Latest On Raiders Potential Move To Las Vegas

The Raiders lost out on a potential move to Los Angeles earlier this year, but the upcoming week could prove to be an important one if the club wants to relocate to Las Vegas. As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports, owner Mark Davis will attend a Thursday meeting of the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee, and if financing for a move is approved, Davis could pledge to take the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (Twitter link).Mark Davis (vertical)

As such, this week is “huge” for the Raiders, tweets Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News, who adds that the team is very serious about a potential move (link). So, though the Raiders lost out in their attempt to relocate to LA, it’s critical to remember that the club was approved for a move — as Bonsignore notes, if funding for a new stadium is approved, it could just be a matter of time until the Raiders are ready to go (Twitter links).

If financing does go through, the Raiders will still need league approval, as 24 teams (including Oakland) would need to sign off on a potential move. As far as a relocation fee, Bonignore hears that the payment won’t be anywhere near the $550MM that the Rams paid to move to Los Angeles — in fact, the fee could be completely waived (Twitter link).

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5 comments on “Latest On Raiders Potential Move To Las Vegas

  1. gdagreat

    what happened to raiders moving to l.a. if chargers decided to stay in s.d?

    • Chargers have a deal with the Rams that they get a year to decide if they want to move to LA or stay in San Diego. Puts the Raiders in a terrible position in terms of potentially waiting for the Chargers to make a decision so they decided to go out and do their own thing. Plus the NFL basically vowed to help them move if they wanted to, so no harm in exploring options.

  2. CursedRangers

    Why would they move to Vegas over San Antonio. Vegas has 600,000 people with no surrounding nearby city. San Antonio has over 1.4 million people with Austin nearby.

    • You should recheck your stats because Las Vegas/Clark County has over 2.1M

      • OakRaiderManiaq

        Very true… Plus I can tell you there are a lot of Oakland fans in Vegas not so much Texas… Plus it’s a 2 hour flight from Oakland… 45 minutes flight from southern California… If they decide to drive 3 to 6.5 hours… It’s a win win…

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