise than predicting busts, but we’d like for you to give it a shot anyway. Can former Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller become a successful wide receiver at the next level? Will Western Kentucky’s Tyler Higbee or Southern Mississippi’s Mike Thomas make their new club’s GM look like a genius in a few months?

Let us know what you think. Give us the players you don’t believe will live up to the hype, and give us a hidden gem or two as well. You don’t need to explain your answers, of course, but it’s always encouraged.

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18 comments on “Community Tailgate: Sleepers And Busts

  1. Jack Lane

    Anyone who thinks Ramsey is a bust is wrong. Most solid player in the draft. Secondary guys in genera are solid: Hargreaves, Jackson III, Apple, etc. I worry about Zeke Elliot, though. He has moments of great burst, but without several 70 yard runs, his average YPC would be pretty low. I don’t see him becoming a top-ten back.

    • edge guys have the biggest bust potential imo… and if any corner other than hargreaves goes top 20 they probably wont live up to draft value.

  2. Kevin Hogan ends up best QB from this draft, Wentz is a bust

  3. planetsabc

    Joey Bosa is a huge bust, too slow for nfl

    • ruckus727

      I agree. Total busta

  4. aarongill

    Wentz, bust. Michael Thomas from southern miss, huge sleeper.

  5. hawesg

    Sleeper: Jerrel Adams, TE out of SCarolina. He’s WR fast, has good hands but never had a real QB to throw to him. He will take a year or two, but…

    Bust: Either Leonard Floyd or Darron Lee. If either of those small, athletic LBs winds up in the wrong system, they will struggle to make an impact.

    • Alexv

      Leonard Floyd is a small LB?? The guy is 6’4..

      • jmac70

        he is talking about weight

  6. Josh Schreiber

    Ryan smith, corner from North Carolina Central my biggest sleeper. Big Rob from ole miss my bust, his tape is truly unimpressive and his outside issues are rediculous.

  7. Douglas Wilson

    Highest rated player is Leonard Floyd of Georgia. New era of football with TE dominance and pass happy league. He can cover your 6’6 TE and get the QB. Biggest sleeper Jakeem Grant out of Texas Tech. This guy will make highlights on Sunday’s for some team. Elite offensive weapon. Biggest busts…BOTH QB’s going in the Top 2. Average Average Average.

  8. Goff will bust. He threw 5 picks the one time he was on primetime TV

  9. lettaj

    I think two players that should be considered sleepers, both from Indiana University, are Jordan Howard who is a monster at running back if you look at what he’s done against big ten defenses, and Nate Sudfeld who may not be a stud starting QB but definitely has the tools that it takes to be successful in the NFL.

    • UnanymousSuperBowler

      Big-ten defenses. Key words

  10. Karl Joseph > Ramsey

  11. slpdajab55

    7 for sure busts- Cleveland Browns draft picks

    • st1300b

      LOL!!! So true

  12. boltergeist19

    Kessler, Allen will also be big time QBs in the right situation. Given a couple years to grow and then become starters will do wonders for these two.

    Also OLBs are always looked at since it has become a marquee position. And when you see highlights of these players in college most of their sacks are against lower tier teams or poor blocking to raise their value. Some are not overrated and it is usually the ones that develop while in the league that become great. Attouchu 2rd, and Barrett -UFA from Denver. These guys are under rated and will become house hold names in a few years.

    I think the hunger is there to get to the next contract and then there is usually a fall off. Football is really about drafting well and getting the most of players in the first 4-5 years. If you draft well each year the team can be flipped in that time and hope your in a position to win one or be very close.

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